What Happened To the Dream ..a little light dinner conversation

I would like to invite you to dinner… to join in the conversation that takes place at the table in our home.  To include you at a meal made for expanding ones mind… to feast with you on ways of being and potentials for evolving understanding.

Anacephalaeosis gave a wonderful reminder today about Martin Luther King, Jr having a dream.   There was a great gift offered in his post of gathered sources speaking about remembering of this dream.  However, what they clearly remind is we can only live and support a dream to the level that we currently understand it in application in our day to day living of our lives.  Thus, our hijacking of this dream is an on going project here on this planet… and it will continue to be so when the first filter we use to view and unfold it through is one of separation within it.

When a voice speaks from past this separation, aaahhhhh.  Sublime.  It does so in a way that can be heard because of it’s great clarity.  Usually, when such a voice starts to reach a big enough audience, along comes OUR shadow to give us a bump.  Sometimes that bump is a warning shot across the bow of ones living (visits by the men in black, planted scandal stories, enforced entanglement in the legal system, discrediting using colleagues, etc) and sometimes we also take the voice out altogether through death.  So it is as I love our shadow today, I have no desire to offer the hope that MLK rest in peace.  That would imply that his dream is dead.

I, myself as M no longer have a dream.  I am, to the best of my ability at this snapshot of a moment in time, being that dream… living, breathing, choosing and moving in the world as that dream of MLK made real.  It is peace in action in the world through my living and the “perfection” of what that means is an ever evolving thing.

What a beautiful, peace filled MCK to be with a MASSIVE burst of overwhelming gratitude to an MLK for pointing the way.  🙂

Welcome to dinner at seeingM.  Join in the conversation if you so desire, as it is shared through the voice of one called “husband” that I adore… offered here just as another place to dine together  (oh, & can you please pass the salt?!  🙂 ):

(edit:  Just listened to the interview again and with complete respect the the interviewer, it is a presentation tailored as speaking to one who is still living quite a bit in the the land of a “they” separate from himself.  Interviewee is guiding to a loosening understanding in this.  All shadow is disavowal of aspects of ourselves.)


Again, a request for discretion:   X   Thank you.  -x.M

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5 thoughts on “What Happened To the Dream ..a little light dinner conversation

  1. Aha, I finally found the dinner table 🙂
    Anything left ?

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