Love Bombs

Something truly wonderful happens when we engage with the woman in the red dress in the matrix.  In the freedom of allowing this form of expression sourced from love to dance like nobody’s watching, magic unfolds.  Dancing this dance, nobody becomes everybody.

Watch what happens to the woman dressed in the red shirt in the video:



BOOM!  The love bomb drops from the joy of being the dancer and the woman in red’s feet can’t help but join in on the ride… she becomes present to what is happening and even is the one to first point out the camera.

A smile left for everyone who is reading these words, because we’re all on candid camera.  This sky goddess is pleased to be holding down the fort, also dancing through the departure and arrival terminals of our lives every chance I get, too.


This video was once shared in a comment thread with Awake in 365, but I awoke with the feeling this morning that a share from this little dancing spiral of joy should not be left buried there.

There is an art to remembering none of what we find here in the flow of our life is actually really real, all while still really living it.  There is a part of us always standing ready at baggage claim, just past the illusion of separation.  I try to remind that part of myself to dance while waiting for us all to join the party.

(Also pretty impressive how the man in black seemingly keeps his cool…  lol  I would give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek for that, too)

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12 thoughts on “Love Bombs

  1. as one waking in many bodies – i woke to a house of sleepy heads and dug out a video buried in my comments section for a little free form body move down memory lane – so much joy abounding 🙂 truly we are all one waking!
    I’m amazed at the subtle awareness of the ones in queue behind this happening but also I am surprised by their lack of engagement – what a live performance behind their very backs! they had front row seats to the priceless show.

  2. This link is direct 🙂 .
    xx! to you ms. M.

  3. This is my very favorite video of all time. It’s impossible not to just have a huge smile while watching it. I’m still planning on doing this yet, just waiting for the perfect moment 🙂 Thanks M!

  4. I love it…. thanks for sharing… It looked like everyone was keeping their cool, trying to ignore her… This is exactly how I live with the majority of people here in my home on an urbanisation in Spain…. IAM the crazy lady who looks at the full moon and dances…. One of my friends in london actually takes people out in the london streets to dance… awesome… Yes we will help to unfreeze our neighbours…. Barbara

  5. Reblogged this on Be Beautiful and Dance. and commented:
    It’s Tuesday and this is perfect

  6. I wish I had the nerves to do crazy things like this … thanks. It made me laugh!!!

    • When we remember that we are mirrors in the theater nerves grow silent :). Thanks for the read and respond Noel. I am sure you share the love in the ways you feel inspired to as you move in the world. This is what truly matters, not so much what it is (however, next time you are in line at the grocery store and a good oldie comes on the sound system one might let the feet to go a swaying… just a suggestion). Never fails to make the tomatoes (yes happy veg), milk (yes happy dairy), check out person and fellow wait to payers smile. -x.M

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