Undoing Truth

What happens when one allows the understanding of truth to have the freedom to be a moving target?  I encounter old experience with new eyes.  I grow.  The truth moves.  I hold still from time to time, but I like the idea of balancing truth in my hand rather than grasping on to it, holding on for dear life, while the water flows under the bridge of days gone by.  Same truth, new applications.

So to those silent, judgmental voices stuck in their past,  la la la la la la la.  So happy to be loving ourselves from the future as we hear each other breathe.



“Say La La”  -Keegan Dewitt

We slept in the Silver City hills
We swam in the water
Drank wine and swam in the water
Our hearts felt young
We ran ’til we couldn’t stand straight
No fear of each other
Kissed sad like sentimental lovers
Our truth undone
We hid in the valley and we ate the fruit from the branches
Kept quiet from encroaching advances
Away from everyone
We lay in the meadows as the sun gets low in the evening
Speak sad ’til we hear each other breathing
Our truth undone

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2 thoughts on “Undoing Truth

  1. Imagine an angry soul, lashing out, then sticking fingers in ears and yelling “lalalalalala” with closed eyes. We’ve all been there, i think. my world has had that very experience of late… But now lalalalalalalala is reframed into a joyful release ’til we hear each other breathing – our truth undone – truth as loosely tied ribbons free to blow in the breeze of experience – grateful for your fresh eyes’ view 🙂

  2. Ms Marga, you so get it. What is it? Well, it is whatever it is that is desired to be got :). Reality can be lived on so many levels. I hear this song and just spontaneously break into joyful motion while washing dishes at the kitchen sink (you know, the plates used for eating the takeaway off of from our local Thai spot…lol). Then, if one allows it, on the deeper level the words go in and work their magic.

    Diving deep takes courage because we cannot pick and choose what we will find when we do. Undoing truth takes massive amounts of courage because it forces us to fundamentally change the way we live… it shifts what is important and where we put our focus.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE when the story gets a good soundtrack to grove to… and the spotlight comes up, we enter from stage left and with the music cued, we hit our mark and have the choice to hold still, turn back or move forward letting the dancing begin. -xou.M

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