Expressing Without Words

I have been thinking a lot about words lately (and the irony is that I use words to do this thinking).  I have been thinking about the difference between communicating with them in the written form vs the spoken.  I have been contemplating what it is to effectively share and communicate visually just using  images… or to communicate completely using just feelings and sounds themselves (as my Zen master of a cat Luke does) or as a composer of music can.

Is it possible to blog effectively without using words? (And just what does blogging effectively mean to me anyway?)  Part of my trajectory down this contemplation was sparked by seeing this:


Did you notice a difference to the way you felt seeing the same scene with and without the words?

Can words actually contribute to our feeling of living in isolation and pollution or is it the intent behind them that creates the impact?

Are they little reality generators born of indoctrination enforcing expectation or is something more magical happening with their intonation and inscription here?

Are they the things that make the story of living seem to solidify?


I move my mouth while breathing and out comes sounds that we in the English speaking world agree mean something.  I move my fingers on a keyboard and squiggly lines appear here that once were those sounds now in solid form that we also agree have meaning…  delicious to read and say in the mind words like:

–  effervescent –

–  languid –

–  mellifluous  –

–  redolent –

–  talisman  –

… or words that describe our lives, like the fact that upon meeting my husband I turned cheiloproclictic (and no this condition does not require a cream to cure it, however from time to time I do find that I enjoy a nice balm of minty bee wax to ease the symptoms).  It does not take a word to feel that way, but does finding one to describe it do anything to enhance the state of being?

I am currently doing the work of formulating ways of experimenting with communicating using words creatively which is turning out to be not using them at all at times.  I have gone weeks at a time before in silent meditation retreats, but this was done in controlled and contained environments.  What about doing this while moving about into the day to day flow of life?

Here shortly in my part of the adventure there will be days without turning to words externally in my home and to the best of my ability as I move about in the world… and days of communicating in silence without written words here on this blog.  I am feeling the pull to start experimenting creating using the spoken and visual rather than the written word.

Should be interesting to see how things evolve in this little world of mine and as it does, I will do my best to share what I find created in my outstretched silent embrace.

Sealing this post with a silent…

kussen sei

taken from a love letter to N sealed with an anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis oris muscles contracting -in Mac New York City Apple lippy (my 2 year old niece’s word for lipstick :))

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6 thoughts on “Expressing Without Words

  1. I use fewer words than I used to – sometimes it can be taken for disinterest, which it isn’t, but explaining so hardly seems to have an effect… Be well~

  2. Although I was tempted to respond to your reply without any words… 😉 :

    On a blog that is a great collection point of wisdom I read a compliment today that I find completely delicious: “exquisite listener” …a reality one can only develop by using fewer words themselves.

    With the recent avian passing in your world, you might enjoy the full post so I will link here:

    Being well right back at you. -x.M

  3. ( ) Which is to say 🙂 and tingly joyful anticipation! – Through a longish spell of laryngitis, I had such a feeling of peace and connection with the easy exit out of speaking – and an awareness of the heightening of my listening and connecting ears. Here with you – shadowing the life experiment. Bow to your exquisite wordcrafting as you push beyond. X!m

  4. I have been procrastinating the pull of feeling a need of expanding my creative process into the audio and visual arena. Been feeling the tug for a bit and yet I cannot motivate myself to do the foundational prep needed to move forward… so, I publicly gave myself some pressure here on the blog in an attempt to motivate moving forward on the project (IT ISn’T WoRKinG -lol). ,

    Last night N was speaking with me about this after some hours of productive nonproductivity on the couch after dinner. He then went off to attend to his to dos and I stayed with the conversation about my procrastination with myself. I thought of the light and air captures I currently have awaiting editing (little video clips I made). I thought OK… enough excuses….BUT, I would like to find some words to go with them so I googled air and light. I KID YOU NOT, this is the first thing I got:

    The universe loves me while still having a way of kicking me in the pants at the same time. The bum is a bit bruised, but the excuses are running out. “Something” is attempting to come through the expression that is me (not really from “me”) and it is getting a bit impatient. Free will still, but with a little karmic kick attached.

    Loves Lady, -x.M

  5. A Bukowski Bruised Butt! That is an engraved invitation, haha. Intuitively feels right on – opening a door into a new, but still dark room, feeling for the light switch on the wall; how else can we get away from the same old, same old – what comes in when parts fall away? I’d push you in ahead of the rest of the Scooby Doo Team for what has been knocking at your door – you first, M 🙂

  6. This resonates strongly with me M. Words have their place, but I’d vote yes for removing the amount of words we see, especially involuntarily. The first time I visited Vermont as an adult, I immediately noticed the difference; they have an anit-billboard law, which suits me just fine.
    Talk about distracted driving! If I were really to divert my attention away from the road for every billboard I pass, I’d certainly be a road hazard.
    Perhaps too, we’d hear more if we talked less. Thanks for directing me over here today!

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