Invitation to the Saturday Night Party

Sending out the message to all my friends… especially to my posse cruising over on the west side of the living of life (yes dear readers, I went to West High even though I grew up on the east side of town ๐Ÿ™‚ ):

No more masquerading necessary.

This is an open invitation to join me at a little soiree I am throwing tonight (and really EVERY night)… lots of laughs, good food and the conversation is always stimulating at my home (just take a peek at the incredible comments left here by those who have been interested in joining in!).ย  It is life lived, shared and celebrated as an art project of conscious and considered curation.

On the menu this evening are herbal cocktails, my favorite crackers along with a selection of nibbles from one of my favorite cheese producers.

Every aspect of the party that CAN BE found in living of life is available to us as incredible, special and dare I say sacred (yes, at my party it is martini maker found as spiritual master teacher, lol).ย  Seeing the events of life and all the details of it’s living as such, is only ever a different choice in thought and assigned meaning within our beliefs away.

When we enter the masquerade ball known as earth life, we do so with the choice to make a shift to living from a level and seeing with an eye that looks deeper than what is on the surface.ย  And when we choose to do this, oh the delights that are drawn to our party, that are found to share space on and at our tables!

altar bliss

yumminessrecipe for over the moon combination of yumminess pictured above is here:ย  X


I also am thinking I am going to screen one of my all time favorite movies and watch it again tonight:


Andย  aaaahhhh, the joy of also being gifted one of the most eclectic and listenable soundtracks ever to play on in the background of the party as well!

It is going to be a stunner #1 superstar of a night.ย ย  So glad to find you here joining in with me.

The masks get removed, the new outfits tried on in the mirror (I always opt to wear one to party that is the most comfortable to dance in…ย  because for me when dancing, ones arse always looks good in my book ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and the specialness and sacredness of this Saturday night (and every night!) begins.

I raise a glass in toast to the joys of electronic connections of love gifted into our lives.ย  Let’s get this party started.ย  Chin chin and bottoms up!

Making my connection as I enter the room
Everybody’s chilling as I set up the groove
Pumpin’ up the volume with this brand new beat
Everybody’s dancing and they’re dancing for me
I’m your operator, you can call anytime
I’ll be your connection to the party line

partying on… tonight and every night at seeingM


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15 thoughts on “Invitation to the Saturday Night Party

  1. Dearest M. I’m happy to be the first one to like your party! If I would live closer-by…I would not have missed this change to finally meet you and be a one of the guests/friends at your celebrations!!! Whilst you commented, so kindly, on my Equinox party, I was reading your last 3 posts and your first post published EVER…I really wanted to write a serious comment about your profound moment in front of your mirror, but you and all your heartfelt comments have said it all…So I’ve decided to just say… You are such an amazing blogger and person and I love your blog/stories very much! :)! Thank You for sharing yourself and teaching us…in that special M way!!!

    I would have loved to be at your party, BUT I am there in spirit, (I see there is a Piggie at the scene already), just pretends it’s me, haha…I will have a Margarita now and make a toast for You, your hubby and all your party guests. Much love and Happy Equinox…Pina x

    “May your house always be too small to hold all of your friends.” (Irish saying).

    • My current house is wwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to small to hold all the people that I love, but my true home (found in the heart) is not.

      My hubby is in the other room at the moment editing an audio file for a project he produces called “The Roam Cast” and I have just made* us a late lunch. *(Ok the concept of made is liberally applied here as there was a trip made to the market for a fresh baguette, some Gruyere cheese and a deli salad to go with my bliss herbal martini -lol. I like to dream that I enjoy cooking and am good at it, but the truth of the current moment is that I just adore excellent and well made food -anyone who cooks for me gets all their washing up of dishes done by me!).

      The reality of the party tonight is that it is happening right now, right here with you. It is happening with my sweet cat Luke (who parties so hard that he quickly is napping to recover). It is and will be happening with whoever finds their way to this post.

      Heart is a spark spark sparkling in it’s party dress with you here in Portland, USA. -x.M

      <img src="afternoon of party bliss photo cupofbliss.jpg” alt=”cup of bliss” />

      • Erik Andrulis on said:

        I’m late to the party, but, seeing as ” it is happening right now, right here with you,” I was there, I am there, and I’ll always be there. So, I was never late, heh. Thanks for the invite. Peace, Ik

      • Perpetual party. Too late for being early. Too early to be late. Time spins and eternity is now. Partying on right now, one now at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for arriving IK. -x.M

  2. What a great party line of connections flowing through to this SeeingM junction party spot where many paths meet – nibble, sip, chill and groove! I think I saw Ms. Deee lite on her way in…

  3. Slainte dear M! I am enjoying a bit of a party at home with my husband after dropping my big sis off at PDX earlier today. Cheers to friendship, writing and never being afraid to dive into the deep end of the pool! Hugs…

    • What a joy! I head to PDX again today for a launch out and about again into the world. I cocoon and then I fly. This and the bi-coastal life is one full of many shifting mirrors. I especially enjoy the opportunity for the change of pace to teach me.

      Diving into the deep end is divine when I find those such as yourself swimming along side me there, too. -x.M

      • So true M! I also lead a bit of a bi-coastal existence between family visits and an occasional business trip.
        Happy trails M!

  4. Andrea Hartman on said:

    M! I read this post on my phone, as I was sitting on a beach blanket at a kid friendly music festival. Hall and Oates and others, two children running around a vast meadow in total frolicking freeness, and my little guy snuggling with me. The icing on my cake, or should I say, the herb in my cocktail, was reading the invite from you. I was there in spirit, of course, in two wonderful places at once. You are a gem. Now, I must make an impulse buy on Amazon of Stealing Beauty. Liv Tyler is my favorite. Love to you M!

    • In my minds eye I can see such a sweet little family having a wonderful long distance join in on the Saturday night party theme. It is not really a place of being at an event, but more a state of mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liv is STUNNING in this film. She is a favorite of mine as well. She seems to be pretty down to earth and real considering her life story. -x.M

  5. I was there… I just didn’t know it until this moment…. Thanks so much for throwing such a great heartfelt party… I love yummy food, not sure about the martini’s but I bought a very good bottle of red that I enjoyed…. I loved the glimpse into your home, it feels good…until the next time, take care, Barbara…

  6. Searching through, trying to remember where the ALTER was posted, ๐Ÿ™‚ , found it! It was at this marvelous gathering. Just a little side note for the ripples that go out from such sharing; this week I was gifted with the lovely space of S and G’s house for some spells of Kitty Visiting while they were away, and she left for me the wonderful indulgence of an amazing bottle of an ALTER cocktail to enjoy on the screened back porch while the kitties curled up at my feet and behind the knees cozy spots. Utter DEE LIght indeed. Out from here it goes and goes, My sister ๐Ÿ™‚ XX!

    • There was the passing of a date for the transition from one work on to the next big adventure toasted to by M&N for friends S and G here on the west coast, too! So heart happy to know that you are holding down the fort in such style. Big scrubs under the chin for the fur family friends and a “chin chin” with the clinking of glasses as there is bliss in my fridge still, too. -x.M

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing things happening at lightning speed since my recent emancipation ๐Ÿ™‚

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