Get Up Trinity, GET UP!

There is a moment in the movie The Matrix** that I love.  Trinity is on the run attempting to out maneuver agents who are after her.  She has freed her mind enough to make some incredible moves in that reality, but doing so takes her to the edge of her comfort zone of possibility, dancing with her fears to do so.  At a critical moment (as she has left the Heart O’ the City Hotel :)), when she has pushed herself to her limits, she gifts herself some wonderful self talk encouragement telling herself to GET UP… get up and keep moving.

Well in my world at the moment, it is get up M, get up and keep moving!  Stillness in motion.  Motion with stillness… all while remembering I am the spoon.  🙂



And the truth… you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

This lovely lady is the sharer of experiencing a deeper truth about a reality that we all have access to.  I personally would never say that I create anything special, rather I would say that I share human technology that is available to and as a part of us all when we choose to remember.


**(Just as a side note: I started and then archived this post, leaving it unfinished on 04/05/2013. During the past few days before posting it up now, I have had 5 or 6 great syncs with others I check in on also mentioning the movie in the meantime.  I LOVE IT when the energetic flow of the spooning of thoughts align!)

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9 thoughts on “Get Up Trinity, GET UP!

  1. Going to link this here as I put my comments on to show only for those who are listed as having on line access to mature material… Do not want any of my younger readers to get the gun and violence exposure that is in my opinion often needing to be viewed sparingly and from a place of contact with presence of pain body observation.

    Working on rocking the mental black leather am I! lol as I run past my fear toward the light.

  2. Beautiful M – As the energy and the realness of the flow is felt, so it goes – way beyond the spoons! Nice overlap for the teaching of j.alfred prufrock and long discussion in two classes TODAY about what it means to “measure [your] life in coffee spoons” – spooning thoughts aligning, indeed. Uplifting love sent to you on your black leather, spiral flights through tiny windows in city skyscrapers! X!m

  3. Sorry, don’t mean to fill up your comments, but look at the first comment on my post today, April 9th…all about the spoons today:)

  4. “The Matrix” is a topic in our focus these days, huh? 😉

  5. There is no spoon….. 😉

    • Ah, the deeper truth closer to the foundation. Yes, yes I agree. At this stage of my game, I still interact with grounding reference points as I remember how to float un-anchored within our gravity. So as need, there are still spoons in my world, but the ones I create and draw in are stunningly beautiful and so much fun to play with! They have taken many forms and have gifted me reminders and access to my truer self on the path to no self as well.

      Here is to the celebration of seeming solidity in the form of spoons as the powerful transforming teachers they can be, reminding us we are also not “here” at all :).

      Yes, I AM the spoon & there is no spoon at all. Thanks for the deeper dive here Mr. Kent!

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