Conversing With The Moon

The inspiration this for particular post has had a strange trajectory, and as I backtrack the evolution of thoughts, it started here:

This is an excellent video that I started watching as I was asking for answers in my questioning of how to help love our planet into healing without having to lose the comforts of modern life… and all while extending those sustainable comforts to every person on the planet, as well.  This woman and her beautiful mind rather eloquently started talking about having a conversation with nature to find the answers.  She starts communication by looking at bio-mimicry.

Janine’s example of using the “foreplay” of the Western Greeve made me smile:

This then sent my thoughts down memory lane on a trajectory to the times I have had conversations with nature.  In that vault, this was one particular memory jogger:

Before I ever knew who my husband N was, I did something that I call having “conversations with the moon”.  During many of the challenging single years in my life, before meeting N, rather than making a choice to eradicate or self medicate my immediate physical loneliness by say, sleeping around,** instead I would go out on clear nights and howl at the moon :).  I would go out at night and look at the moon and have a silent conversation about my life.

During those single years I meet several nice, good men, but they were people who could not yet meet me on the internal level of awareness that I strive to live externally from.  I usually knew this quite rapidly by their “foreplay” :)… by their day to day choices and their actions which said they couldn’t sustain a relationship with themselves or me, at the level of conscious communication that I knew was possible.  The short of it is that I dated several men full of “potential”.  They were (and still are) excellent men.  They could talk the talk. They taught me however, that only we ourselves can ever activate the actual living from what that potential is.  I could not activate it for them.  We cannot ever walk the walk of the talk for anyone else.

So in conversation with the moon, right at that very same moment, I knew there was a man out there on the planet who could do this… one who could best match my level of aware communication… the current perfection of my imperfections as I was growing, walking OUR talk, too.  He was living and breathing somewhere under that very same moon.  So, I would leave a silent conversation with him on that moon for him to help find me… to have unfold to find him within it’s shared sight.  A bit out there?  Yes.  Do we really believe everything is connected or not?

What is time?  What is distance?  What is real connection?  Are there limitations to these things and how they take place?  Yes there are.  And they are the very exact limitations you think and believe exist.

Are there better ways to live and create on this planet?  Can we achieve a deep level of conversation with others from a place of deep conversation within ourselves?

What do you think?

I would say your answers will tell you what you can experience.  Try talking with the moon.  When the time is right, in my experience, the conversation will eventually unfold back on earth (and with the earth!) as well.  It is how I knew I would marry N having only heard his voice.  You see, it was one I immediately knew.   I had heard it before when conversing with the moon.

Here i am in silence
looking round without a clue
I find myself alone again
all alone with you…
I can see behind your eyes
the things that i don’t know
if you hide away from me
how can our love grow?
I know I could break you down
but what good would it do
i could surely never know
that what you say is true..
here i am in silence
it’s a game i have to play
you and i in silence
with nothing else to say…

~pure energy~



** Thoughts on sleeping around  -Please see the next post which I have written to avoid having the longest footnote ever: Sleeping Around -This Post Continues

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5 thoughts on “Conversing With The Moon

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  2. I instantly had the memory of standing nose to nose at the wailing wall. After the push and jostling to get there, I was utterly surprised by my breakdown once there. Having a wedge of distance from ritual and ceremony at that time, I was taken aback by the sheer force of the volume of little rolled papers full of the amassed energy of the longing of the human species. Your moon as a collecting satellite of communication between the connecting hearts is so powerful, tangible, woo woo and practically intelligent – I send those little white slips of desire in the grouts and grooves of that heavy spot to the moon, along with my own. (Thank you for the wonderful rich explores to fill the sound space as I get to tasks at home.) X! to you by way of the moon 🙂

    • I bask in the reflection of shared delight. Your willingness to engage and share here in return opens such a beautiful conversation on terra firma as well. Such a joy to find one willing to expose and be exposed… and such beauty I find within such seeing eyes.


  3. Very thought provoking post M, I was fascinated by Janine’s talk on bio-mimicry solving today’s toughest problems. It’s so wonderful that you have found “the one”! And answers do come from within when the mind is silent and still. Thanks for sharing your life with us. ♥

  4. So glad you enjoyed 1EU! Bio-mimicry offers much to contemplate on many levels.

    Yes, it was an amazing moment when I found the one… I finally had done enough work that when I looked at the mirror in the moon, I found it was first in relationship with myself!

    Four days later, after that profound moment of realization, I heard my husband’s voice for the first time archived on youtube from an interview he had done on a radio show. I told my sister I was going to marry the man who had that voice. It is a voice that is uniquely his, but upon hearing it as well, my sister said it was like listening to the male, British version of me :). (So very grateful to have a sister who knows herself and me so well :)).

    It is “my” life that is shared here on seeingM, but really the details from this life do not matter. I am not special or important or unique in any way. What is important to me however, is the hows and whys and lessons that can be learned as I think they are very similar for us all. In this way, the only true and lasting gift we ever have to offer others is a portion of our authentic self. That you can see and engage here on that level, makes this M’s heart happy. -x.M

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