Dream A Little Dream

We have all written a life story so far.  Some lines by conscious choice and others by the burying of the head in the sand, hoping for the best, all while allowing the story of those around us to sweep ours along.

However, as we read what we have written (our past), we have the power to change our story in each new chapter that we have the courage and choose to write (our future).  This can be done in many ways, but it has been my experience so far that if one wants to do it with events that seem to be full of magic, one must first genuinely LOVE their place in the story, just as it CURRENTLY is.  We have created our lives, just as they are today.  Taking responsibility, with gratitude for our current creation, is for me, one of the first powerful steps to beginning to change.

I love my life today and there are things that will change.

Another important aspect for me in bringing magic to my story is to understand what past agreements have I made so far in my life that are impacting me now.  Be honest with yourself about what you have agreed to do and with whom, and honor those agreements.  Walking away from or making a change without honoring these creates an empty spot within the energetic flow of the life story that is guaranteed to bring any ignored details back into the future writing over and over.  This limits the paths that magic can flow on.  To move forward, we must see our patterns and deal with any unfinished business which is blocking the flow.  I have found the best way to honor my agreements while not being chained by them, is to ask to grow from within them.  By doing this, any agreement that no longer supports my growth into the future, naturally begins to fall away while leaving a space of peace to create anew from within the transformation.   It is also my experience that no agreement is ever finished until I have an understanding in complete gratitude for the role it played in bringing evolution to my story in the first place.

I do and I will until I see the pattern clearly and it is time that I don’t and I won’t.

A wonderful example of changing ones story, is shared by an amazing woman that I have the privilege to work with.  She loved her life just as it was, but took herself seriously enough to trust that she could change the story that had seemingly already been written for her.   She honored her agreements and took responsibility when she got the rules within her story “wrong”.  She went with the flow into the labyrinth this created, trusting the unfolding trajectory to reveal the next steps and did not give up hope when that growth took her into experiences she had not expected.  With this “magic” she made her dreams come true and as she did, the story wrote her right back:


Magic comes by allowing twists and turns in the plot, having the courage to write and allow rewrites… to open to edits and to publish and allow to go out of print.  It is flowing with the adding of addendums, forwards, postscripts and not being limited by the arcs, blurbs or headers.  This done all while loving the process, as we dream a little dream making it real.

Fairy tales can be real and dreams do come true, everyday.

So, it is August 20, 2013
new chapter,
first paragraph,
and the topic sentence begins:

“____your name_____”  lived happily ever after, and this is what it looked like:


And this is how it is written:




To My Lovely Ms. Lane,

Is it time for another full Thanksgiving dinner brought to life at 39,000 feet heated through by the hot water from the coffee pots?!  lol  Such wonderful memories of making life real one magic moment at a time.  It is well overdue for time to make some more.

Heart Happy Travels and Continued Adventures To You,-xo.M

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4 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. This post was inspired from many places, but one big one was right here:

    This post also comes from a moment of pause and wanting to send a hug out to another heart as I read a Facebook post where someone was saying that they never could afford to do something. And when we write our story with possibilities like that, we never will.

    Limitations are only as real as we allow our mind to make them. With clear and pure access to being, then with intent to grow & experience set, we can watch the magic flow.


  2. What a glorious fairy tale story come true. Thanks so much for sharing, inspirational Ms M! Blessings ♥

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