I Can’t Figure Out How…

I still cannot figure out how to post a picture directly into the comments on someone else’s blog.  I am sure there is a google foo instruction neatly archived somewhere for teaching me how to do this (and with IK‘s help I did finally figure out how to post pictures in my own blog’s comments).  However, in the current time available for engaging, enjoying and offering love and support here in this magical world of the WordPress mind/heart connection space, I can either spend the precious time I have available finding out how to post a picture in response, or I can use this time to read all the new, beautiful words currently left in my reader awaiting my awareness with just enough time left over to put up a quick post. (Obviously I am choosing to read and quickly write this post).

For all those bloggers I follow, thank you for my making moments spent working in the sky these past weeks rich with much to contemplate.  Now with time finally back on the ground, a new threshold is awaiting crossing as I prepare to move house in a few weeks.  All the items of living that have birthed their babies in the back of cupboards and closets at our current home now are needing immediate attention and a good going through.  There are some things to be immediately boxed ready to make the move and some to be adopted out into the world to continue their journey of existence in other people’s corners of the adventure of living.  WordPress is one thing that definitely will be loving wrapped in bubbles, boxed up and will be going with me to my new home… a home filled with more time in the future for engaging again here.

For the time being however, I am here now in a stolen moment not approved on the long “must be done in order to move” to do list with a soothing cup of peach tea, having just cracked into the most divine and exquisitely packaged box of shortbread cookies I have ever tasted while reading your words.

Please know you all are being enjoyed and I am LOVING what I am finding awaiting me here.

Happy haunted last days of Fall to you all.



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9 thoughts on “I Can’t Figure Out How…

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Hey m, thanks for the shoutout! Love the vid and the song. Fab. Always on the road, and yet Sisyphus is at rest. Welcome back and best wishes in your move! Peace, Ik

    • Soon going to daily be touching that inner water right outside my front door. Your ocean post came on the day we finalized a move to the coast :). Can feel the best wishes and send them right back to your door. -x.M

  2. I don’t think there is anything more fun than a re-entry sighting of M! I’m parked out the side, trunk open, holding the elevator door and carrying my share of loads for redistribution and loads to be beach bound! The peach tea and cookie breaks between trips sustain. 🙂 I see purpose in your solution for the posting picture challenge by how much fun it is to follow a linking trail! – add one more to your atmospheric, Samhain appropriate photo and we have the river circle quad transfiguring exponentially hence. So much love and endurance sent to you in motion! m

    • Thank you M! It is a wonderful and fully desired move! However, I just wish the actual physical moving was not required to make it happen -lol. This is also when I realize the weight of all the “stuff” I still carry around (literally and figuratively…which is also why I am given the opportunity to move so I can see it all and feel it out in the light of day). Got to love the learning layers. -x.M

  3. May the move be smooth! May you and himself be very happy in your new home! Love Pina

    • Thanks P! It is a big move and it is bringing up all the right stuff (inner and outer) for a good sorting through. -x.M (still thinking about piglet’s taking of pooh’s hand… so beautiful. i do the same with with N and my cat from time to time… touching for no reason other than the confirmation in love that they are actually there. DEEP juju afoot in that! )

  4. How did I miss this? Somehow my inbox, bloated with Old Navy and Toys R Us updates and coupons, once again overwhelmed me and I mistakenly deleted something important. Sigh. Well, somehow I have found it again. What a beautiful post! My haunts were fantastic, there were three of them; the beautiful devil queen, Darth Vader, and fat lil pumpkin in a wagon. I was an undercover witch. (Not much different there, as I am always an undercover witch….) Looking forward to spending this month of gratitude with you lovely ladies on wordpress!

  5. M, as always thanks for sharing your incredible taste in music. I hope you find the move as light and easy as the day your soul rebirth into our inimitable M. ♥☼♥

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