Heard It Too Many Times To Ignore It?

I spent my childhood in the 1970’s growing up in the western part of the USA.  I attended an elementary school that had a Kiva spot in the library in homage to the heritage of the Pueblo Indians in the area.  From age 5 -12 I lived at a house once owned by a horticulturalist which had 8 different kinds of fruit trees in the yard.  That yard was a magic place to me… a leveled two tiered garden complete with waterfall and secret passages to the neighbors yards slopping down the hill we lived on.  That ground was sacred space to me.  It was my sanctuary, my place to escape to when challenges in the house just got to be too much for the little tender hearted feeling person I was to bare.

My special spot to sit and read in that yard was reclined up in the branches of the Golden Delicious apple tree… a spot I once had to compete for as a porcupine was found there between the branches having a snooze (there was a call placed to animal control for a pick up as this was a rather urban back yard in Salt Lake City!). It is just one of many spots in my life where I would read and read and read and let words transport me to other worlds.

As a child of the 1970’s I also was a product of the influence of Sesame Street and the Muppets.  As a young girl growing up in the wide grid planned city and desert, I was fascinated by the imaginary, intimate NYC street scapes and the swamps of Kermit.  With my mother being a special education teacher, also when I was young, schooling and it’s importance were emphasized.  So much so that my parent’s even sponsored a Navajo Indian placement student / sister, who for many years would come and live with us during the school year, as her family home was a 3 hour bus ride from the nearest school.  This foster sister’s heritage and influence were not fully appreciated at the time, but now looking back, to have sat with her and her Great Grandmother at her traditional Hogan was pure magic.  (I only wish I could go back and ask about all the medicinal herbs she had hanging!!!)

Now as the woman I am at age 43, why do I mention all that past story here?  Well, it can help explain why I still will often drive several blocks out of my way going home just to pass by trees that I love.  Why I once bought a house near the swamps in Florida solely because of this massive Buddha enlightenment style minneola tangelo tree in the backyard.  Why I adore that my version of Mr. Hooper at Sal’s Deli in NYC knows my name and makes the extra effort to toast my breakfast bagel to perfection (fingers still crossed that he will soon reopen after Sandy!).

But more than anything, sharing some of my story can help explain why upon stumbling on this video posted on an excellent blog I now follow (and highly recommended on, …why I belly laughed out loud with such joy to find another a beautiful British boy speaking from the places I call home:

I love synchronistic winks from the universe that speak directly to my heart… just the lovers, the dreamers and me … those of us remembering… those of  us making it real.

Want to have the experience of an ultimate love affair?  Find yourself a special tree.  Make it yours to read under, to tell your secrets to and just like Kermit, to sing your own love songs on.  It will change your life forever (if you let it!).

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11 thoughts on “Heard It Too Many Times To Ignore It?

  1. Love you post, M ~ (and thanks for the link to heartflow) – I am happy to see Mac’s talk posted here 🙂 Have you read “Breakfast at the Victory – The Mysticism of Ordinary Experience” by James Carse? I believe you would enjoy it, especially re your mention of the breakfast bagel toasted to perfection ☼ tomas

  2. Looking forward to checking it out. I am blessed to have access to reading time when done with the soda and chips in the sky… great appreciation for good reads during the 6 hour commute to work. Will pass it on to my NYC deli bagel toasting guru when done :). Appreciate you linking to share with other readers here. x.M

  3. Too many overlaps to mention 🙂 I’ll mention one, just finished reading “Yellow Woman and the Beauty of Spirit” with my class, about this Pueblo tribe: my favorite reading from the semester… the way life was in the past in some places, and could be again: : So cool to hear of your sister and your porcupine tree mate. I am currently in love with a tree – you would like him 🙂 oh, and one more little one; concur on Tomas’ book rec! one of my most favorites ever! Warm embrace to you wherever you are!

    • Thanks so much for the link! Please wave hello to your tree from me. Reading on the plane journey tonight? I currently hold in my hand Victory :).

    • “Yellow Woman And A Beauty” was outstanding! I downloaded it onto my phone right before my flight. What an amazing life to have lived. There are a couple of quotes about women and beauty that hit the heart square on.

      It makes me smile with the bitter sweet smile to remember our lost connections with each other and with our home. So much of that education that my Mother was promoting for my sister and I was found lacking and needing to be un-learned later in life. My parents were not bad or wrong, they just were also taught in ways that were missing big pieces of access to deeper truths. The first time you feel a hug from a tree, it changes everything. (Yes, I am not always a tree hugger, but I do know that they always, all ways are hugging me) x.M

      • Oh how wonderful to see this moving illustration of a favorite! Thank you so for all the sharing! Amazed am i at all you manage to fit in to your treks. Yellow Woman always brings amazing elements into the classroom with openness about gender roles, ideas of beauty (my favorite is the celebrated tree trunk legs), value, and acceptance and more. Though we all exist in this paradigm now, students seem to wake up and wonder, why isn’t it the way Silko shows from her grandmother’s time. You inspire daily, ms.m. warm heart swirl sent to you. Now back to my 35 essays to grade…this escape into your corner strengthens my walk.

  4. I’ve spent a lot of time under my grandma’s nuttree. In summer it is a delight to sit there and do whatever, like nothing at all, or sometimes reading, or as I did 6 years ago, show the baby the game of leafs playing with the blue skies …

  5. To do whatever, to do nothing at all, -what bliss! There is an art to allowing oneself the time and space for these type of unstructured moments… not many do very often. Kudos to you.

    I close my eyes and can see that special spot and that tree at grandma’s. What a pleasure to be there on a blue sky summer day. When the memory is shared, we all join you in such splendid repose only ever a thought away. Thanks Bert0001! Kermit and I appreciate your reading and taking time to share that peek into your world here :). -x.M

  6. Beautiful. I have many such trees M and what a grand thought, singing your own love songs on…as they and I grow old together.

  7. I have always been fascinated by the eradication of any direct recorded Druidic wisdom. I suspectj the trees remember though… I think they witnessed and know it all.

    With certain trees, I have had the overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of royalty. I often have joked that in my yearly years, if I had not had so much I needed to repair in myself (thus the formal educational choices of psychology & social work), I would have become a forest ranger. 🙂 I never feel more at home than when I am out listening to the conversation between the wind and the trees.

  8. This is beautiful. I also feel the royalty of certain trees, honored to even gaze upon them; and then I bring that all the way down to The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. There is magic in both of them, and everything tree in between. As I write this, I just srolled up to see the image of the Giving Tree in one of your vids. Funny. Your accompanying videos are becoming quite a popular past time in this household. lol And your words, of course, are so delicous.

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