Observing The Air

It is the quintessential representation of all that late summertime is to me served up, neatly captured on one plate:

summertime-on-a-plateseasonal fresh peach pie from Bannings, Tigard, OR

When a peach is perfect, NOTHING is better in the summer.  The challenge is that many peaches usually must be eaten before that perfection is ever found.  Standing at the garden hose, bending over with juice trailing down to ones elbow while being enjoyed, connects me to the air that permeates summertime as closely as almost anything else can.

I wish a big slice of amazing fresh peach pie in the flow of the last days of summer for all of you.

oh my god peaches pike market seattlefirst found at Pikes Market, SEA in 1997… & every summer since, they are right


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5 thoughts on “Observing The Air

  1. Oh yeah!!! It’s been one of the best summers for gardeners here in the Willamette Valley that I can remember in a long time. Good eats, M! 🙂

    • The Pacific NW is such a beautiful part of the country to live in! It has been an amazing summer, but I must confess, I enjoy a rainy day almost more than the sunshine :). I am looking forward to the plants getting a few more drinks from the sky and for getting out my sweaters in the coming month(s). -x.M

      • How timely M! Not sure where you are but in rained last night here in the Willamette Valley 🙂
        I enjoy the autumn rain. It’s all good until around February/March, then summer cravings set in.

  2. You gave me cravings…

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