Change Within The Spiral of Creation

I offer a quick trip to one midway point within the current truth of the way we are choosing to live upon our planet… a little road trip to what is currently happening today at one of the most remote places on our planet, Midway Island:

Allowing the seeing, thinking and feeling of the full responsibility for and impact of our creations by the choices of the way we are currently using the natural resources on this planet is of paramount importance for producing real change at this stage of the game called Earth life.  Do we have the courage to experience the quality of our actual destruction past just the nebulous quantifying of if?

For me, real change is all about a process of witnessing what is happening as it is happening and then allowing what is seen to illicit an honest feeling from within it (said many times here before, but well worth saying again: trying to feel ok when one is not ok, does nothing whatsoever to move one toward actually being ok).

When I look around in the world, there is often profound grief initially to be felt when seeing the repeated death of what were the living canaries in our collective coalmine.  When I look to see with those eyes of truth, then it is about using feeling their death to honor their sacrifice by having the courage to do the work I need to then transform this experience into real change.  If you change:

change behavior  =  you are an activist

change thought  =  you are an advocate

change feeling  =  you are an artist

change consciousness  =  you are a creator

We are killing our planet.  We are killing all life birthed on it.  However, it is not too late to change this.  Once we understand that we are doing this from within our experience, it is never too late to get closer to the core, to the source points where deep and lasting change can come from.

It is possible to make the current deserts of our external reality bloom again by becoming the change we want to see. This is the deep alchemy available within us all to touch the creation points as the creators of the experience ourselves.   It is to look upon our creations and feel the pain transformed by the power of love that we are. Then, rather than just applying bandages by changing actions, thoughts and feelings (which only ever can address the symptoms), we become the awareness of creation birthing change from within the experience to begin with.

We feel what we feel and then we birth what it will birth.  I too feel the pain, but I choose to let it lead to my expanding consciousness by accepting my role as it’s creator and then changing my creation.  Grief into beauty.  Terror into joy.  All fueled by the love that we are.

And on this front, from the place of my contemplations at home today, may I re-offer the beginning point in understanding, with it’s accompanying prayer as shared by Chris:

                   “May (y)our lives be filled with grief and terror and beauty                    and joy and love”.  -C. Jordan

And adding another voice, continuing the message on, full of what I find to be profound hope:

    “The spiral of creation is not static.  It is a living, evolving, emergent system    of extreme creativity.” -N. Kramer

May we enjoy being part of the infinite changes while exploring in the world of experience today.  -x.M


zoomed in detail from red box in header picture for post:

close up of trash mosaic

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7 thoughts on “Change Within The Spiral of Creation

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Thanks M, I am the Spiral, I am the Change, I am the Creation.

  2. Gyre on, yes spinning and dancing creation on. Very much enjoying consuming the thoughts in “Theory of Origin…”.

    Have been chuckling over a post brewing in my minds eye entitled “Lets Talk About ÇD + Ⓓ  Ç2D + 2Ⓓ  Ç4D Baby” lol 🙂 -x.M

    • Erik Andrulis on said:

      Lol, missed that response until now; hey that’s the hapcellulogyre and dipcellulogyre, otherwise known as the haploid and diploid cell cycles. (A cycle goes gyre when you go from 3D to 4D don’tcha know. ;P

      • “Going Gyre” would make a wonderful name for an album now wouldn’t it? I will write a track called “Stinking Pretty” or “Dirty White Pants”. I think I would call the band “Fragrant Disaster”. lol.

        Hope all is well afoot in yOur world.


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  4. Although I feel the intent to be part of the change, and have changed some personal habits because of not wanting to part of the devastation, I also know that it’s not enough. What would our lives look like if we were living a life in a sustainable world?
    Thanks M, for a powerful reminder.

    • Loving the Hillman and additional peeks into your world. SOOOOO much afoot in mine that even the comments here have been neglected. Thanks for the read and always the words of support and encouragement. -x.M

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