Sunshine & Sh*t as Humanity Moves House

One of my beloved sisters and also a dear friend are currently in the process of moving house… one 15 minutes away from her current location and one 36 hours away.  As one who as moved more times than I can dare to count… ok, I am going to count… from age 17-30 it was 20 times (this is with different dorms and summer school moves thrown in) and from age 31-43 it has been 12 times that I have moved (counting a few moves when also having 2 homes at once due to work).  PHEW!!!  No wonder I gave everything I once “owned” away some years ago :).

When N and I moved into our first place together, between us we had two suitcases, two cats and an air mattress borrowed from a friend (Nancy, lovely lady, I still have it!  I owe you some $$$ for your having to get yourself a new one the last time you had company!  N & I love you for your generosity and supportive spirit!).

Living lean is a beautiful thing and it has taught me a lot.  Current mantra in the past few years I use as guidance:  When in doubt, throw it out and if you do not need it, seed it (meaning send it to grow and be useful elsewhere!).  OH THE BREATHING SPACE & ENERGY THAT IS FREED UP WITHIN THE EXPANSE OF SIMPLICITY!

Some of the fundamental assumptions we make about how to live as human beings on this planet, create as a result a world that is profoundly broken.  I started in on this thought trajectory with my post The Way It Is, but I have continued on thinking about how to course correct those aspects of living that seem to be so off track.  Might I offer the following to consider which shares some radically shifted perspectives (not really new ideas, but delivered in a thought provoking way):

Well worth a watch. (I will link in the comments a similar talk Tor gave specifically just to chefs related to similar thoughts).

Humanity is getting to the point that we are going to be forced into moving house in the castles of our minds, within our thought processes about civilization… what it fundamentally is and how it works.   I am very interested in my living footprint on the planet, with the choices I make, contributing to real change… not just addressing the symptoms, but by shining light on the true underlying problems.  This is the only place to find real solutions.  The level of architecture of thought and it’s design, is the place that gives birth to intention and it is from these intentions that we go out and create in the world.  One who also is innovating from the level of intention:


So what do we do???

I had a friend approach me about contributing my time to The Water Project.  I couldn’t do it.  It is not wrong, it just does not address the underlying problem of why the wells are needed at this time in the evolution of humanity in the first place.  In my mind it is the way we are living accessing water on the land that is broken, not that we lack water on the planet.  Now, this is NOT saying that I think millions in Africa should suffer as I go over to my kitchen sink to turn on the tap… rather I question that I should be going over to turn on the tap the way I do in the first place.  I am beginning to understand how profoundly it is my lifestyle that is damaging our home.  When I drink in dishonor to the planet, I toast to our death (-a bit dramatic that statement, but it is touching on how deeply I am feeling this…  as a westerner in the lap of false abundance built on the back of lack for others, how do I change?!?)

So is it sh*t and sunshine in a closed system???  Anyone else out there have any thoughts on this topical trajectory?

What can we be doing to be and live the change we want to see?

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6 thoughts on “Sunshine & Sh*t as Humanity Moves House

  1. From the Planting Thoughts Symposium:

  2. A youtube channel I keep my eye on related to some of this:

    One example of what I am contemplating… such beauty and simplicity and SPACE!

    Timeless time. Magic light. Inner most house. Home.

  3. First link in a great series of 5 shows on wild food by one of my favorite bushcraft teachers Ray Mears:

  4. What a treasure of reboot 🙂 Great to listen to voices here while the boxes get filled along with your mantra as “things” are considered for inclusion in the new created living space.

  5. Moving is a bit unsettling for me at times, but in the best ways possible. It always is a wonderful opportunity to assess and weed out the inner garden. With so many moves, I have become what most people would consider brutal when it comes to dealing with things. Their sentimentality and attraction has moved to the level of their inner meaning so very often I am able to let the actual object go.

    I think this is different when one is dealing with things while having children in their life and the fact that objects can hold memory and meaning over time for them in a different way. As I have no children who will ever treasure my sh*t, I have been able to let go of things that if I did have kids, I would most likely have kept… at least long enough for them to be mature enough to decided if they wanted it or not.

    So happy for the evolutions of Ms and the new spaces they are able to create and inhabit because of them. We have come a long way from our boats :). -x.M

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