Laundering Karma & Revolution of the Right One

How many times have you thought that it is hard to be here on this planet?  Have you had the thought that things need to change here on earth?  We read the paper or see the news or drive in traffic or have our wallet stolen and we wonder in response: what can I do to change what happens in my life and to change what I see when I “look” around in the world?

¡¡¡Ay dios mio… I think I will eat a cookie and go back to bed!!!  🙂

Joking aside, my life and the world around me absolutely actually changed when I became fully aware of a simple, but powerfully radical revolution occurring on our planet (however, with truth in advertising, I am still working on eating fewer medicinal chocolate chip cookies :)).  To participate in this revolution, the most important first step any human being can take, in my humble opinion, is to begin to empower ones self (remembering who I am) all while acting within the wisdom that comes from the fact that we are all connected as one (knowing what WE share on our planet).

viva la revolucion

This opportunity to experience real change in my life and in the world around me began for me at a very “personal” place I lovingly refer to as “cleaning house”.  This began with taking myself and my happiness seriously… by understanding that how I felt was always, all ways directly in my control.  It was using the wisdom of this empowerment and connection which made room in the flow of my life for remembering and knowing to occur.

This space created for this transformation to take place was made with a visit to a figurative ‘karmic laundrette’ :).  It is a mental, emotional and physical cleaning of house that comes by beginning the process of asking and answering, with BRUTAL HONESTY, the challenging questions we face in our own lives as we live them on our planet.  However for me, they are questions that are asked in an organized and on going fashion.  Laundering karma then is what happens with the answers when I am being honest with myself about where I am actually at inside myself at this very moment in time when I ask: Who am I?  How do I feel?  What do I think?  What is important to me?  How do I act in my life and in the world based on my answers? (If one does NOT answer honestly, they will recreate the same feelings and experiences in their life over and over and over.  Saying you are ok when you are not ok does nothing to move one toward actually being ok.  Ever.  Period!!!)

The answers I currently get to these questions at any given time gives an ever moving starting position for M taking the responsibility of living creating within life, instead of just living life as it happens around me.  And when I re-ask these questions of myself often, over time I get to track changes to my answers.  Doing this creates real change in my life experiences as I change.  This is when the revolution found in the magic moments of living life with it actually being different occurs!** Same situations may arise, but my experience of what they mean is radically different.

**(Just as one example of this, I asked these questions beginning while in my first marriage.  One has to be prepared for the honest answers they receive, because at times they require changing not only ways of being but also can lead to changing something one is currently doing, as well!  I asked if I was happy in my life (how do I feel?), and to the best of my ability back then, I asked if “we” were happy in our marriage?  The answers I got in return led to lovingly letting me divorce my first husband so he could go on to live the life he actually desired to create.  It also gave me the freedom so that I could also create mine.  I ask these same questions today, now again after the passing of time with more maturity, using more practiced life lived over time from the lens of “we”, and in return, I find I have earned the ability to share my life with a man who is also in motion in his life asking the same questions.  I created “a M” who was finally ready to meet a man with whom I am able to continue our unique journeys in a place that is also together.  My hope is that this life I currently create with N lasts for the rest of our time here on earth.  However, I love N and myself enough, that I can let go to grow apart again if that is ever needed in the future, too.  It is one of the greatest gifts of honesty that I can give myself and my husband.  When we allow unconditional freedom, true unconditional love never ends, it just changes the expression that it is appropriate for it to be shared in experience over time… thus gifting even a greater ability to be closer together now.  To the “I” mind this would seem counter intuitive, now wouldn’t it!?!  Anniversary greeting card from the intent of mastering being one:  N, I love you so much that you can leave me!   -lol)

Within this ongoing questioning and “new” answering with it’s remembering, I can then make amends for any past “mistakes” or choices I have made from ignorance in understanding.  I go forward then living into the creation of a “new” future potential from that present moment’s understanding.  I live within my answers changing, but with my authenticity completely intact and always the same… until it is time to ask the questions again… I grow, and on and on it goes.

For me this change is most gracefully and easily done answering and living from the allowing of my first lens of current understanding to be that of focus on our connective consciousness of “oneness” as it is infused into every fiber of my being to the best of my ability at all times, in all things and in all places.  The questions asked then immediately shift on to the next level from I to we… Who are we? How do we feel?  What do we think?  What is important to us?  How do we act in our lives and in the world based on our answers?  With this asking, the illusion of my separation from other people and the world around me slips away.  What a powerful and magical place to create in the world that becomes!

If you are reading this post now and find you are also a person who may have some trouble with the whole we-are-one-kum-ba-ya-join-hands-and-dance-as-we-throw-flowers-at-each-other lens as a place to start from, I completely feel you.  Welcome to my past home turf as well-  lol.  Oneness, wtf???  It is ok.   You are not alone in this.   As I tend to enjoy the drift from the new age space bunny into the gritty from time to time as well, may I also offer an angle change on the same perspective with the following take from “the drag off of death”:

Your construction
Smells of corruption
I manipulate, serene creates
this air to ground saga
Gotta launder my karma
Come on and tell me what you need
Tell me what is making you bleed
We got two more minutes and
We gonna cut to what you need
So one of six so tell me
One do you want to live
And one of seven tell me
Is it time for you ** to give
Tell me is it time to get down on your ** knees
Tell me is it time to get down
I’m blown to the maxim
Two hemispheres battlin’
Suckin’ up, one last breath
Take a drag off of death
Got a revolution behind my eyes
We got to get up and organize
You want a revolution behind your eyes
We got to get up and organize
Come on baby tell me
Yes we aim to please

*UNCENSORED* lyrics in the video so proceed accordingly:


Life is found as gritty at times, too and this is OK, in my book.  That one would like to experience or know the truth of the fact that we are of one consciousness as it works its way to this knowledge from a place past the happy new age and religious window dressing is very valid, too.  There are many paths that can be traveled and when I have conversed with those arriving from roads I have not taken, they all share very different details, but from very similar tales.  We all eventually arrived at the very same place.

Another resource on oneness consciousness that I found very helpful to evolve the answers to my questions from with a scientific angle on the same perspective (past a lot of good woo woo karma and system busting information that is out there, too) comes when I specifically looked at what that particular song could also mean as it referred to battling “two hemispheres” in the human experience.  What happens when I ask and answer the questions: who am I, who are we, from within the potential for that revolution occurring first “behind the eyes” as I am also divided within?

Offered as one powerful and stunningly beautiful answer for changing from the place divided within comes from a woman who eloquently shares her experience with being one in the following:

     “We are the life force power of the universe with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds and we have the power to choose moment by moment who and how we want to be in the world.”

-Jill BolteTaylor:



Our current understanding infects our every interaction, and the state of mind being from “I” or “we” informs every creation for experience in our lives.  In this light too, kum-ba-ya may not be so crazy after all :).

The best way I personally have found to access the changing I want to see is to live life engaging from WITHIN the world and from within myself, all while remaining in that position of what Ms. Bolte Taylor calls this right brain driven connection consciousness.  Really, at it’s simplest form, this is the same oneness explanation that all those flower wearing, LSD tripping hippies of my childhood were on about (only no LSD needed… or LDS either for that matter 🙂 lol… laugh for my beloved religiously church going friends, I have never “left” you I promise!).  It is just consciously experiencing and creating from right brain serenity all while living within the left brain conflict.  This is done not by letting what I see be wrong or right, but from using a karmic laundering perspective of a right side lens to see both sides… a side and lens that is only ever a thought in the present moment away.  This is not turning a blind eye to the “wrong” of the world, but by putting on the red wig and black leather 😉 of the I AM WE place here at seeingM, infecting change by being that connection to the “right”.  This is how I be the change we want to see… we live in truth past the polarity of it.

When more of us start living and creating this way, karma ends. Our dirty laundry is returned home to the truth in us, clean and pressed :).  It can no longer create any lasting negative effect in our lives or around us in the world as we evolve with our questioning and communicating of answers in honesty.  The wallet is still stolen, but it is not wrong, and just becomes part of learning living and questioning in a larger story we share.

What a f#@*ing powerful revolution that is.  ¡Si, vive la révolution d’un!


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8 thoughts on “Laundering Karma & Revolution of the Right One

  1. Zoom zoom! “This is how I be…” Out past the polarity.
    What a wonderful post – and a fantastically timed reminder (at endings and beginnings so poignantly unfolding in the experiences of this little fractal of the whole, right here, right now) to be at the asking of these questions again. End of this intense emotional Maymester class – (why are we all sitting in this room together?) – that zoomed way past the construction of the roles. Tears – fears – perceived brokenness began spilling into the aisles – You helped me see The laundry pile that was being loaded into the soak cycle. Great appreciation here for your vectoring angle that remembers each point from grit to kum ba ya and everywhere in between! X!

    • Truth loops on truth and there are times I laugh after writing a post for the fact that it has been written so many times before, just starting at a different corner of the very same puzzle. No worries though… just like the blind women and the elephant, focusing on a different “same” part helps at times see the whole in a new way.

      Your ability to play on the plays always delights the heart… I place some lovely scented essential oils into the soak cycle to be enjoyed as the detritus floats to the top to be filtered off. WONDERFUL homey image for something that actually can be quite a challenging thing. With all my heart I am looking forward to the time that I have my very own laundry room again… it is a powerful location for all sorts of alchemy to occur in the home :).

      Tears -fears -perceived brokenness and Kum Ba Yah with it’s cryin’ singin’ and prayin’ your way in return.


  2. Same here M. Years ago, the “we are all one” mantra was easy for me to scoff at. I had a friend awhile back who used to pose the question, “If there were a t-shirt that when worn by everyone on the planet would bring peace, would you wear it?” At the time, I insisted that because you would never get everyone to wear it, I wouldn’t either. Now, I see that so many choices we make have consequences for the future, and although we can’t always anticipate all of the consequences of our choices, we can keep the idea of building and moving towards peace in mind. So, today, I would wear the t-shirt.
    Thanks for all you do here.

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