Do Not Hate The Messenger

When I went out to my car this afternoon I found a bottle of this left on the windshield, along with a note tucked under the wiper from my sister:


(After spending some time with me last weekend, on she went to visit with another sister who lives north of me just outside of Seattle, WA.  The placement of this gift means she must have driven back through Portland with her family at 0’dark early this morning on their reverse 15 1/2 hour road trip home today –this done so they could bring the too big to easily fly with family member of theirs named Jake, a GORGEOUS Golden Retriever).

Having lived in Hawaii for many years, my delightful sister still practices the tradition of omiyage.  However, in this moment I am not sure whether I want to hug her or hit her for introducing me to this stuff.  OH MY GOSH!

The Speculoos cookie holiday treat dreams of my European heritage have just been whipped into the perfect accompaniment for consumption at the ritual closing of the day cup of tea with toast.  Cinnamon sugar toast has long been a favorite from childhood, but this stuff blows the taste buds away by adding to those flavors the hints of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom and white pepper.  This combination is then mixed into a “please butter me up from head to toe” creamy spread with little cooky bits left to crunch, adding another layer to gift a deeper interest to the texture.

I just had my first taste of this manna on a toasted slice of Milton’s with a nice cup of Fez. This stuff I fear could become very addictive.  However, I think eating anything with a happy heart negates most potential adverse effects.

Next time you hit Trader Joe’s, enjoy.  Be forewarned though, and after your jar has quickly emptied, remember that I was just the messenger.




I adore you and I thank you for sharing this amazing find (but those skinny jeans, patiently waiting their turn to ever see the light of day from in the back of the closet, definately do not. 🙂 )  And hark, what is that yonder sound I hear, is it coming from the kitchen???

mmmmmmmmmaren yummmmmmminess!!!

I think it is a second piece of toast calling my name.    Mmmmm good.  -lol-

I love you trina.



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17 thoughts on “Do Not Hate The Messenger

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Thanks for the intro to omiyage, had not heard of that custom. And also, thanks for pointing me to cookie butter. We’ve tried soy and sunflower butter, but not cookie. I’ll check it out. (I ain’t got no skinny jeans to worry about…) ;P

    Peace, Ik

    • Being the Goddess that I am, I long ago learned how to love into being the additional lbs that the current state of the nation physical frame sports and to still feel divine. In fact, over the past years working in the sky, they have been a wonderful deterrent for unwanted attention found in the land of men flying while still asleep. One look at the un-mowed back 50 acres and off to thinner pastures those men go (it was a perfect disguise for getting on with the deeper business afoot here without needing to constantly, loving redirect unwanted attention given to me by those whose priorities focus on the form first). However, as the rental car is aging, I want it to do so in a healthy way. To this end, I have begun paying a bit more attention to what happens in the space below the philtrum and I am asking for more hugs instead of automatically eating the cookie.

      No real skinny jeans worries at all. Those pants are all about poking fun with a most beautiful sister as we are witnessing our aging together. It is funny thing when we start seeing aspects of our grandmas and mothers reflected back in the mirror and in each other. When did that happen?

      Hope you enjoy the butter. Nice pieces of toast and a bedtime story told by God as he plays dad might be in order. 🙂 -x.M

  2. Get thee behind me, devil!

  3. Lol, my husband made a grain bread this weekend that was to die for. He used a variety of nuts and grains: quinoa, wheat berries, walnuts, brown rice and almonds, which he ground in our new BlendTec into a flour. I don’t usually eat bread, because I am soooo picky about the flavor, but between the two of us, the loaf was nearly gone by Sunday evening.
    You have a wonderful sister too!

    • A husband who bakes?! Treasure of treasures. That bread sounds divine! Care taking of the rental car with the creation of beautiful and healthy food can be such a wonderful way to show our love for each other. I grew up outside a good food tradition (no blame here as cooking 3 meals daily for 12 was more like a military operation), but I am learning to be more creative and enjoy the alchemy available in my own kitchen as time is passing. I just get lazy and combined that with being in walking distance of some of the best restaurants in the world and with this amazing foodie city at my feet where I live… well, you get the pound picture. They have not earned their stars for catering to those watching their waistlines :). Skinny jean joking aside, these days it is all about aging with health and grace… and having the outer reflect what is truly happening inside. -x.M

  4. villapina on said:

    Hi M, I love your story…Have you ever had a real speculaas cookie? It is a famous Dutch cookie made especially around the 5th of December in many different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. I bet that your speculoos cookie butter jar is full of fluid speculaas! I know the flavour! MMMMMMMMMMMMM, love Pina

    • Yes lovely lady, I do believe they are one in the same! It is like having a party on a piece of toast. I really enjoy the contrast of the crunch and the creaminess… also if the toast is a bit warm, it gets all squiggy gooiey good when you bite into it. I do not think this Trader Joe’s market has outlets in Europe :(. I wish we had transporter technology and I would beam you a jar. Last food I tried to send to family in England got sent back at the border. However, have a gooseberry fool and an elderflower cordial for me there!!! (We don’t have those things readily here in the states… oh yes and some good mushy peas from the local chippy! I miss those.) -x.M

  5. Are those Windmill Cookies at the top of the page? Use to be my favorite as a kid…….glad no one has left one of those jars of cookie butter on my car – dangerous!

    • Yes ,they are the European cookies that would show up in the Danish household I grew up in, bought at the specialty shops in Solvang, CA on our annual family Christmas visits! It tastes very much like the cookies that are served these days on Delta Airlines (if you have flown them recently). You are so right dangerous, but the oh so good best kind of trouble. -x.M

  6. villapina on said:

    I feel silly not to have seen the speculaas cookie on the top of page! I was taken by the spirit of the jar story straight away…Pina

    • No need to feel silly. That the allowing of joy and spirit can whisk you into the meat of my writing without worrying about the details of the window dressing (header picture) is a beautiful thing in my experience of you! You have landed in a pretty judgement free zone 🙂 here on seeingM (Most days that little old beautiful ego of mine and it’s spouting of separation from and judgements in, is in a pretty good check of held in a happiness state a hug away by being observed, but not acted/reacted from). My thoughts on reading your comment about the cookies came with the full force of a felt joy at the share you were offering from you heart with your words left here.

      Pina, I find your “energy” lovely to consume with the words you leave around you here. In fact, I have a wooden stick / wand story that has been brewing to be shared and your last lovely post was a great kick in the pants reminder for me to pay attention to my intuition and get it written.

      Details shared here on this blog are not often about Maren and celebrating her life (which I love and I do in the private moments in my own mirror), but more about those deeper dives that the words can remind us all of. YOU DO THIS SO WELL FROM MY EXPERIENCE OF YOUR WORLD.

      Much heart happy cookieness sent between us today (it is the electronic version of sitting down with that cup of tea and a slice of that toast and having a little chat… HOW FUN IS THAT?!). -xou.M

      • villapina on said:

        I like you too and I have a feeling that one day when you come to Ireland you’ll visit and we’ll have a cuppa tea together and a speculaas bikkie! That would be fabulaas! Or a pinta Guiness…Haha, love Pina

      • Yes, there is a plan in the works to have a home base back in England at some point again in the future and when this happens, you better believe a cuppa and a walk through the Saturday farmers market in Skibbereen with you will be a joy! -x.M

  7. Oh how wonderful, I remember enjoying these spiced windmill cookies with bits of almond, when I was a kid. My mother used to bring them back from her trips to Switzerland. I never knew they were call Speculoos! The cookie butter must be heavenly, Trader Joes must have a hard time keeping them in stock. Thanks for the memories. ☼ Yum

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