Contemplating the Stars


Appreciate the sync reminder SR. -x.M

Serene Reflection


What can be better than the cool breeze on a summer night under the starry skies?  Dazzled by the city lights, we urban dwellers forget to look up.  If you don’t have a park nearby, go to your building terrace.  And instead of looking down at the city.  Look up.

The view may not be as spectacular as when seen from places remote from the artificial lights and pollution.  Nevertheless, it is often breathtaking.

I completely agree with Bill Watterson:

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.” ~ Calvin and Hobbes

To enhance your relaxation into a wordless state – you may like to try this:

  1. Lie flat on the ground/terrace.
  2. Pay attention to your breathing and allow yourself to relax.
  3. Imagine as though you are being held closely by the earth and simultaneously are expanding into the open sky.
  4. Let your eyes…

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3 thoughts on “Contemplating the Stars

  1. Oh, the magic available when one puts their focus on the full emptiness of the night sky! With the stars absorbing and reflecting what is available from the visible light spectrum, this leaves vast space for the ultra violet frequency to make itself know… no woo woo here, just the opportunity for our expansion of perception.


    We live the masterful life that’s mythical
    Feel its chords and its vibes atypical
    Do what you want
    It’s alright this mystical time you’ve got
    That’s a lot of this principle
    If you stay in this moments so critical
    Let the music change your brain stem’s chemicals
    Make you feel like your spirit’s invincible
    Force centrifugal reaching up to your pinnacle now
    It’s a wonderful night
    You’ve gotta take it from me
    It’s a wonderful night
    Feel the connectedness, energy, disprojected the weighted
    The whole collective consciousness
    Arise like helium oh
    Come on and break it on down

    THANK YOU Serene Reflection! For many weeks I have been feeling the pull to once again take my meditation tuffet and head up to the roof of my building for a little expansion of focus into the night sky. Think I am going to have to make time for the immense romance of a date with the grid soon! Appreciate the sync reminder SR. -x.M


      In my exuberance to post this up, I forgot that there are two uses of the *F* bomb of a word used in this song… my apologies if this offends. If so, skip the video and just enjoy the lyrics provided.

      –For me this song is about a very sacred and deeper reality experience that is a natural byproduct of just contemplating the night sky with “eyes just like a child”. When we do, after paying our dues (meaning do our work to purify and cleaning in house to feel it!), our presence in our own body can shift awareness. We release, are present, forget the clock and we become aware of the natural pharmacy available to us. The “spirit connection narcotics” then are allowed space to come on line. It is auto-erotic, but it is a spiritually driven ecstasy just contained in physical form (one can be forgiven for using the sexual terminology of auto-erotic to describe what Serene Reflection is also referring to as our perception expansion vocabulary is limited and what one is trying to describe is found beyond words!)

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