Rollercoasters of Emotion

I enjoy pure emotion evoked by sound.  Arms up, eyes closed & feel the ride.



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7 thoughts on “Rollercoasters of Emotion

  1. The inspiration behind this post started by hearing just a snippet of this song used in an ad on the radio:

    It is an interesting ride through this artist’s music today. Funny where sound will take you in the flow of ones day when we follow the hearing of it… yes hands up and the ceiling can’t hold us.

  2. Music does have a miraculous effect upon our soul, I certainly feel enriched by the positive vibes! 😀

  3. Yes body and soul can dance together! I love what Beethoven had to say about this… and then the study of cymatics is pretty amazing as well! Thanks 1EU.

  4. Music is very powerful

    • Yes I love listening to music. Never have really enjoyed dark heavy metal, gangster rap, hip hop or twangy country, but attempt to leave myself open to trying a hear of almost any artist at least once.

      Years ago I arrived at the gate once to work a flight from New York to LA and every extra airport employee was swarming the area so I knew something was up. Turns out I had the singer LL Cool J on my flight. With that much time in the air I ended up having a deep conversation with him sparked off by the fact that he was reading a rather heavy book on philosophy. He talked about the transfer of experience and emotion into music. He let me listen to a song that he was working on and that was not yet released. Some of the lyrics were very beautiful. I have always been more willing to give the compatriots in his music genre more of a chance to be heard since then. 🙂

  5. No wonder I liked the energetic signature of this artist’s music… I do necessarily care for this particular song itself, but the experience that informs the music seeps of truth. That he has sat Vipassanā does not surprise me at all. Depth once it has been touched can’t help but be infused into what one creates!

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