Being Who I Am

At one of the first international conferences I attended I sat in the second row right behind the wife of the featured key-note speaker.  Her hair was perfect and she had a handbag that matched her outfit.  She also fell asleep during her husband’s presentation and her head ended up resting on the shoulder of the linebacker of a man sitting next to her (I am not kidding about this, I think the universe was telling me to pay attention).  Although I stayed awake, this was my experience of her husband’s presentation as well 🙂 (M makes a hand to mouth yawning sign right here:  X).  What was actually said could have been summarized in about 15 minutes of the 2 hours this man was actually on the stage.  The other 1:45 we watched an ego prance.  A bit harsh to say it like this, but it was true.  We paid to hold the space for a brother of ours to play out his issues and to feel important.  (And to be completely fair to his lady, I am sure she had some jet lag she was dealing with as well…  lol).

It is now many years later and I am a lifetime away from how my life flow was configured when I attended the afore mentioned conference all those years ago.  I find that I am now what is called a “his wife” sitting in the audience.  I too, do own a snazzy handbag, but it is not coordinated to anything.  It was chosen for it’s anatomical capacity to live an organized life while on the road (ok, and the fact that the leather makes me smile… it is a secret larger style, one not advertised by the designing company… one asks for it by having observed it being carried somewhere — I discovered it before Alicia of The Good Wife made it more publicly drool worthy, lol).  For me, it is the mind that I am focused on and working on matching to the outfit… and when I am in good form, my outfit is absolutely divine.  I am constructing an ensemble focused on the being of the I am, who we all are.

Soon this handbag and I are going to a gathering of a spiritual family reunion of sorts occurring in my corner of the adventure.  There is an aligning of the stars and a meeting of excellent, awake minds.  A friend texted me this morning with the following pre-event greeting: “M you and your husband cast a wide and deep net catching an odd assortment of creatures.  Like Jesus, you are fishers of men (or esoteric urchins to be more precise)!”

What a way to start the day with a nice chuckle.  The Jesus reference makes me lol, and to my sweet D, a beatific M smiles and says, “yes my son, gone crazy in peace.”

peace gone crazyMadonna Litta –Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

I am putting up this quick post in a quiet moment of profound gratitude for those fine souls I find checking in with me at this stage of the adventure of life.  Those “esoteric urchins” 🙂 who bless my world, lightening what can seam a load at times.  I find you each beautiful and important in your unique ways.  I appreciate the efforts you are making to find yOur way and to share what is discovered in the details of your living.  You enrich the journey for me.

This weekend if you want to track me down, I will be sitting in a back row of an event this time, but this done so in full participation in my life.  I am only sitting there because of my propensity to laugh and with a shared glance, making those around me laugh, too and I don’t want to interrupt the flow of the speaker.

I am however, not afraid of falling asleep…  no not ever again.  You guys wouldn’t let me anyway. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Being Who I Am

  1. Bit obvious, but I have always loved this song… I am happy to sing with the truth that it is our hands.

  2. Enjoy your weekend… and too have many ‘me’s in which I dress according to how I feel… as in not following the fashion… he..he.. Barbara

    • Loved the last post you shared, but have not had time to make a proper response. Mastering of our emotions (or the lack of them we call depression which I suffered when I was making choices not aligned with living from my authentic truth… there is a Prozac post brewing, is a deep an important area not to fluff over). THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! More when things are quieter for me next week. -x.M

  3. Dear M,
    I will be thinking of you as I clean my house in preparation for a visit from my big sis and my niece arriving next week!

    • Hugs of another big sister sent right back. Being the oldest, I always borrowed the clothes of a friends big sister… the stylish one who was 18 when we were 13. She hung the moon and was sooooooooooooooooooooo mature in our eyes. I look at the children that 18 year olds are today and smile at what time and perspective births.

      Spoiling in the role of auntie is one of the secret pleasures of my life. I sugar them up and send them home for the broccoli. Yes Aunt Mim does serve donuts and ice cream sundays for breakfast in bed and takes her charges out for pancake runs at 3am.


      • Am I too old to be your niece? 🙂
        Not having my own children, I so love my niece Katy who just turned 25. She is an amazing young woman and fun to spoil when I can.
        Thanks M!

  4. Andrea Hartman on said:

    Hello lovely Ms. M! I just wanted to drop a note, and say how glad I am to have met you, how dear you are to me already. Thank you for befriending me, I truely felt like a fledgling under her momma’s wing, and that can be a very nice way to feel when usually I am the momma. 😉 This blog is beautiful, and the image at the top sums me up pretty well. Thank you, I will continue to read and savor.
    Lots of love, Andrea

    • We all take turns stepping up to the plate mothering. That you can feel that from me is a wonderful testament to your ability to give it to those around you as well.

      Blog as found beautiful here… the heart is happy with such an observation from you. This wordpress experiment is a little bit of the art that is M shared out in the world through creative words and images that hit home where I live. So glad you can enjoy. Participation is never expected here, but always appreciated when one is inspired to engage.

      The other divine Ms. MT from our river circle I know will be happy for you to know that she can be found here: We were so glad to be able to connect with you and look forward to many more adventures to come.

      Joy on yOur journey lovely lady, -x.M

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