Dimensional Dancing Within Intelligent Infinity

This is M being M today.  And this is what is happening to her as she dances within that reality.  She is unfolding:

A question asked over on Heartflow 2013 (along with the supportive reminders on Life As Improv) has sent me dancing within intelligent infinity as I attempt to capture and notate the mind moves, slowing running to a walk down the curling dimensional rabbit holes, all while tangoing within wholeness… and in my neck of the woods, this always leads me to some rather high risk behavior that I affectionately call my propensity for spiritual promiscuity.** 🙂

And providing a grooving soundtrack for me as I make my moves across that floor in a wonderful conversation within myself about this, is the following – with Timbaland graciously singing the role of M as M, and Ms. Nelly Furtado playing the role of the wholeness of M in her higher, expanded intelligent, infinite self:

I’m out of this world come with me to my planet
Get you on my level do you think that you can handle it?
Let your guard down ain’t nobody gotta know
If you’re with it girl I know a place we can go
I’m only trying to get inside your brain
To see if you can work me the way you say
It’s OK, it’s all right
I got something that you gonna like
We’re one in the same
So we don’t gotta play games no more

Am I throwing you off?
Didn’t think so!

Promiscuous girl… who me?  ABSOLUTELY!  -lol-

For those who wish to skip the woo woo factor, all we (meaning me and the I am higher self, such as she is able to come through) are on about here, is accessing within ones own felt life experience the folding through of our 3D grounded body into the experience of reality in the “higher” or “expanded” realms provided by a 4D and beyond perspective;  all additive free and while still contained in the little old hot rod of a rental car 3D body.

And baby, in the immortal words of Vivian (Julia Roberts) to Edward (Richard Gere) from the movie Pretty Woman (-in keeping with the promiscuous theme we have going here):

Vivian: “Man, this baby must corner like it’s on rails!”
Edward: “I beg your pardon?”
(Vivian compliments car Edward is driving, which Edward doesn’t understand :))

((YES, you better believe it when you hit the right angle vectors!!!))




**defined in my world as: the anointed role of self determined guru, exercising discernment while taking an eclectic approach to and responsibility for, my own growth and spirituality.  It is sampling and drawing from wherever can be found the best, brightest and highest truth for myself as dance partners to try out on a spin around the floor within.  These moves are made as I live the life here known as M (or by my street name, which is the artist formerly know as intelligent infinity test driving planet eARTh).

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15 thoughts on “Dimensional Dancing Within Intelligent Infinity

  1. The movie in it’s entirety:

  2. A very interesting website I came across while looking for a header image for this post:

  3. …this (sort of) sums it up – ” intelligent infinity test driving planet eARTh” – I LUV it ♥ t

    • You delight T!

      I JUST fixed the link within the post to the correct portion of the dimension movie which I originally desired to share here. It is the beginning to describe your “direct encounter with reality” using the concept of ‘duration’ and the experience of infinite intelligence folding into rather than the 3D experience of separation from.

      As soon as I am done with the work currently in front of my nose, I am looking forward to discussing those tools and contacts that have helped me with my folding and unfolding :). I am really appreciating the trajectory spills from contemplation of your original question. What gifts you bestow! -x.M

      • Delightful 10th Dimension video! (The short version, albeit) Where does the dimension begin that is where there is no concept? Maybe in dementia… Hmmmm? “serious loss of global cognitive ability” – I think not…or do I? 😉

      • He talks about things going to the state of pure ‘information’ at 8. He also makes a note of how many traditions on this planet use 7 as a sacred number past which wholeness (‘God’) lives. Interesting brain calisthenics!

        No concept is a WONDERFUL concept 🙂 as well. He also uses the idea of our death as a way in to imagining the unknown…

  4. This brain is thoroughly stretched! Now Sagan seems quaint next to the idea that zero is not zero. The artist “formally known as IITDPE…” and her exact polar “known as unintelligent finite who doesn’t drive” don’t cancel each other out – but add together to be equal to or rather to expand within this zero of infinity 🙂 such an explosion of shifts on the journey home. thank you, you (and we) who light matches that turn into infernos into which one can leap and lose a life or more.

  5. So honored to be we’ed with one such as thee :). It is NEVER about me (ok, my she does still attempt a few little coups d’état in touchy areas where buttons challenge allowing the fold of flow fully into the drivers seat), but with more and more practice, I am learning to let the road drive me… the floor to dance me. When I do, oh the places I go and the stunning shapes that get thrown! Get up on the dance floor and burn the house down!!!

    LYRIC ALERT… does she know what she is really saying? Maybe, maybe not, but the truth is found at the level one is ready to know.

    Let your body go with the flow
    All you need is your own imagination
    So use it that’s what it’s for (that’s what it’s for)
    Go inside, for your finest inspiration
    Your dreams will open the door (open up the door)

    It makes no difference if you’re black or white
    If you’re a boy or a girl
    If the music’s pumping it will give you new life
    You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are, you know it

    [chorus, substituting “groove” for “move”]

    Beauty’s where you find it
    Not just where you bump and grind it
    Soul is in the musical

  6. Spiritual promiscuity. I love it.

    The imagining the tenth dimension video is quite amazing. It will take me a while to go through all of the links of interest that popped up. One of the popups even hit on a question that came to my mind “If our 3D universe is locked in seven dimension spacetime, how did it come to be the ‘selected’ universe?” Our thoughts and dreams are also potential universes, but not the universe that is happening now. We are seeing the possibilities, but there is only one universe that is being observed that is considered “now”. This universe supports our exchange of information and everything that we have come to consider now, but it is one of a set of “infinite”** possibilities.

    Another question that comes to mind: “Can we willfully or unknowingly switch (fold) between those 3D or higher dimensional universes?” Silence, right? Truly become the observer.

    Beautiful post. Beautiful writing. A lot to think about. I will have to consider the full movie, but for now my brain is on the floor. BTW, my brain being on the floor and talking to me is actually a possibility within an 8th dimensional universe.

    Thank you for the post and for sharing this information. I also found the 1000 hand Buddha video enthralling as well. I actually was able to dig out some more details on the video and it is called the “Thousand-Hand Guan Yin” (the Bodhisattva of compassion). The more amazing thing is that all of the dancers are deaf.

    ** It is hard for me to say infinite if there are a finite number of particles in the universe. The term infinite is good, but maybe infinitely finite is better.

  7. Such excellent questions! That lead to excellent questions… that lead… lol. I LOVE IT!!!

    Thank you for the link as well! This troupe preformed at the Deaf Olympics, but the video was harder to enjoy on the size of a computer screen. And on this leads to observations shared that lead to more questions… I have always found the fact that there is such a unique thing as ‘deaf culture’ to be a fascinating thing. The way that people who experience the world without hearing, can absolutely teach all of us some very important things about the nature of our reality I think. Sound does some incredibly important things here (have you seen the stuff on sonolumination they are calling
    stars in a jar? -light created with sound and water in controlled cavitation.) That people who do not ‘hear’ the sound more readily end up ‘feeling’ the sound as the wave form of vibration that it travels as fascinates me. I also have come across many blind people who then do the opposite which it is to use the wave forms of sound to ‘see’ with! And on and on go the questions and unfolding of clues as to what all can be going on here as humans in bodies on a planet…..

    As for infinite vs finite… I have been thinking a lot about the idea that just like Guin Yin style, there could be only one finite ‘particle’ that is then unfolding into infinite unique trajectories, but ultimately then is collapsing back into one at a point of singularity again. When one looks at fractals and holograms as underpinning tools for creation, this starts to make sense. It provides the connection within expansion that takes a lot of the woo woo home to a more understandable place for me. It also gives lots of pause for thought about the way we are powering and experiencing our reality from the expansion and explosion paradigms, when really, the contraction and implosion might just give us a better quality of life here as we ride the crest of the wave of creation :).

    Thanks so much BG for taking the time to engage here. I am honored to be part of such conversations.

    Joy on yOur journey! -x.M

  8. M, it’s always a pleasure dancing cheek to cheek with you, in any dimension. 😀
    Thanks for sharing these mind blowing videos, physicists are coming to know what the ancient mystics have known all along. Quantum physics is the science of spirituality, when everything outside points inward. It’s an honor to share the journey with such eloquent travelers. ☼

  9. So glad you are enjoying sharing. The are so many layers available to the living of this life. I too, enjoy the deep divers. -x.M

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