This Post Was Written By YOU

I adore opening my blog reader and discovering the flow in all the daily posts for those I follow.  More and more recently, I am finding the land of syncs exploding from within the individual lives of the people who are so generously sharing from their corners of the adventure.

Today there has been a looking at loss by one whose Papa-san has transitioned on to the next adventure, a reminding of the love affair with despair and dancing frantically with several Sufi poets in response.  There has been beauty in grief and feelings of the place of forlorn. There also has been the inspiration of not just somewhere, but the concept of somewhen*!!! … a feeling I have had with a few treasured people during my life and what a wonderful word to create for the experience.   *(The Chinese have a very similar word “yuanfen“, which I also adore!)

These are wonderful reminders that we are alone in this together.  Those who are writing from and in seemingly separate experiences, are more and more showing our links in the weaving together of words here.   It is unique story details for us all, but the sharing of the exact same feeling textures being covered.

Thank you for this.

And from just one specific snapshot today, a gift of Rumi in return over on Awake in 365:

A person must be moved with passion and yearning
for them to tell the wine from the cup.
This is the same as someone who is hungry,
who hasn’t eaten for ten days,
and another who has eaten five times a day.

Both see a loaf of bread.
The full one sees only more food,
but the hungry person sees life, itself.
To the hungry, this bread is a goblet,
and the life it brings is wine.

Such wine cannot be known
except through hunger and yearning.
Acquire this appetite so you will not only
see the appearances of form,
but will find the Beloved everywhere.


Such wonderful courage and remembering of seeing the beloved everywhere through the eyes each of you share with me.

!!!We are amplifying exponentially!!!

Profound thanks to anyone who finds themselves reading this and for allowing a place for witnessing on the journey while being home here at seeingM.


(closing her day today with an evening bow of gratitude while loving the pebbles electronically shared underneath her toes! thus covering everyone who has graciously gifted her today so far in the in box).

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10 thoughts on “This Post Was Written By YOU

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Maren. May your toes tread the Universe and carry back stars.

  2. “Acquire this appetite so you will not only
    see the appearances of form,
    but will find the Beloved everywhere.”
    Ahhh, big YES from me. It can be hard to make room for appetite, easy to live mindlessly, but very rewarding to practice.
    Love your thoughts here and I so agree that spending some time reading the delightful offerings of the people I follow has/is changing me and yet bringing great joy to my life to feel the synchronicity of our thoughts and lives. Thank you for expressing these wonderful thoughts!!!

    • It is nice to be gifted tangible, experiential anchors for floating thought to stop at from time to time. I am loving the currently birthed connection points hitting my radar. The words we most need seem to so gracefully find us when we allow them to. Appreciating yours shared here today. Welcome to seeingM. I am looking forward to sharing the view. -x.M

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… 😀 Yes, this is showing up more and more! Thank you for including us all, as we include You! tomas ♥

  4. M!

    We need these continual reminders of our interconnection. Thank you for being a vessel that brings life.

    • Thanks K! What we can currently see in others is what we also are :).

      May the hands touch for good (and what this “good” is and can unfold in many ways within duality). May the life that is brought be a living example of the mastering of emotional alchemy… grief and beauty combined into the transcendence of the freedom to be found past the swing of judgement. Allowing what is to be with an eye that sees and sends love in return, no matter what the sight.

      Blessings on your head for being that vessel come right back at you! -x.M

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