Start Living Now!

I love it when inspiration feeds inspiration!  How delightful to find in Awaken in 365 Day one who also wants to share the love.  -x.M

Awareness It Self


I would like you to break the habit of waiting. You have waited enough…you have already waited more than was needed. Now start living! And there is only one way to live and that is to start now! There is no tomorrow, the only time is now. All tomorrow’s are imaginary. The past is memory, the future is imagination. Only this moment is true and only this moment is the door to the divine.

…Immediately you will see a new life happening to you.


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3 thoughts on “Start Living Now!

  1. When we act from our authentic selves, it travels as a catalyst that shifts the energy field around our bodies (yes it sounds woo woo… but in the following video watch the feet of the woman in red –! nice Matrix sync there !–) and the emotional charge from our state of being spreads to all who stand in our shared field.

    Ever hand a big burly man a small baby, who looking deep into his eye smiles and giggles, and then that man’s eyes instantly tear up at the joy?!


    Yes,this could be me at the airport… just add the uniform and luggage pieces as dance props. THANK YOU Awaken for taking our comment conversation to the next level. Next time I hit JFK, I will dance down the concourse with you :). -x.M

  2. caimbeul on said:


  3. There is an art to remembering all this is not real, all while still really living.

    I adore anyone who has the courage to drop joy bombs around them as they move in and not of this world. Part of us is always waiting at baggage claim. I try to remind that part of myself to dance while waiting :).

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