So the Garden Grows

The work of art that is M in motion in the world is growing and shifting.  After what has seemed to be a long wait, I have finally begun to feel the pull to express, create and share a in new way.  It seems as if the heart is requesting a slight shift in venue or platform to more tangibly give voice to and communicate the actual flow of presence as it is experienced in the world through me.  Yes, that last sentence is M and her Rumi speak at it’s finest.  If I had a dime for every time my sweet husband has turned to me and requested a translation of my descriptions into simple English, I would have enough money that we could just about retire :).

So speaking plainly for the moment, here on seeingM, the pause button is going to be pressed as I work on a dive into a little expression upgrade.  It is too soon to tell exactly what that will actually look like here, but whatever it is, in this moment I do know two things:

It will be beautiful.

It will still be at it’s foundation all about empowering remembering.



It is a warm summer night as I type this.  As I sit, I can hear humanity in the midst of Friday night merriment in the city as the sound drifts in on the breeze coming through my open window.  I am working right now.  More importantly it is THE work I am focused on.  I am working on and within myself.  However, rather than lamenting being on the clock and these moments being alone, rather tonight I find when I remember, they bring every bit of the joy that my fellow travelers are currently experiencing outside as they move into their weekend of leisure.

Just a few nights ago as well, my work took me to a coveted high floor corner hotel room just as the sun was setting, casting golden pink light throughout the room and on city below.  I sat in the tear producing splendor of such hard light and looking out those windows however, I found myself in a state of remembering the profound sorrow and suffering that can come when we watch ourselves and others forget.  And just what is it that is forgotten?  It was a poignant reminder for me of how painful it can be to seem lost in the unreality of normality and it’s limiting expectations.  It was a room full of confusion about who we are and what is happening here.  It was getting lost by forgetting that we are our own map. With my whole heart the next morning I left that room wanting to leave a neon lit path to the ever present secret garden out of that pain… out of illusion… for myself (because there are still huge moments I need reminding) and for anyone else also working within themselves, too.

Yes, I am definitely feeling it is time to leave some of the Rumi-esk-ness of seeingM for a moment and to speak in plain English. I am Maren and this is my husband Neil**… and the directness of this voice gives a little snapshot and peek in clarity at some ways of beginning a conversation about remembering just what may be growing here:


This particular presentation begins with some VERY basic introduction information as it was a talk given to a greatly mixed audience.  It also shares some of the story of M & N that is old news now, but is still interesting to contemplate (especially in those moments when in our pain, we all become tempted to self medicate and to stop feeling by burning the bridges of the heart)…  and yes, the field featured is the one where my husband and I met each other in person for the first time.  We found ourselves face to face meeting literally physically standing in a paradox.  Oh, the unspeakable joy of standing in the powerful bridge that can be built by the heart!

With this post, I am openly telling myself that it is time for my voice to find it’s wings with more directness and transparency.   I am excited for what is coming.  I am not exactly sure what it is, but I do know it is amazing.  I can sense the germination deep in the soil of the garden and I am beginning to get a heady scent from the loveliness of what is coming on the breeze.

I look forward to sharing what is found awaiting remembering here on seeingM.

Until then, much joy sent to the summer bounty growing in the corners of the adventure of anyone finding themselves reading here.  (And to my sweet N, it was time :)).


** A request for discretion:


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2 thoughts on “So the Garden Grows

  1. I look forward to bearing witness to your expression upgrade. Your husband’s name looked familiar to me, so I had to go to my external memory. Sure enough I have ran across or over him in my wanderings.

    I hate to say that I have not dug deep into his works, but I plan to start with the video in your post.

    Thank you for sharing, and best wishes and love on your evolution.

    • How fun to find such a connection! No pressure or need ever to dig deep caused by our association. On my side, just felt it was time to let my love of the vergoian flavored delivery out of my aquarian lensed bag.

      Hope you are having much joy on the waters as the summer is progressing in your corner of the world. -x.M

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