Deep Purr-age

A minor miracle of sorts has occurred in my reality flow.  The cat who for years has craved his own personal space, for some inexplicable reason this past month or so now cannot get enough time right on top of me.  All on his little own, the lusciousness that is our cat Luke, will nestle in whatever nook on my person is currently available by body positioning.  He will nest in… and then, seemingly endlessly, out will emanate a deep rolling purr that just doesn’t quit.  The new physical closeness with this precious animal moves me to the core of my being.

So it is that I find quite often in the flow of my days at home, I stop the entire world and just allow myself to be present with this amazing life force.  I place my hands on each side of his little body, close my eyes and ride the feeling of the healing** vibration he shares.  What a gift for being fully engaged with the subtle deliciousness of connection.


Luke is a TINY being, tipping the scales at only about 4 pounds soaking wet.  But one must not allow oneself to be mislead and judge by size.  This little entity is a ferocious force to be reckoned with.  He is the cat that stops traffic and immediately gets passed around in admiration and for squeezes by everyone at every vet office he has ever been to (and unfortunately over the course of his life there have been too many).

How I came to be Luke’s is actually quite a story (and that is right, he is not mine, I am definitely smitten-ly his :)). In fact, it was his mother who choose me to be his human family member.  As he was the first pet of my life and not really knowing better back when, I went to a breeder who was advertising Persian kittens for sale.  I had seen a white Persian cat with green eyes when out house hunting and instantly fell in love.  So this is how I found myself on a random Thursday night 16 1/2 years ago sitting cross legged on the floor while a breeder proceeded to open a door leading into her living room, allowing 4 little balls of Persian fluff to come running into the room.  I was enchanted.

However, after a few minutes of playing with these Persian kittens, out of the corner of my eye I saw a little Himalayan cat with what looked like a small dust bunny attached to her tail enter the room.  Slowly this cat made her way close enough to me so I could see that it was actually a tiny kitten trailing her!  As the cat & her kitten were moving toward me, I asked the breeder about this as she had not advertised any Himalayan kittens for sale.  I was informed that the litter of Luke’s 5 brothers and sisters had already been sold and that this little guy, being the runt, had not had an auspicious start.  He had already almost died several times and she still was not sure he was actually going to make it.  Because of this, she informed me, she was not going to sell him.

By the time her explanation was complete, this Himalayan mother cat had settled down right next to my leg and proceeded to start letting her little fur ball nurse.  Not having any real experience with pets, I sat engrossed watching this tender exchange.  After a bit, this mom then gently groomed her son, cleaning up all the milk on his face.  She nudged and nuzzled him a bit more and then, proceeding to pick him up by the nape of his neck, turned towards me and placed him gently in my lap.  She looked up at me with her beautiful blue knowing eyes for a moment and walked away.  I looked at the breeder and the stunned breeder looked back at me.  The rest, as they say, is joyful history.

Luke lookingone of the sunshine spots with a view


With all that is currently going on in my corner of the adventure (so much requesting attention), upcoming in our world also is time scheduled visiting with British family.  My delightful husband just talked with me about the possibility of spending a few weeks in France as well as a treat for me.  I told him thank you, but no thank you.

Time in Paris vs. time spent present with the purr??? …no contest.  Precious moments spent with Luke win hands down.  Besides, at its root, being in Paris is only ever a state of mind anyway. 🙂


Why cats purr:


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13 thoughts on “Deep Purr-age

  1. A big thank you to one of my favorite designers for having such good taste in music as well… where song was originally enjoyed:

    plaited plush melange & stretch crepe pencil skirt… yes please!

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing Luke with us, he’s so precious. I’m a huge cat lover and fall for any kitty that purrs my way. A cat’s purr is magical, the healing vibrations they give off is pure unconditional love. I can hug kitties all day long. ♥

  3. Oh I so agree with you!!! This joy is so special and boundless, awe encompassing, cats really do help us deepen, enrich our senses to understand this incredible human experience. Thanks so much for sharing your archives, I’ll relish them with joy. Awww, I’m so grateful for your caring and grace. Bless you and Luke for sending me love, I do feel your warmth and his purr-age.♥♥♥ Ailurophiles of the world unite! {Hugs 2 U & Luke} ☼

  4. I recently put down my angel cat Jet of 16 years. He seemed perfectly healthy until one day when I went to visit him at my best friend’s house (she became his new mom when I moved across the country for work). I brought with me my ex boyfriend just back from Hawaii who had not seen Jet in the past 2 years. Kitty looked strange so I called his mom at her vacation home. She and her partner joined me a couple of hours later at the vet. Apparently, he had been sick with cancer for a while but didn’t let on. He waited until the 4 people who loved him most had all converged into the same room together to inform us that he was moving on. Perhaps strange to say, but in this lifetime, there is no person or thing I have loved more than that cat.

    • S,
      I completely understand the gravity and beauty of that deepest love of this lifetime with your precious cat. The unconditional love that is S found an unconditional mirror in Jet… nothing to hold back or block the exchange. So exquisite that unhindered flow of love. It is still there… “he” is still there. His essence is only ever a thought away that creates the experience of feeling that love for him. MASSIVE squeezes from Luke and I to Jet and the fabulous four of you who witnessed this together. We leave those cyber hugs right here for you: X

      For me as well, it has been my precious fur family members who were key in helping create the SUSTAINED external physical safe space for so much of the needed learning and healing to occur in my life related to my experience and expression of unconditional love.

      In true confession time from the soul, it was a profound moment for me with my husband when I realized that if the figurative house was on fire and one must make a “Sophies Choice” of sorts, that I had finally had met the man that I would choose over Luke… (rather dramatic comparison, but one made to acknowledge the overwhelming depth of bond potential with our fur family members). You see, when we met, my husband was allergic to cats! Before knowing him, this would have been an automatic love only from a distance deal breaker. But I was left asking myself what made the difference with him? It is not that I have not deeply loved and been loved other humans in my life, but with him, like with my cats I realize that there has never been any part of my heart that I had felt compelled to protect or to keep in reserve.

      Acting from within the confusion of our own pain, we humans hurt each other… usually unintentionally. Intellectually I knew this, but I also thought I had total awareness of when I chose to close off little corners of certain rooms in myself, protecting my vulnerable tendernesses in response. However, in my case, upon meeting my husband I discovered that I was actually blind to many of these tender spots in my heart and that I had not fully realized where they all were!

      With my cats I could feel their unconditional love holding me, but with my husband I could finally use the mirror also to see with it as well! Honest and open communication related to my “brokenness” backed by his capacity for “safe” unconditional love is bringing nirvana in action onto my path. We now turn and share that safe harbor created as we can with all we meet on our paths. Luke and Jet can do it without words.. you and I do it with here using them communicating with love on seeingM.

      So delightful to find one such as you S reading, commenting and supporting here. Thank you!


  5. “Time in Paris vs. time spent present with the purr??? …no contest. ” I love this quote and feel the same. I would give anything for a moment back with by beloved kitty Rumi who died from cancer last year. (how does a kitty get cancer…. ) anyway I related and enjoyed the post. shine on M, love Liz

  6. Liz,

    What a joy to find you here on seeingM! And Rumi… oh, the essence of Rumi in ones life! Feline poetry of unconditional love in furry motion!

    I will confess that I have been dancing with some big fear thoughts that have popped up which have been attempting to activate the loss wall flower in me. It is that part of M over in the corner of herself that tries not to dread the time that the music to the ear of Luke’s little perpetual snorty breath is not constantly heard in the house anymore.

    I ask myself the question: am I in tune enough to know if this proximity change in my precious cat is his way of gifting me some big time body yumminess because he knows his time left in his physical form is limited??? Gulp. Can I just love what is with him in these moments without the thoughts on the heels of that being ones of his eventual loss? Does acknowledging this loss make me more present and thus do I appreciate him more???

    Rumi and Luke are unique entities, but the unconditional love that they teach us to master accessing as human emotional artists in this world I believe is exactly the same profound thing. 🙂 So from that place of a warm little body that is still present and currently able to be on my lap, Luke and I send you and Rumi that precious essence that is unconditional cat love. It is left here infused into the words from one who wishes with her whole heart to turn back the clock and to give you moments back with your Rumi through me.

    We are so lucky to be so loved by our fur family. Liz, profound thanks for sharing here.


  7. caimbeul on said:

    Another great one M. I had a Himalayan for 16 years-magical cats indeed. I had a picture of our parakeet perched on her paw. I particularly find it fascinating how the mother transferred mothership over to you.

  8. Not ever having a pet before, at first I was ignorant to some of the magic of the Himalayan breed which was chosen for me by the love of the universe. Now all these years later I know that there are some cats that are cats (and we still love them), but still there are those others that are Zen masters contained in feline form!

    Yes, transferring of mothership… humm… OK, the piece of the story which I just couldn’t quite bring myself to share in the post, but which the universe is providing me the opportunity to share through your comment, is the fact that the reason my first husband and I had been house hunting when I saw those Persian cats to begin with was due to the fact that I was expecting a child. This was the one and only time in my life that I have ever been pregnant. I miscarried a few weeks later and a few weeks after that Luke found me.

    So, yes, the transferring of mothership with that little Himalayan guardian angel was overwhelmingly meaningful on many levels. Mothering and being mothered is a sacred space not limited by gender or species! Thank you, yet again, for the deeper dive.

    Luke (who is right now currently sitting by my side as I type this) and I so appreciate you :).

  9. Felines are such extraordinary creatures that enrich our lives! Ours (Merlina) has the title “Centerpiece of the Universe” and that is exactly her role: she grounds us into ~ just being ~ like no one else! Thanks your your sharing of Luke ♥ tomas

  10. The wizardry of a Merlina in ones life is complete magic! It has often been observed that Luke graciously lets us live in his space with him… when there is a master of being in your presence, this is absolutely the case. Kitty xo’s on to Merlina with a loving scrub under the chin from the lusciousness that is Luke’s M!

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