Tea With 1987

This was the offering from the universe on my radio roulette today as heard played at a beautiful studio I have gifted myself the opportunity to stretch at this month.  I listened to the lyrics as I struggled to move my middle aged rental car (suffering with needed repairs and upgrades, the result of neglect from being sedentary for too many of these last years):

With the hearing of this beautiful song, I had the thought of sending it’s wisdom as a love song back to the younger me… finding it’s way to say, my 17 year old self (the year I formally launched out into the world on my own).

It was a time in my life in which the form would have easily and gracefully flowed into the challenging movements presented in The Bar class today, but quite frankly the M of now would not trade places with her younger self for one minute.  I treasure the hard earned knowing which was only in the state of believing back then.  The passing of time, with it’s experience bringing wisdom, is way more precious than any young skinny jeans ever could be.

I sit in my mind with that younger self and chat over a cup of tea.  Not everything in her future will be the way she thought it ought to be back then, but that is ok.  It will be “alright”, all right.  She will eventually find the courage to be honest with herself, to take responsibility for her choices, to learn to heal herself, to be grace filled alone, and to open the door to really loving who and what she is.

That 17 year old M never gave up on herself.  I am so grateful to her.  She held the keys that made now possible.   So love you girl, as sent from a sore, but happy me (with an excellent cup of Smith peppermint tea shared at 43).

(And what was that I heard just whispering in my ear… was that  2033 saying… shh, listen M… she is there knowing what you now just believe and wanting you to be!)

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4 thoughts on “Tea With 1987

  1. Melissa on said:


  2. Another divine M supporting in my world, thank you! What you find when you read here on seeingM is also a reflection of yourself… and that is, well beautiful. x.M

  3. caimbeul on said:

    ah yes indeed. If there’s one thing I’ve always cherished it’s ‘growing old.’

  4. Yes, yes time growing closer to home… dieing young at a grand old age.

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