Best Worst Movie Ever

I think I have finally seen the best worst movie ever… it was so excellently horrible that it must be shared.  Someone had a few too many party sugar cubes in their tea and off to races writing Zardoz they went.

Who could have guessed all the drama potentials afoot when Sean Connery walks around in a red diaper?!  Personal favorite moments:  all the bizarre hand movements used for communicating and voting.

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6 thoughts on “Best Worst Movie Ever

  1. LOL, do ya think Sean Connery regretted making this one? Classic!

  2. villapina on said:

    This is DEFINITELY a very bad movie, BUT because Sean is in it, you were right to share it! He is one of my fav actors! Thanks for the share, Pina

  3. I like how Connery battles all the mystic forces with a handgun. This is what the Harry Potter series was sorely missing.

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