She Speaks of Love


It can start in the most interesting of ways, these falling into holes filled with words that spin out potentials for experiencing our reality.  Tonight it was a tattoo on the arm of the young woman who took my money at the counter when I was purchasing a cookie.  And the scripted writing on the underside of her forearm said:

she speaks of love


and into Love Is A Dog From Hell we fall with Bukowski.

taste of deathWe see what the world has to show us when we are out and about and paying attention in it.  Then, it is up to us to decide what to do with what was seen when we get back home.

Charles, thank you for sharing your words tonight.  I however, choose to free our bird and to enjoy the flight, no matter how turbulent it may be… even if it leads to my weeping within an early taste of death.

Dear reader, what are you doing with the bird found in your aviary?

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7 thoughts on “She Speaks of Love

  1. I’d release the bird. Up till one minute ago, I never before heard of the word aviary.

    • I grew up with a park that had a place called the “Tracy Aviary”. Fun how the world unfolds in words that describe potentials. Fly free my friend! -x.M

      • Perhaps it was the miser who in his avarice kept all the birds in aviaries, tagging them with recycled Avery labels … hmmm 🙂

      • nice chuckle to find waiting here for me this morning. couldn’t gift a more important moment to a person each day than creating an exchange where laughter can be present. -x.M

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