Hello My Name Is…

Welcome to another little peek from my little corner of experiencing in the world today at seeingM.  As an aide to help with more accurately assisting you to see the view from where I am finding myself sitting more and more often, I offer up this as a little experiential tool to visually help describe the feeling without the limitation of words:

It is like I am surfing in a human body on the cutting edge of a world that once was spinning round, but now feels a bit dizzing* of ride on the enfolding and unfolding of a rotating tesseract cube.  I am mapping myself to the edge of my equivalent of current flatlander awareness limitations.  This expanding awareness brings back with it a view these days, where I am becoming very very careful about the very words I then turn and choose to use when I am communicating about myself.

*(dizzy looking in or is that out or is that in -lol- when I cling to the idea that the eye focused on seeing being is “mine” 🙂 )

Hello, my name is Maren and I am…


I look: X       I sound: X       I taste: X       I smell: X       I feel: X

(edit:  I think I finally fixed the “X” so that the links will open now… inner tech coming on line as the outer technophobia is transmuting 🙂 )

Where am I sourcing the descriptions of who and what I am to pull words from? Is it from being the truth that is to be found sourced from inside or outside of me?  Is there really an inside and outside to be in experience from?


I am __?__ …


The where’s, what’s, how’s and why’s of the words that I next think, speak or write in answering that question is done as if I am a magician casting a magic spell.  What is chosen does a freeze frame of shorts that creates the experience of time… they mark a spot on a map and take a snapshot of my current way of “being” Maren and of what Maren “thinks”  and “feels” describing “Maren” in the flow of time. It is the deeper truth of the current access to Maren’s inner world spilling outside for all her world to see.

These are the words… reality generating, reality creating words that I use to give myself and any person a tool – -something to use in an external exchange while in this level of communication with me.  They are then parameters and guidelines to identify and to attempt to connect with each other and to understand my understanding of “me”.   They inform how I experience the world, and in turn give to other people an outer map in that world with an invitation to come back home inside me.  They are clues left as guides -they are initial filters I offer up to myself and to you.

We do this to help ourselves “and other people” 🙂 navigate to the level of our current point of discovery on a shared map, giving ourselves and them instructions as to the way I would like myself and them to experience and treat me….  it is saying to them, “I am thinking I am…. _______________ (this) AND SO I AM, so in return please treat me ______________ (that way) AND SO THEY DO!

In this way of thinking, the words we use to describe and to talk about ourselves are like little experiential generators of potential… as well as also being little experiential cages of sorts.  The words I use to define myself to myself and to you both allow and then do not allow my ability to do and be in the world.

So lets take a look at how I introduce myself to the world at this little electronic sanctuary, we call a personal blog.

One fun place to start, is by looking at my blogging profile or with the words that are attached to my gravatar — just now originally mistyped that word as “gravatas” lol….  (pause for a moment in my writing flow so I can go to take a look at what I wrote, because it is so many years ago now, that I honestly can’t remember exactly what my beginning advertisement to the world said  -lol!)

Oh, yes… it was this:



Life through the eye of M… sharing the view… remembering stillness while in motion… dancing with words and the abundant void peeking through each post at

Choose a picture and see what view you gift you.


What does this introduction in words advertize and share with the world about how the person named “Maren” sees herself and the world around her?

What are you broadcasting to the world about the way you experience yourself and the world you create with your “abouts” and profiles?  Hello my name is_:)__


The actual formats we chose to hang our blogging words on also have the ability to speak volumes.  Mine was created for sharing using pictures… just snapshots that weren’t meant to link directly or easily to a bigger story or bigger picture.  With hindsight of my now, I realize this was subconsciously done those years ago because telling my story of who I am was not important to me.  What was more important to me is what my story told here could tell you, the reader, about yourself :).  What pictures are you drawn to visually to begin the process of reading from … chosen without any words …thus, initially creating a place for you to use the inner reality generator past words to make the choice :).

What does your choice of blog format tell you and the world about you? (there are NO better or worse answers here… no better or worse ways doing doing and expressing… creation comes from intent and all else are just “personal” preference tools).

What is the language not in polarity, past duality, past words that can be used to experience what it is to live externally from the inner landscape?  How does one ride the shape of the tesserate cube which our words here cannot describe and then not seem to go/be crazy when the feet come back to the roundness of earth? What happens when the “rules” of what can and cannot be done and how it can and cannot be done in the reality of earth experience start to become only as static as we CAN think they are… mirror melting, black cat in the Matrix moments out there happening for anyone else?

So, it is not hello my name is…  scratch those words and let’s expand:

NAMASTE, our name is…

a piece of the divine spark reaching out to another piece of the divine spark reading and meeting as it is expressed as Maren at this little electronic sacred space called seeingM.  The intent with it’s creation is the remembering of the who what why how where that we all are as intelligent infinity test drives planet earth.

I feel I am on the cusp of opening my front door at home one day and when I go to walk inside, it will be a portal into a completely world 🙂

Welcome home.

Neverland real and found right here, just by the human body walking through the same door opened just one different thought away?  And just like with the flatlanders, “those” who can see from that expanded view watching over us, in us,  round us, thru us, as us from that place that the words used here cannot speak of…  I can “see hear taste smell feel” them cheering in the expanded silence beyond the words.  I feel a deep comfort at a different thought about what my name actually is and what it means to be heading home. What is possible in a thought without words?

Be seeing you there.
Be seeing you.
Be seeing.

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9 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is…

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Great sphere vid. Thanks for sharing!

    • So glad you enjoyed. Just a little bit of fun to visually absorb as potentials unfold. It springs right back at you from night runs over the hills and through the woods of the mind, in that beautiful state of freedom while, finding the pack as we sing with the moon. -x.M

  2. Solve for X if: seeingm = x(infinity)
    scribble, scribble, cross out, heart sign, scribble, scribble,
    ( M stinks pretty:) joke. BE the letters B and E floating now above my paper,
    the I floating out of the chair.
    xxoo! Such pointing!

  3. Beautiful teacher are you. Amazing witnessing presence. Deep diver surfacing with pearls of wisdom and the courage to share. We stink extraordinarily lovely as we all learn to float back together :). -x.M

  4. I love it later when from within the family pinging points gathering, one finds the following beautifully shared uniqueness on the same trajectories. alert alert alert… syncing of syncs. lol LOVE the Watts and the Avetts songs (one in comments, too) links shared. Enjoy.

    Yes, those X marks the spots with words on these blogs are working. So, hello to all family and friends who are learning to remember and gather home within the silence of the shared name. -xo.M

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