Not Normal

I am not normal.  This is a good thing in my book I think.  I am guessing I can safely say, if you are reading this blog and getting anything out of it, you are most likely not normal, too.

Welcome home to a place of  keeping abnormally good company. 🙂

Upon meeting my husband for the first time, it was a very fast road that led to knowing that we were each actually authentically abnormal, too.  As he was already scheduled to do an interview on the day we met face to face for the first time, we left the wheat field in the countryside of England with plans to meet up again that night with mutual friends for dinner at a local pub.  So after months of writing and skyping back and forth with each other, here I finally was for the first time ever sitting across the table from the man I knew I would marry.  (There is some discussion about exactly when my husband knew this, too, but suffice it to say, very quickly he knew he was in BIG trouble… and it has continued to be that good kind that we all hope to have as we unsolicitedly find that we are falling in love.)

So, what does this bonkers American woman do at their first meal shared together as her sparkling water with lime arrives at the table?  Normal table manners go out the window.  After squeezing the juice and placing the wedge into the drink,  she immediately races her hand with pinched fingers right up to his nose across the table (…only, he has not seen what I have just done and this causes him instinctively to jump a bit back at first to find fingers flying spontaneously so close into his breathing space).

With a huge smile on my face, after he realized I was not about to poke his eye out, I asked him to take a deep breath in.  With my finger tips floating just under his nose, the scent of fresh squeezed citrus hit his awareness and all was revealed.  He was delighted to find how much I enjoyed including him in a deeper layer of life experience.  I had just wanted to share one of my favorite smells in the world with him.  It was one of the first moments he says he fully realized just how not normal I was, too, in those very best ways possible.

lime in soda

To this day, no matter where we are, and no matter how formal the meal, when there is citrus to be squeezed, my hand always goes to my husband’s nose and there is always a secret smile exchanged between us as he deeply breathes in again in the joy of loving what we can experience while living.

The scent of citrus is the first we ever shared consciously together.  It was love being born to the smell of citrus scenting that first precious meal and those first precious memories being made when we were finally able to be together here.

How wonderful is that?

When being present within the simple moments of everyday living, what other little abnormal, deeper dive levels of loveliness available in the flow of life do you enjoy sharing?


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4 thoughts on “Not Normal

  1. Being normal is boring! Always stay oneself, so you can share yourself with others…( the other not normals) 🙂 and Viva Lemone! Lemones forever! M forever…Haha, P x

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