The Way It Is

This is the way it is.  And I find myself asking and why is that?  This is the way it is and at the same time it is changing across the planet as well.

When I have had a bit of down time out on the road recently I have been watching a six part series on the Himalayas with BBC presenter Michael Palin (no offense to him, but the lack in depth of observation is made up for with the sheer beauty from any sharing done from that visually stunning part of the planet… however, in fairness to him, I will mention that he did get the Dali Lama to talk about his poop schedule having jet lag which made me lol).  For me, this series has been another great example showing that what we see in front of us externally in the world in any given experience as we move around, is directly limited by our current internal ability to engage authentically within it.  We only see in the world around us to the depth that we see and understand ourselves and our own limitations first.  Any unquestioned assumptions that we operate from, color and form our entire existence.  So, if we are not questioning ourselves to begin with, we are forever recapitulating and creating within the same programing over and over.

My point really being with this quick post is that much of what we get in life and in the world around us, is what we expect and what we have been taught we can.  One group of people up one isolated mountain canyon in Nepal lives in a COMPLETELY different way from another group a few hundred miles away because that is what they have been taught to expect and taught is the way to do things.  Why is it different for different groups of people and who is right?  Is it really as simple as the way we live is this way because that is how it has been and that is what we have been taught can be? What a PRICELESS reminder of our power to create our own realities.

This dynamic however, is not only isolated to some small untouched pockets in the Himalayas on the planet.  We here in the west are doing the exact same thing, just in massive controlled groups, in neon lights and within tons of unconscious actions… actions that ultimately give the appearance of damaging the planet we share.  We have our very own versions of menstruation houses and jewelry which is worn to denote how many heads we have taken.  Our institutions and adornments mean nothing more and have no more importance than what WE decided they do.  We do the exact same things.  I do the exact same thing as I create meaning in the reality around myself.   In order to get-be-do X one must get-be-do Y and X and Y ultimately mean Q because P…. and on and on and on.  And I find myself more and more asking and just why is that?

This particular BBC series has also has reminded me of how “Coca-cola” and all that comes with it is continuing to infect the entire planet.  Our ability to see the deeper truths more clearly pointed at by diversity, and within it to actually live and determine life for ourselves is being homogenized and eroded away on this planet by the tie wearing, hamburger eating, TV watching within a materialistic judeo-christian western paradigm which is currently in the process of infecting the whole planet.  I am not saying that this paradigm is bad, but any loss of diversity is fundamentally at it’s root a form of contraction and destruction energetically.  Destruction in and of itself is not bad, it is just the other end of the poll of creation.

In this western paradigm we grow up to get an education (SO IMPORTANT WHAT WE BUY AND BELIEVE IS THAT!!!), to work to create physical security, to get married and to have kids…  – -to prepare them to grow up, to get educated to work to create physical security and to have kids and…   hummmm ???

Advertisement from 1971.  This is the world I was born into in 1970.  Take the bottle in the hand and replace it with what the drink represents in it’s many forms  -books of words we put together and call law or canon, a piece of tree that we assign the meaning of being money or ore that we fashion into forms that can kill.  The sand and tree and ore found on this planet can be made into whatever we want them to be, to do what ever we want them to do, and for the creations to mean whatever we want them to mean.  Just what is it that WE are creating again???

So it is in buying the world a Coke… patriarchal or matriarchal, wear this -but not that, say this -but not that, do this -but not that, all done on this particular day -but not that, this is wrong -but not that, you need this -but not that — and it is all all wrapped up with a bow for those that have contrast with those that have not.

How do we free ourselves within these creations… and for those of you who have children, how do we keep from trapping them?

The whole shebang to me at this stage of the game is beautiful, complex, arbitrary dwindling diversity pointing at something else in the truth of an universal undercurrent underneath it all.

I give a big thank you to a rather sweet, but silly Mr. Palin of the BCC… to the beautiful yak herders on the roof top of the world in Tibet with the wool makers tags left on the sleeves of their suit coats, to the elite of Bhutan doing archery in their Ray-Bans, to those women on Lugu Lake with their walking marriages and the Coca-cola serving prince in India… a thank you for the last shreds of their diverse reminder that WE create and assign the meaning to those creations.  When we remember what we do as we are doing it, this is consciousness in the action of co-creation.  It is the beginning to being freed not from, but within those creations to continue on to consciously recreate.

Yes, Coca-cola may be taking over the entire planet at this time, but there also are very similar physical pyramids left all over the planet by what seems to be a similarly homogenized world culture that once was.  And today what do we actually know about the “people” who built them and what function they served and what they actually meant to them? Coke bottles deteriorate more rapidly than stone so what story will be left behind to be told when our current version of the empire falls?

This is the way it is.  There is one constant in the way the universe is and that is change… expansion and contraction… creation and destruction.  This is the way it is now and it will change.  How it does is up to us.

I think I am going to go have a soda and think some more about this :).

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10 thoughts on “The Way It Is

  1. The BBC series:

  2. The whole movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”:

  3. Yes this is one of the films that early on started me to questioning good old Maslow and the paradigm within which his hierarchy of needs was created. I looked at what was created in the world when one places physiological needs at the foundation in the world around me and I do see some beauty, but much brokenness.

    The magic really started for me when I thought about the world that could be if we were to flip the pyramid and start with a foundation of self actualization. The universal forces of creation are then freed to flow to ones door just like the bushmen in Africa… NO Water Project wells needed because we are living in harmony and balance to begin with. This is when the magic really can start unfolding in ones life… we align with the path of creation and not destruction. I have everything I could ever really need and I receive more than I could have even originally dreamt of asking for! x.M

  4. Glad I didn’t miss this one… M, you captured a dynamic and made it more interesting to talk about and explore. I appreciate your unconventional writing style, borne from an unconventional thought process, which is to say original. What you’re writing about here and how you write it go hand in hand. There is so much that is formulaic in the world that it cries out for more originality. This is manifest in most all areas of life. Mainstream is actually a term that both describes what is most popular, most spoonfed, as well as most generic in content at the same time. Commercial movies homespun in and distributed worldwide by the U.S. seem to follow the same model. For originality, one typically has to cross over to independent and foreign films. Hollywood reached predictability possibly about two generations ago, and is now on endless reel. I like your TGMBC reference. Both TGMBC and TGMBC2 are two of the more delightful, refreshing movies I’ve ever seen. They don’t follow the general formula, and as such develop their own personality. In many aspects of life, I believe creativity is quashed for the sake of uniform adherence to regulations or “best” practices. Out of 10,000 homes in my community, how many have truly original floor plans? I haven’t seen one. There may be a small handful, but it would be less than 1%. Meanwhile, my imagination develops elaborate floor plans I’ve never seen, for homes, for hotels, for restaurants, for sports stadiums. Imagination is apparently perceived as the enemy to order, but order is then mistaken for conformity. Conformity always contains order, which isn’t to say that order necessarily must contain conformity, but don’t try to tell that to simplistic, formulaic modes of thinking. It might cause disorder, and then what would we have? It might even be something unpredictable (gasp!), and we can’t have that! Thanks for the write-up. You raise valid points that need to be further considered. Very nicely and poetically put. Not to mention creatively.

    • How wonderful to find the astute eye that is one Rusted Ruminations checking in here! Your connoisseur-ship of the practical application of the fact that imagination is more important than knowledge never disappoints.

      Those who have the courage to live within the endless castles of their unique authentic-ness deserve much celebration and support in my book. The Borg mentality is crushingly prevalent and at times, can be incredibly alienating to anyone who colors outside the lines. You are not alone if ever you look around and feel the aloneness in your current crayola selections :). My mind right now is working with a stunning vermillion in an area that the world consensus says should only allow baby blue. Rusty, here is to celebrating the resulting Ethiopian purple with you!

      (PS. I have a book for you! I promise to get organized soon and will pop it in the mail. Squeezes to you and your amazing little family. I am sincerely so happy to find you pinging in here. I hope the garden of your growing creations are currently blooming beautifully all around you.) -x.M

    • Hey Rusty… finally got that book packed up and now your mailing address has gone AWOL. Can you email me it again? Squeezes. -x.M

      • Okay, e-mail is sent. For everyone else’s information, my address was wandering in the woods and became disoriented, but rescue teams were sent out to recover it.

  5. Thank you for the amazing connections, Ms. M – The REAL THING is so creepy in my remembering my little girl tv head at the time who was loving the message of this ad and fully embracing the product.
    Here’s to you with a juice and a smile – and on to what is possible – .

  6. The paradigm I grew up under taught one that consumption of caffeine was a “bad” thing so Coca-cola was off the menu. I remember with distinct clarity the moment of my first taste of the beverage… it was at a birthday party for a friend at a roller-rink (around age 11). I took a sip and then had a moment of overwhelming guilt :). But as no thunder bolt struck me down from the sky, I lived and learned.

    This particular rule (which was religiously sourced at the time) was about avoiding consumption of any substance that has a propensity to create addiction and the ensuing enslavement in the body. There is great wisdom in that which has nothing to do with Jesus being unhappy with the little rebel, rule breaking, paradigm boundary testing experience explorer that has always been M. Yes my sweet, on to what is possible!!!

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