Bacon, Bras, Brunch (& Bella Chella)

I once arrived at my sister’s home after having caught a late flight only to discover that I had not brought with me a nude color bra needed to be worn under the white summer whatever it was that had been packed for attending an event scheduled early the next day.  You see, I have that strange type of employment that requires (in writing!) that ones undergarments be of a dark, solid color matching the outer work uniform.  This, and the fact that traveling is easier when done mostly with dark dirt disguising colors, means most clothing I own tends to be items that also will work while working (I suppose there is some wisdom in this, just in case one should ever suffer a wardrobe malfunction during a safety demo in the middle of the aisle while 150 people watch on).  At times however, I must confess that I feel I spend my life dressed like a skull hawk moth of death sweeping out of NYC into the color saturated world.  In recent years I have however, branched out into wearing interchangeable colorful scarves thrown into the black & grey practical mix.

Self portrait of M on the road:


Thus, the next morning found me arising early to head out to the local 24 hour Walmart for the quick purchase of said needed nude bra (this was the only choice of shop open at an unforgivingly early hour).  This left me just enough time to make the purchase, to get ready and to still be on time for… I honestly in this moment can’t remember what we had going on.  On my way out the door to the shop, I asked my sister if she wanted me to pick up anything for her.  After thinking for moment she said that some bacon to include in a quick breakfast when I got back might be nice.

So it is was at 6am on that random Sunday morning I found myself watching a nude colored bra and a package of bacon, framed strikingly against a black background, travel side by side together as they moved down the conveyor belt at the checkout register.  It was a surreal moment for me.  What an incredibly strange purchase combination.  I feel this must have been what it was like to shop back at an old general store in the wild west.  The only thing that was missing was the spot in the back corner of the building where there also would have been found a barber, who for an additional quarter, could have pulled a bum tooth.  🙂

The world we live in today, at times to me, can seem rather a bizarre place to be.  With all our modern advancements, what have we actually achieved?   The purchase of pork and unmentionables again in a one stop shop.  Humm…  ???

Today found on my absolutely, finally must be done to do list, was the need for the purchasing of another new bra.  But, this time it is a replacement one for work.  I am NOT a big shopper and honestly I had been putting this outing off and off and off.  Knowing of the motivational challenge in this area, my husband (being the gem that he is) took me out to brunch first as a little incentive treat for my tackling the dance of the to dos today.  He took me out to have brunch at an excellent new find in our city.

I am a Hulu closet watcher of the TV program Grimm.  I actually do not really enjoy the story of the show that much, but I am loving seeing and finding wonderful little location gems that they use in the program as they shoot in and around the city of Portland, OR.  Zell’s Cafe is one such spot.


Zells Portland

Grimm inside ZellsGrimm shooting at the cafe

It looked charming on the show and it is in person as well.  And the food…

rhubarb and eggs

…well, it is absolutely delicious.  It is always packed out with people often waiting for a table,  so one must go early or be prepared to wait.  It is well worth it though.  A day with rhubarb German pancakes, Eggs Benedict and a new black bra?  The combination made for another interesting morning out.

Anyone else out there have any favorite brunch loves or surreal shopping moments lately?



Header picture for this post is one of my stunningly beautiful friend, Chella.  She currently works as a model based out of NYC.  Her true beauty streams straight from the heart and she uses her work to give so much back to help women on the planet as well.  My life has been incredibly enriched by knowing her.  It is beauty using beauty to be truly beautiful!

(Chell… I miss living full time in NYC for the facilitating of our spontaneous catch up brunches!  Oh, the joys of Caravan of Dreams, Kitchenette or Odeon. Is it a date in that NYC minute?!  Soon, soon I hope.  -xou.M)

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3 thoughts on “Bacon, Bras, Brunch (& Bella Chella)

  1. The beautiful women of Curves for Change:

  2. I used to LOVE Brunch..I think I still do but I just never get a chance to do it anymore…maybe because I have a very narrow definition of what a good brunch is for me: 1) Brunch is only for Sundays or on the very rare special occasions, Saturday 2) I am often in the mood to try everything, so I need a buffet style brunch or else 3) where are the mimosas? 4) either all alone or with really good friends — brunch is no time for idle getting to know someone chatter …

    I’ve lived this close to NYC for three years now and have yet to enjoy Brunch in the city — the Hedonist in me is ashamed.

  3. It is wonderful to see where one can allow the expansion of definitions in their lives and then to watch the new possibilities of experience that are opened up into! I have lived in the west and worked in the east for the past two years. Unfortunately this reduced one of the great cities of my heart (NYC) to the need for errands I quickly run and an airport I hit a few days a month for work :(.

    Because of this, I and many of my friends who live and fly in from all over the place now do something called “virtual brunches”. We will head out and treat ourselves wherever we are in the world, with whoever can physically meet up, and then we report back on our shares from our current location, along with any catch up news. I miss miss miss the face to face, but am enjoying exploring the deeper connections that can be found when the energy, rather than the physicality, of the experience is the focus! (I started doing something similar to this with my husband many years ago before we were married when there were months that required he be in England and me in the USA –we had long distance date nights!)

    The sensualist in me solutes the hedonist in you with the encouragement to play hookie the very next time you get the chance and give yourself a treat! Sneak into the city for a bite and share it with those you can! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to virtually join you if you would allow the share! Then next fall, when things calm down for me a bit on my needing to be in the west coast schedule, I would love to do the dance eastward for some deliciously idle get to know you better chatter (at the non sacred time of say, lunch:)?) somewhere face to face in that iheartNY city in the east! Blogging gives me so many gifts. So glad you found your way here to seeingM. -x.M

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