Abracadabra… Magic Makers Who Remembered

Aunt Mim (aka me) had taken her two little nieces (around ages 3 1/2 and 3 at the time I think) out to the playground while their moms (my sisters) were in the house packing up for one of them to make a big move cross country after the finish of graduate school.  It was late spring, and a few days after what must have been a storm with a strong wind in that area.  This was guessed at as there were small branches and sticks to be found scattered all over the the park, but especially pooled and caught up around the base of the swings and by the slide.

magic-making-girls-BWnieces A and E,  picture taken around the time -7 years ago now

Shortly after arriving at the playground, we were joined in the sand play area by a group of boys.  These little guys proceed to ignore the jungle gym equipment the adults, who in our “wisdom”, have placed there for their entertainment and immediately pick up the fallen sticks scattered around and start using them as guns, running around chasing each other and making shooting noises.  Aunt Mim, quietly sitting on the sidelines, then watches as her nieces following the pack, pick up sticks as well and join in on their raging battle.

Now, not wanting to go into judgement mode, but with a desire to redirect the potentials within this activity by challenging the choice of using wood as a weapon, Aunt Mim called her two little dancing princesses over.  Without a scolding word, she said that although that was an interesting choice of how to use a stick, that she herself has always used sticks to blow kisses with… (and immediately out of my mouth popped the next words, where from?  who knows! ): to blow kisses to the birds in the tree where the stick was born.

So, Aunt Mim picks up a stick and lovingly herds her little charges still holding theirs over to the large tree on the corner of the little park.  This walk over is made while hoping that at least one bird can be seen or heard in the branches of this large tree to demonstrate this alternate stick usage with.  However, upon arriving at the trunk of the tree, there is not a bird to be found.  With these two little beautiful beings standing out in front of their Aunt Mim, while carefully looking up into the branches of this great tree, we all still point our sticks and start making kissing noises, blowing and giggling together anyway.  We do this for a second or two with no result, but still with great joy, light hearts and having fun.

However, just a moment later, it happens.

magic tree

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, one little bird flies in… and then another, and another and then a dozen, and then a dozen more and even a few more after those.  Within the span of about a minute, the tree that a moment ago stood bare in front of us, is now covered in little birds singing away…  they have come in response to being blown kisses using sticks?!

Aunt Mim (still standing behind these two little magic makers) has now stopped her blowing of kisses as her jaw has dropped and she stands with mouth wide open.  However, the two little dancing princesses standing in front of her are oblivious to this and blissfully remain giggling, delighted and still blowing love on the breeze to these birds as if what has happened is the most normal thing in the world.  It is a moment in which Aunt Mim is VERY careful to take care to contain her astonishment within herself and so she takes an additional step back in awe at the power of creation she is witnessing.  She wants this to remain a normal thing to be able to happen within the potentials of the flow of life experience for these girls.

You see, Aunt Mim was a trusted adult in these two little people’s eyes.  She had told them that when you take a stick and point it at a tree and blow kisses, the birds received them.  So for these little girls in that moment, this is how the world worked.  And so with that intent, understanding what is possible in the world to experience based on what Aunt Mim has said, they pointed their sticks with precious little fingers grasped in a purity of reality generation.  They are not hindered by perceived limitations in their expectations to date by set ideas about what “SHOULD” or “COULD” work.  They create from a place of innocence of trusting that what was said would work.  They created from a place that had no separation from their ability to interact with nature and the world around them in a novel way.  They made a stick into a ‘magic’ wand and they did this simply by remembering what is and can be real in the mind controlling the hands that hold them.


“Real magic is not in the wand, it is always in the hand that holds it.” -Aunt Mim


beautiful birdand for another little magic moment gifted by birds:   X   Enjoy!


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26 thoughts on “Abracadabra… Magic Makers Who Remembered

  1. ::

    To my two precious nieces A & E of the royal C-clan dancing princess lineage,

    You are growing up so fast and one day when you have grown up a bit more, I think you may well find your way to read this post. This is a story that honestly really did happen just as I have written here. A, this is when your mom was moving away from the home of the cougars and E, your mom had driven down to come help. I had flown in from NYC to help too, but as I did not (and still writing to today do not 😦 ) get to see you as much as I would have liked, the packing of boxes waited for me and off to have time enjoying with each of you I went.

    Your Aunt Mim with her whole heart wants to help create a world for us where guns are no longer necessary or acceptable as a means of controlling interaction or for hijacking communication. This is done by the choices we make and what we believe is possible as a way of living together on this planet. There is a POWERFUL truth behind the simple words within the tradition your mothers are raising you in which teaches that a kind word will turn away wrath. The power to change the world around you begins from this connection to a deep inner truth that you both each intimately already know how to use. You used it by accessing the connection and love found in your hearts, and speaking from that place, the world around you will begin to shift potentials.

    Your Aunt Mim loves you so much and I thank you both for being part of my experiencing of some important reminders right when I needed them most.

    I am blowing you big kisses on the breeze today and into your future days to come with the hope that you are remembering the incredible world you have the power to make real around you.

    Going through life here can bring some challenging things, but this is ok. Remember, you are never alone as you walk in your life experiences. Every time you hear a bird, remember it is singing a song of love sung just for you.

    Love You Both,

    Aunt Mim


    • I don’t get on much but am delighted that I had a chance to stop by. Beautiful post M

      • So glad to find you here for a bit. I have returned to your words often over the past weeks. Such eloquent wisdom shared from the truth you have earned access to. Happy heart to have a hello. No worries when and where and how as real connection transcends this space. It comes on the breeze, with the moon pulled down for a chat and the little pings in that happy heart. -x.M

  2. A big thank you to Pina for her sync-ing post that inspired me to finally write out what had been a memory knocking around the edges of my to do list for the last little bit.

  3. I am so glad you shared this story, what a great re-direct for those little girls, what creative thinking on your feet! I am so struck by the innocence of those little girls, I love how you didn’t make a big deal of the magic so that it would seem normal. I want to return to this innocence and blow kisses in trees too 🙂

    • I once saw a Buddhist Master from the Tibetian tradition have little birds come in and land on his fingers as he was walking along. He had spend years and years in solitary meditation in nature and had attuned his “presence” with the natural world so much that the world around him recognized him (as he recognized himself) as not separate and as one of their own (simplistic way of describing this). I LOVED this reminder.

      I have another niece who came to visit Aunt Mim when she was 5. She adored dolphins. So I told her to close her eyes (while sitting in my little house in St. Petersburg, FL) and to talk to them. To send them pictures of “hello” and to tell them that she was here to visit them. The next day, out of the thousands of kids present to watch the dolphin show at Seaworld in Orlando, FL, who was chosen to from the audience to go out into the water platform and to participate in the show? This little niece!!! And when the trainer (as part of the act playing her father) told her she could jump in the water (being used to most kids being too shy to actually do this), he was caught a bit off guard as he actually had to physically hold her back because she was ready to jump in with her friends!

      More and more when I walk through the city or in a park or out in more “natural” nature, I practice walking as part of the world and not in a separate contained body from it. I let my feet feel past my shoes connecting to the earth below. I let my skin feel the breeze, but in a way that it is letting permeate in. Fun things have begun to happen, like little objects on the breeze landing right in my hand when I am sitting still (little story about this in comments here: ), but also one must take care. I have had a few homeless “crazy” people gravitate to me because in their cases, I think their boundaries of no separation have blown past their ability to control them, but they can sense in me a beginnings of a bridge between “the worlds”.

      We are nothing special lovely lady, but we are remembering a special way that we all can be that is just waiting for us in experience one different thought away. YOU are magic magic magic blowing kisses in the trees with me today.

      Thanks so much E, for the deeper dive into the shared story. -xo.M

  4. Lovely story M! Part of me thinks, of course the birds showed up, part of me thinks, ok then, be careful what you wish for! 🙂

    • My mind hasn’t been able to let go of your words “be careful what you wish for”… as I take a look out my window and read the headline news, yes wishes of some creation are coming true as the sleeping masses abdicate their right… both to know we can change the shared reality and by purposefully being distracted and not taught how to do this. No big scary conspiracy worries (the shadow side of our self I am learning to love into changed being), but we already are wishing such a strange and challenging reality on this planet.

      If you have time to address, what are your thoughts or experiences with this? (I am still making my way through your blog archives, so just link here if you have already written about this). x.M

      (PS thought of your husband’s weekend bread as I had my piece of toast last night 🙂 ).

      • I have always sensed that there’s a power in us, but we can’t always access it. I do sense too that perhaps our human form insulates us from a place where we would be touching each other much more directly.
        Sketchy thoughts…some based on what I feel happens when we dream, and I do want to write about dreams one of these days, because I’d also love to hear what other people think is going on when we dream.
        I sense we are in a place in our dreams where the boundaries we live in the day world are lifted, at least partially. I sense this because the people that you meet in dreams are clearly people. I don’t believe our brains are making stuff up. Not very scientific I know…
        Who knows, maybe animals, like those birds you wrote about, can and do sense us in ways we are not open to.
        Not sure if I answered your question…let me know if I am off the track 🙂

      • Thank you so much for sharing of your thoughts. Hard science I enjoy, but the complexity that can be found in description I often have to leave in the footnotes… most supporting equations end up looking like beautiful art pieces of foreign language I have a challenge pronouncing. I usually get concepts, but get a bit lost if the fine details are needing expounding upon.

        As for animals, we come across these stories of humans being raised by packs of wolves (etc). These animals saw a hurt little human in need and adopted them instead of eating them. That this can happen leaves a big clue as to how things potentially could be working here. The movie that really hit home for me on this was “Emerald Forest” –not that it was that great of a movie, but it reminded me how we make the world the way it is because that is what we have been taught is possible within the groups we are born into or (if still young enough) brought into. When a human can transcend our limited identification of the human-ness alone, I think this is when the magic really starts to happen in the world around us. I think this usually happens in gradual steps so that we don’t feel like we are going crazy and so that we can still ground ourselves from the self enough to navigate the grocery store without being arrested :).

        Again, thanks for taking the time to engage here! -x.M

      • Yes, love what you say about gradual steps. After I posted, I thought, crap, she is going to think I am crazy talking about the dream stuff. It’s hard sometimes to take a chance, sensing that somebody else has tasted what you have.
        So much understanding too, depends on finding common language and receptivity to find common language.
        But you’re right, grounding, perhaps keeping a foot in both worlds, is what gives us more than one way to see and hear the world. Maybe that is what the animals can show us, when we, do as you did, and invite them into our world.
        Likewise, thank you for sharing yourself here…

      • You are such a delight. I did not even address your dream comments because the were received just like breathing (making so much sense and a part of the way I experience life without a second thought!) I often wonder if the dreaming is actually what is happening when we are awake and the sleep time is where things are connected to something that is more “real”… and this is why we can’t bring our sleeping dream experiences back here with total clarity. It is being awake here on earth when things are the most asleep! ha :). No worries. You have entered a pretty good judgement free zone here on seeingM where we are safe to be as we actually are (I offer up my warts and all) and look into growing helping each other.


      • Thanks M! Your non-judgmental zone is much appreciated. 🙂

      • Appreciation for the sharing of your beautiful mind right back at you! -x.M

  5. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! This is why purity of being and cleaning of ones own “thought” house is so important, because like Christ with the fishes and loaves, we are moving into the possibility for instant manifestation. I have joked on this blog before, but I acknowledge I am a far distance from this continual grace in state of being, as from time to time there are still a few passengers on airplanes (when I am working) who I would be tempted to have leave the aircraft with the ends of their hair singed just a bit for being so naughty -lol. Thus, the under my conscious control access to this “power” or way of being is still a work in progress.

    We do need to take care, but I also think gate keepers are placed to help us not implode ourselves and the world around us 🙂 (VERY interesting dynamic when we look at some who are classified as “mentally ill”… it has been my experience at times that their conscious creation circuits have just gotten scrabbled and that the “4d” is bleeding through here for them and with enough consensus (or mind altering drug taking on our part), what they are experiencing would pop into a shared reality, too!) -x.M edit: I THINK THIS MIGHT BE HOW WE ARE TO LEARN TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH… but done through finding ones true mind rather than loosing it completely!

  6. Just as the cusp of my question begins, the next thing to remember appears. If I were to rub the belly of a lamp and were granted one question, this story would be the Genie’s answer 🙂

    • :). We are re-membering together. How nice is that?! (Thoughts on happy hips have been being sent your way btw) -x.M

      • Cheeky seems to be my soup du jour for many days now 🙂
        Homage to My Hips

        these hips are big hips.
        they need space to
        move around in.
        they don’t fit into little
        petty places. these hips
        are free hips.
        they don’t like to be held back.
        these hips have never been enslaved,
        they go where they want to go
        they do what they want to do.
        these hips are mighty hips.
        these hips are magic hips.
        i have known them
        to put a spell on a man and
        spin him like a top
        Lucille Clifton
        A big Charo hip bounce back.

      • I love it! May any replacements needed in the future for you, continue on such a excellent tradition of magic, too. 🙂 -x.M

  7. Magical, Auntie M! Keep blowing love into the wind, you never know. 😀

  8. villapina on said:

    Hi M. I love the name Mim and this magical story! Thank You…

    Then wanting to react also after reading the last few comments about dreaming and hips.

    The second book I’m writing is all about dream time/ past life memories…I’ll let you know when it -ever- come out. It’s called; Only visiting this planet.

    Second of all, I use this affirmation of Louise Hay a lot: hip, hip hooray, there is joy in every day! Love Pina

    • Mim is a shortened version of the name the sister just younger than me gave me. She could not say Maren so she said Mimi and she could not say her name which starts with Kir so she called herself Kiki. I love being Aunty Mim :).

      Can’t wait to know more about your book! I dreamed the other night about traveling by bus in Asia (I have never been there!). I love dream time. Sleep and I have always been really good friends.

      I ADORE your hip affirmation. A beloved in my friend’s world was having hip replacement surgery (M, I hope you do not mind me sharing that here). I have been a bit under the weather and was being lazy not sending off a private email. But, now I am happy I did this as you have gifted us all such a lovely share Pina…. Yes yes yes HIP HIP HOORAY! -x.M

  9. villapina on said:

    I forgot to ask you where you found that magical fairy picture?

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