-John O’Donohue


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9 thoughts on “Where?

  1. I’m here M!!! 🙂

    • Even though feeling being just right here X is a challenge some days, I’m here too D. Thank you for the support and kind words. Hope all went well with a safe return to the west coast. I jump again the other way tonight. Will wave from Long Island to you. -x.M

      • Lots of travel and busy with work lately. All is well even though the x seems to be in motion!
        Oh yes, please give a wave to my dear LI M! Happy and safe travels.

  2. Reblogged this on ViaPina and commented:
    Perfect music, whilst being on your wey!

    • The musical group is more known for their drum and bass tunes, but I love it when I feel the sun come out in a song. Love the rainy days, but feeling the warmth shared during them is priceless. You radiate that too, wherever you go. How do I know? I can feel the radiance of your words as words coming from a massive heart. -x.M

  3. Great music to listen to after reading about emerald avocados. N seems to write about a lot of the stuff that is rolling around in my head. Interesting.

    • So looking forward to listening to your shares as well (avett brothers I think) in days to come when I am not spent running on the road. Lovely to put on the headphones and lose oneself in the world as it is shared by the others in our heads :). Thanks BG. Glad you found your way to sharing here. -x.M

  4. IAM here… x Barbara

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