Lucky #13

Sailing into beginning year four of marriage with my precious N begins today.  The time spent together so far has been incredibly full and has passed so quickly.  As I look to the future and all that is still to come, it is hard to contain my excitement for the adventure of what is on the path ahead.  Having said that however, if nothing were ever to change from this very moment forward, what a happy and lucky woman I would still consider myself to be.

I am grateful and blessed to share day to day life with this man. I adore his bones. The space he holds with me, being present… full of love, insight, support and growth, makes having made the choice to stay here worth every minute in what has been the challenge of the human ride.

And to the incredible human being, who also just happens to be my husband:


I am so glad we chose to marry on that lucky #13 in May.  I had 39 of these days before I met you, 5 of them being doubly lucky.  So far we have shared three more together, one of them being that extra magic that comes on a Friday.

Mathematically speaking, this means I have had 6 Friday the 13ths in May already in my life as M.  It was worth the joys and challenges of the first 5 spent without you, to earn the ability to have the one spent so far with you.  If all goes according to biologically projected potentials and remains earth change unhindered in the plan, I should get 6 or 7 more to share in this form with you.  Half way home baby!

Today I sit and wonder at all will we be doing on our doubly lucky anniversary Fridays in the years to come:

May 13, 2016
May 13, 2033
May 13, 2039
May 13, 2044
May 13, 2050
May 13, 2061

I look forward to finding out, because whatever it is, I know it will be amazing.

Here is to celebrating us in 2063.  Happy anniversary.

I love thee N, -x.M

— had the song Us in 50 Years by Kuba originally linked here.  Now I can’t find it on the web 😦   NEW EDIT…FOUND IT!

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7 thoughts on “Lucky #13

  1. Happy anniversary

  2. Eating a treat and lighting a candle over here in honor of such lovely M and N joy 🙂

    • lol and lol. JUST posted up about my moment being present and eating a treat as I sent N love on the breeze with the clouds rolling by. I refresh the screen and then I see this has just come in from you. 🙂 Thanks M. Feeling the joy and send right back. – x.M

  3. lol! when you said treat, I was not picturing broccoli – I love those sort of twisty surprises! Funny on this end the fuss lighting one little birthday candle can cause. “What are you doing?” over and over when my explanations didn’t suffice – wearing my uniqueness with joy under scrutiny 🙂
    Voice on puffy clouds sounds like Dr. Judy Woods.
    Thanks for sharing the joy! X!

  4. caimbeul on said:

    May you grow old together while sharing the joys of such good fortune.

    • Oh Caimbeul, how wonderful to finish putting up a new post only to find a check in from you! There is never a requirement for direct communication and there is always a comfortableness with anyone’s silence here on seeingM. However, I will report that I had a date set in my mind that if the world had not heard directly from you by then (sometime next month :)), I was going to give a reply on your blog to check in that all was well for you leaving a little tangible proof that you are not forgotten.

      Thanks for the wishes here M! -x.M

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