LOLing Over My Last Two Posts

Originally the last two posts went up here on this blog by “mistake” from the old copies in the draft file :).  Got to love the universe keeping one humble through unintended errors.

To those delightful souls who read the posts in that befuddled state and were wondering WTF?,  thank you for wading through. I think now I have corrected most of the flowing errors.

Just dancing, grooving and sharing from the heart over here on seeingM today, even if the proofreading and the electronic translation got rather distorted.  🙂

Heart felt thanks.

From, x.M.


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9 thoughts on “LOLing Over My Last Two Posts

  1. Thanks M! This is one of my fav songs ever! I’m so happy you’ve stumbled unto my blog and that I can follow your heart-filled-delights! I love your video chooses. Thank you so much for the feather and fur, Pina…Have a happy Sunday

    • Feather and fur are so much fun I agree! They are such diverse and rich and beautiful coverings offering more comfortable ways into the heart and meat… and YES YES YES the joys of meeting here. -x.M

  2. Larry on said:

    I think that video, in one way or another, covers all the decades since the 60s into the present… Groovy 60s, disco 70s, DJ 80s, 90s rap, etc.! Fun!

    • So happy for fun to be had here on seeingM!

      Love taking a spin around the dance floor here with great minds willing to engage in the form of the loveliness that is called Larry. Happy to be meeting you here, too. I owe Bert over on “Who Is” a big squeeze for the connection, yes?!

      Great moves full of joy to you L, as we take a little spin around the floor together. -x.M

  3. Hey thats just groovy baby! Keep spinnin’ those 33s. 😀

  4. And remember, … groove IS in the Heart!
    Love the vid, the music and the dance.

  5. Yes, for me, it is next to impossible to not feel a bit heart happier when this song is heard. x

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