Beautiful Simplicity In Your Moment

As I sit and type with my computer on my lap looking out the window, big puffy white clouds are racing by.  They are moving so quickly that Luke (and yes the cat was named after Skywalker due to the strong presence of the force with him and the fact that he looks like an Ewok!) is alternating glowing and being in shadow as he snoozes in a spot of sunshine when it is there on the floor.  In fact when I see him, I can detect an opalescence glowing up off of him, but then when I try to look at it, it disappears.

The golden sunlight and shadow are also spilling down through the branches of the three cedar sentinels that keep watch over me right out my window.  I live on floor six of a complex that is 25 stories tall and these giants give the height of our building a run for it’s money (they are up the hill from us a bit, but still they would be right at home with the Ents on the set of The Lord of The Rings).  How often does one get such natural majesty so close in living in the middle of our man made cities?  I send them a huge hello as I love love love looking out and watch them dancing in the same brisk breeze that is blowing the clouds so quickly by.

Sitting on the table next to me right now is the new find of the day… broccoli crunch chef salad from the deli at Whole Foods.  OH MY GOSH!  With cayenne candied cashews, currants and cured English style bacon adding to the veggie crunch, this is NOT the same salad as remembered from the church potluck socials of my youth (was not a favorite then and is why I have never picked it up before today).  Specifically mentioning it from my moment shared here in case anyone else reading this has access to the deli at this national chain market.  Next time you are in, pick up a little sample, but be warned (ADDicTION alert).

I find such pleasure and joy in the small things when I remember to see them without looking.  Thank you to the clouds and the moving light catching the attention of my eye and enchanting me right into the middle of the flow the of current moment and all the magic that is found there.


What is happening around you in your moment right now?  What do you see without looking?

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