Bottles to Boxes to Light – Sailing On Breaking Waves

Once there were messages left in floating bottles which I would find at the edge of the beach.  Next there were treasure boxes of exquisite truth found raining from the sky above as I lifted my face from the land and water and began to ponder the heavens.  Now, as I look at the space in front of me there are always, in all ways these stunning points of light breaking through the storm clouds ahead.

Just what am I on about one might ask?

Well, it has been my experience that there are certain bottles and boxes and light buoys of truth and understanding that flow onto our path.  When one encounters them in their life, upon picking them up and CHOOSING to apply them, the wisdom gained then leaves beacons and markers in ones presence and on ones communication that cannot help but advertise to others where one is on the path.  This process is done without ever having to utter a direct word about the specifics of the journey itself.  These evolutionary markers give one the keys to mental chains providing freedom and anchors lift that at times we were not even fully aware were holding us back.  We, our very selves, cannot help but be permeated with what we do and do not know.  It is infused automatically into every aspect of our life and spills out of all of our current creations.

The things that I still prattle on about here on this blog and the way I go about doing it offer in neon word lights information about what experiences or “stages” I have and have not yet mastered.   Those in the know who have moved past where I find myself immediately can see my X marks the spot on parts of the map that they see clearly because they have already been where I am.  To those who read here on seeingM from that “higher” perspective in the expanded light, I say to you, I do anticipate at some point finding I have nothing left to write out loud here to any past self and any desire to add anything to this blog one day will just melt away. 🙂

However, for now, from time to time I am still pinged into action by seeing that younger M in chains still struggling.  She is so clearly alive and well in the current life experiences and current positions of understanding of some of those other precious souls I love around me.  So at the end of the day, I am left asking myself what would I have loved for someone to have shared with me back then directly (and sometimes with poetic flourish) when I was at those past stages on the voyage?  In response I write to my past self here leaving a light to shine and seeing who also finds their way here, too.

From my experience (which is all any of us can ever authentically speak from), we at some point realize that we are always at the helm, sailing the ship that is our lives, but we have moved off the known map, leaving solid ground… we enter the zone mentally marked as “there possibly be dragons out here”.  Next for me, was the point that I realized my vessel had moved out of navigating in the density of water all together and I found myself sailing and attempting to anchor in the heavens.  Man oh man what a liberating and at the same time terrifying experience that was when the solidity of any certainty leaves under ones feet!

And from my current vantage point a bit after lift off, do I also still see storms ahead?  You better believe I do.  But at eye level, one begins to see how they are formed and how they are used for good to help us grow and do the work we need to do.

However, I also must say, to those who are still breaking the proverbial waves ahead of me on the path in the storm leaving a smoother spot in the wake behind themselves for me to follow in, my eternal gratitude to you.  I know you have already mapped what is currently my uncharted territory.  I am so grateful for your shares (in whatever form they take)!  To those who left the reassuring density of the land and water first, took to the air and are further on, keep sending those light filled bread crumbs back to me.  I am coming right behind you.  I want this as much as I want my next breath.  Thanks for being patient with and loving me where I am at.  I am turning and doing my best to be patient and love those following in my wake as well.   I look at your light filled wings with awe and honor the courage it took for you to step off the edge and fly.  I continue to love my dragons and drop those treasure boxes as I can from the bow of my dirigible here on seeingM….as those who follow me on their ships in the water then turn and drop the bottles into their water for those who are following behind them on the beach to find on the land… and so on and so on and so on.



Yes, blame it on my A.D.D…. All-ways Always D.iving D.eeper.  Lovingly killing the past and birthing the now into the unknown future.  We nothingness navigators are a different breed.  We are not listening to normal anymore as we find the keys to befriend and set our dragons free and sail, sailing eternally on… making known the unknown

This is how I show my love.  I made it in my mind. Blame it on my own version of A.D.D.  Still writing for now at seeingM. In light & love to all who read this from:

x.Maren 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Bottles to Boxes to Light – Sailing On Breaking Waves

  1. “We nothingness navigators are a different breed.” Great vid! …and yes we journey on and yes we do not move – we are alive ☼ tomas

  2. So many layers… stillness in motion… standing at the helm and then realizing we steer nothing! When we are each ready, we take our place back in the belly of the boat, sit back on the collective throne of our divinity and allow the I to be steered. –My own hands in motion, in service of nothing which then become yours and theirs and ours which are also still only my own. Now, we are talking holding still, flying with wings… vessel optional -there when needed, but no longer necessary. 🙂

    So happy how many hearers of a song about ADD are not thinking it means living from some place that is about addiction and attention issues. We release words to expanding meanings one dance step at a time on the edge of this little seeingM dirigible (as she tests her wings). So glad you are enjoying the view here too.

    Profound gratitude to those wave breakers and light beacon fliers like you Tomas :).

  3. caimbeul on said:

    BOOM. Interesting about when your blog will just melt away, I’ve often felt the same about the time when I just go poof. But don’t melt away anytime soon M you have too much to give my friend. And by the way in your following of…your light years ahead.

  4. Profound pleasure at the pondering of poofing. Caimbeul, you magic fairy godfather you!

    Can’t resist including (just rewatched whole thing with my husband and 2 year old niece this past weekend for the first time in 35 years):

    Happy to be reminded that it is not in the stick, but in the hand that holds it unlocking the dream. The magic thingy-ma-bob that does the trick? pibbidi-pobbidi-Poof! lol Joy joy joy on the journey. x.M

  5. I love this post. It cleared something up for me that was very muddled. Delicious breadcrumbs M.

    • I have a little folder in my brain and it contains threads of knowingness that do not quite make a pattern of understanding yet. I get little hints and sniffs of awareness and file them away until finally a last little hue of color or missing corner texture will be found and suddenly I see a bigger, clearer picture and remember what I really knew all along :).

      Happy if I could help in any way sorting the laundry into easier piles to dress from :). Your wardrobe to draw from already collected by your years of observation and hard work is utterly divine by the way. LOVING your outfits brought to the dance floor. Happy to find myself arriving and joining your posse already partying.


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