Sleeping Around -last post continued

**And continuing from what originally started as a footnote on the last post Conversing With The Moon:

I would like to note publicly that I do not judge others who choose to “sleep around”.  I do not necessarily see doing that as “bad” or “wrong”, only very limiting.  I too, know what it is when focused on at my height of 5’9″, to be taken for a wild ride around the dance floor by a man, who at 6’4″, could make some aammaazzing moves with the Greek statue of a specimen that he physically inhabited.  But what happens when one opens up to speak with what can be seen then as the Adonis or Aphrodite structure of a human mouth?  Who and what is it that is actually doing the speaking as one moves at that height on that dance floor?  Does the look and shape of the mouth itself actually have anything to do with giving rise to the words spoken?!

(this particular video requests to be watched on youtube… take mouse and hover over youtube logo and click to watch)


For me, the acid test of true and expanding human intimacy is not ever about who one can sleep with (biologically speaking there are many layers of attraction… see comments section below for an interesting documentary about the science of this).  The fact is that I can walk into almost any bar in the world and walk out having found a man who most likely would have sex with me.  For me, however, the real deeper meaning of the human relationship has always been about finding one who can speak with me… communicating from the deeper, authentic inner understanding of who and what they are.  In my experience, this has been FAR rarer… and although is not precluded from being found at a bar, is that what most other people enter places like that with the intention and hope of finding? And so the joke goes: Two turtles walk into a bar and… (there is some inner and outer shell laugh floating somewhere close by) lol.

The highest and most precious expression of physical of intimacy, for me as a human being, is then not who I can sleep with, but who I can authentically speak with.

The physical human body eventually goes back to the worms (well at this level of understanding it does).  Because of this, for me, it is the part that communicates using the body that is worth focusing the most on.  You can touch with your hand, OR you can touch with the energy that is giving life to that hand using it as a tool for it’s expression.  In my experience, once you touch and have been touched from the depths of that inner connection place, just sleeping together after the ability to share any old handshake will never do again.  🙂

I was raised in a tradition that said that having sex was a sacred act only to be done within the bonds of the deepest love (they would also have said marriage).  Why was this???  It was not only about the potential for creation of new life, but also creating a place for experiencing parts of the deepest sharing one can do with another human being.  The ring of truth behind that way of being was so strong for me, that at that time, I actually married my first husband before even having ever slept with him!                               <~~~ Space left there for the moment of pause this revelation usually causes most people. 🙂  It is a space in the conversation which usually has an accompanying look from the other person that asks just what century or Jane Austin novel were you living from there, M?!    -lol-   For me this is not about some judgement of “sin” with it’s accompanying right or wrong,  nor is about denial or repression related to sex and sexuality.  I do not kiss and tell in public, but in my life when total freedom is found within, it can then be found outside.  In a connection of pure love rooted first past the physical, this has resulted in the fact that there are now some discrete corners and coat closets out there on this planet with fun tales to tell if their walls could talk. 😉

Using this way of valuing the world and what I can find to experience in it, the real conversation for me has become about the evolution of human beings from within.  Saving of our planet has become about energy connecting with energy using the human body and its movement and creation in the world around it as the tools to express the connection.

If one has shared themselves physically in a casual or non-conscious way before, or if one has had what can be the overwhelming challenge of physical abuse of any form, within this evolution of understanding, these experiences can be transformed.  Anytime we physically share with anyone else from an unconscious state, whether it is our own or is forced on us by theirs, we have the opportunity going into our future to change the energetic expression behind any physical act.  ANYTIME we learn to touch and share from what I would call (at this level) our inner energy of being unconditional love, it has the power to heal, gifting insight and understanding.  Touching and being touched from this place of awareness has the power to make one whole again and again and again. The body can be forcibly touched against our will from the place of pain, but that is all.  No one and no thing can ever violate the truth of what you are inside the form you use to live and move in the world from.  You need never suffer again once you understand you are untouched in that way.  You are empowered to transform any experience from the deeper truth of any event.  Our purity is inviolable.

It is not possible to ever create or pass on physical trauma in the human body when one is touching or remembering from the place of the energy that is creating the hand that is doing the touching and remembering in the first place… (this is M’s Mentat sentence inspired by Dune). Those who have lived through physical attacks or who have repeatedly shared their body without this awareness or deep love being present by their own choice, are uniquely in a position to understand this dynamic in a profound way.  Because they have had the challenging experience of it’s absence, once they grok* this, I have found these people can become (just by their touch in truth!) some of the most powerful and amazing healers on this planet.  It is through their awareness and their touch and in the living of their lives that the inner and outer expression of experience is given massive amounts of clarity.  This is not in spite of, but because they have lived with so intimately experiencing the difference!

Gracious… my capacity to go off an tangents is epic!!!

Getting back to the original flow of thoughts however.. later, after I began questioning the truth of the actual whys behind the deeper wisdom of not sleeping around (past the limitations and external layers of the constructs of any religious dogma), this is when I looked to science –neurology, physiology, and biology as a whole.  From there I went past the observable physical into the micro levels… including quantum physics and it’s language of mathematics.  And to be kissed by one who is doing so using the awareness of the energy that is moving the lips, can send ones head actually spinning and spilling!

…So on to focusing on vortex and torsion field contemplations I went.  I looked at and studied research in all of these areas and found the beginnings of answers to the whys that have led to more questions!   However, for me it has taken the truth of this wisdom of not sleeping around out of the realm of limitation and control or religious woo woo voodoo and has placed it squarely in the lap of the natural and organic energetic designs that we may be.  For me it is like discovering the codes creating the hardware at the root operation levels of being human.

So starting with bio-mimicry in the last post and ending somewhere near the bedroom?  Kiss me quick, walk on water with me and let’s talk to the moon discovering more past our current thought limitations about experience!

And to end with a laugh (hopefully), the partner that you need to communicate with first is always within yourself and then is shared outside.  It is the same with any partner that is found outside, too!  This is the only way to ever truly get close to sharing anything.  The moon gets this.  Dr. Ruth gets the next layers pretty much right, too  -and turtles moving from the bar to the bedroom?  Well, I agree with Oscar.  It gives a good way to end talking about what could be perceived as a hard truth to swallow, with a chuckle.

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7 thoughts on “Sleeping Around -last post continued

  1. The Science of Sex Appeal (about physical attraction):

  2. Some additional resources that have been interesting to investigate on my journey. I am not sharing as truth, just as places I began conversing with the moon about and with those I found waiting for me there:


    harder to watch as the voice and image are out of sync, but still some interesting information:


    Heartmath -organization not as THE answer, but as observers of so much of what my religious tradition was on about, but from a scientific perspective:


    Good quantum mechanics/physics primer:


    Physics with potential application to relationships:

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  4. So much here in the past few days, M; I’m really enjoying traipsing down different paths of exploration that you are putting out there at a spacious (ear) time in my life. The Spirit Science videos had been on my radar, but I gave some more attention to them today – and I was interested in the chart in section 8 about the human layers, listed from core self, animal sub-self, conscious mind, human mind external, human mind role, and others thoughts of the self. Just like so many mappings, there is always something to be gleaned from each way of viewing just what a human consists of. This particular slant is timely for me in seeing the outer/inner masked layers of the self in the dance with “others” which seems to be coming up for review – AGAIN – on the cusp of the clarity for creating something new! no accidents with the push of the publish button 🙂 for the aligning of space, information, heart sends and motion! Thank you for dancing with me in the now, dear friend! XX!m

    • Yes, the videos do organize things to contemplate in an interesting way. I enjoyed some reminders and exposure to some areas that, for me, were worth taking a deeper peek. I also had some smiles over the thoughts of external reminders having certain powers… in my world this is true, but how much better when one internalizes their meaning and can use thought to do the same thing. Is it the color in the bath that does something or is it the thought about the color being in ones bath?! lol There is a danger for replacing one crutch for another. So for me, it is tool as teacher and teacher is only ever such if it empowers and eventually sets the student free of needing itself.

      So glad you are enjoying. Constructs to hang ones hat on for a moment as we travel on down the road. For me, a bit of woo woo (which I personally can most days find fun and humorous), but also with some interesting meat. x.M

  5. “For me, however, the real deeper meaning of the human relationship has always been about finding one who can speak with me… ”
    Amen sister, and rarer still, someone you can be comfortably silent with. ♥
    Thanks for sharing your extensive life experiences and thought provoking videos. Blessings M, seems like we share the same fascinations in life!

    • Such an eloquent reminder of the deeper dive :). There is a Depeche Mode song that comes immediately to mind rather dating my bones, but still making me smile at the lessons learned in my youth… yes, yes, enjoy the silence.

      I am happy that any hard won wisdom can be passed on for contemplation by others. It is a snapshot of a point of time in thought on the path. Many evolutions exist and provide deeper contemplations as well. Thank you for taking the time to reflect and respond here. To sit within oneself and with someone else in the state of no distraction is a sacred and holy place to be I completely agree.

      Time’s knife slides from the sheath,
      as a fish from where it swims.

      Being closer and closer is the desire
      of the body. Don’t wish for union!

      There’s a closeness beyond that. Why
      would God want a second God? Fall in

      love in such a way that it frees you
      from any connecting. Love is the soul’s

      light, the taste of morning, no me, no
      we, no claim of being. These words

      are the smoke the fire gives off as it
      absolves its defects, as eyes in silence,

      tears, face. Love cannot be said.

      -Rumi 🙂


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