Healing…Openning The Door To Change

As a one who formerly worked professionally as a therapist in an official capacity (at the time in an effort at healing herself first, with some deep educational hoops having been jumped through to do so), I greatly appreciate the multidisciplinary approach of this particular practitioner as she shares her perspectives on the field that I also began my work from.  This particular talk is from a conference on quantum physics(?!):

I linked this particular video in a thread of comments over on the blog Who Is Bert, inspired by this wonderful post, but feel this video contains too many important little living nuggets of wisdom to leave it buried there.  There are a whole slue of interesting replies and other links also listed on Bert’s thread as well, but I will leave them to be discovered by those whose interests include the wanting of a deeper dig.

For anyone who has had the experience of working with a therapist, or for anyone who may be considering seeking some additional help with a challenge now, I think this presentation can help you get to a deeper personal discernment related to what the real therapeutic process is all about.

And just how does one spot people who can actually help ???

I made a joke in Bert’s comments about questioning ones therapist about their personal experiences with your particular issues (which any ethical and wise therapist will initially keep mum about :)!) so I suggest instead to begin by seeking out the therapist to the therapists in your home area. Go to who they see.  Ask around and don’t be afraid to go deep with your own transparency related to your issue.  Honesty is key.  Speaking the truth about your issue will build up a resonance around it that will help create the opportunity for the support to be brought to you on that particular issue.  Sounds a bit too woo woo?  Try saying your issue out loud and follow it up by asking for help and growth to find you.  Then hit google and youtube playing topical roulette.  Watch the informational trajectories unfold in return.  Also, gift yourself the hour and watch the video left above.  I promise you won’t regret it.

When I put on a therapist’s hat, my honest answer at this stage of my game, to anyone seeking help would be this… physician, heal thyself.  This does not mean you cannot ask others for help, but does mean that any true and lasting help and change will always come from within your own awareness first and only can ever be guided by someone or something else acting as an external mirror pointing back inward.

M says: “You can only love someone else as much as you love yourself. You can only understand someone else as much as you understand yourself. You can only give someone else what you can give yourself”.  In my world, this is what makes any real change found through psychotherapy (or anything else!) ever possible.  It is only ever about a therapist’s own level of personal mastery and healing and then their ability to use it to create and hold a healing space for someone else.  This is a wonderful paradox within that professional and educational field which this flight attendant, now as I am called, adores watching play out as she fades into beautiful light. 🙂


(nice little sync to the last post with the e8 nod on the basketball players shirt :))

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5 thoughts on “Healing…Openning The Door To Change

  1. Another voice that also discusses what I have been contemplating in this and the last post. This is a physicist who recognizes the importance of psychology within the picture and as a part of earth school :):

  2. Bravo.. Simply Beautiful!

  3. BTW a very heartfelt thank you and another nomination back to you for both of the awards that say what it means to me. Thank you from my heart inside of yours! CK

    • Such good juju all around. I adore finding words that sparkle as they are spoken from the place of deep, authentic sharing. That S on your chest is all about that. THANK YOU CK! And congratulations for having the courage to do the challenging work that positions one to have the honor of sharing words that can then help others with theirs.

      Keep rocking on and please also give a squeeze from me to Lois :).

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