We Are Leaving Kansas

Deep syncs have been afoot at my corner of the adventure for some time now.  They are intricate, beautiful, strange and at moments a bit disconcerting.  It is as if some door to the yellow brick road has been opened and with the choice to place the bejeweled foot on the path, more and more the unknown is peeking into the known.

For me the “spirit” family I belong to from a distance, is drawing in closer and closer.  There is a collective circling of our wagons, not in any protective stance against the outside world mind you, but rather in a way that is creating an inner energetic space for some “magic” to begin unfolding within. Incredible things are beginning to happen.  The result though is that the known compasses for navigating no longer really work… so in response, I am putting on my ruby slippers and letting the road dance me for a bit :).

With all that is going on, into my life has floated a song sung in duet by two of the sweetest sisters I have come across in quite some time.  I haven’t been able to get the melody out of my head since I heard it… so in dedication to all the sync sweethearts in my life, thank you for leaving Kansas with me.  Launching from standing on that street corner in Manhattan, with the lantern lights of Chinatown giving the faintest of glows illuminating the way, as the path makes it’s first steps as us.  Ho & hey and away we go!

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6 thoughts on “We Are Leaving Kansas

  1. Just found the link for where this song originally was taken from:

    There is a palpable love these girls share that absolutely can be seen when I watch them sing….absolutely heard in their voices. Beautiful layers of love unfolding. SISTERS ROCK!!!

  2. Have to say, you are smashing in those red pumps! Two sisters enjoying your music share today in our wagon.

  3. caimbeul on said:

    ha ,ha ,big smile…yes you mystical feminines do rock. Beautiful post, sagely and fun.

  4. Some of the most beautiful, feminine mystical red pump sparklers I have seen taken out for a spin on the dance floor have been elegantly worn in the masculine form. It is the beauty of finding our balance. There is no place like home… no place… just home. 😉

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and support Caimbeul. I so enjoy tangible little peeks on seeingM.

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