Picture Post Cards Of Home

A little love letter of home for those who have eyes to see.  I LOVE where we live..

(no I am NOT procrastinating packing… no I am NOT procrastinating packing  –if I type it again do you think it will become any truer?!  lol )



Header picture was gifted to the world by the amazing eye of Rick Whitacre , check out and support his work: X –image chosen in honor of my soon to be beloved coastal home (ok, I had better go sort the linen closet).

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3 thoughts on “Picture Post Cards Of Home

  1. Hi dear M. Another amazing video. Thanks you, very inspiring! Pina

  2. I do think my most magical night of star watching did occur on a cliff on the Oregon Coast, food in to-go boxes, nursing a 3 month old colicky Chloe, away from city lights – squeezed down into the smallest cell in my body while expanded out beyond the farthest visible light. Ever grateful that you do love where you live – this planet. sigh.

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