The First Step…


Oh, the joy of reading and finding such sweet scented food for the soul. -x.M

Embracing Forever

The first step in accepting your True nature is to look up from what you are doing, to disengage from the volition that you have become, to take one step back from the thread of responsibility and longing to which you are responding, and consider that the space into which you have stepped is more real, more alive, and more “you” than any place you have previously occupied.  There is no encounter or situation in space and time from which you could not successfully conduct this experiment.  This consistency ought to tell us something, keeping in mind that only the Truth is wholly consistent.

The first step in accepting your True nature is to be wounded by Love, for Love cannot wound and the Truth cannot attack.  What is pierced is the veil of falsehood to which we have assigned the mantle “reality”.  This is not a wound that will…

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7 thoughts on “The First Step…

  1. ::
    The wounding by love in the garden of living…

    …that deep, overwhelming realization that so much of what I thought was done while awake and aware in my life had gone on before in the state of disconnection and sleep…. choices I had made which I one day discovered were not supporting my touching of Truth in authentic living. When my first glimpse of this happened with any real clarity, I walked away … no make that crawled away rocked to the core. What followed for me, then was a period of profound mourning of our brokeness and my life as I had known it falling completely and utterly apart.

    In the light of seeing Truth, with those newly exercising eyes that can (taking baby steps at first) really seeing The Now, left me looking at a past that was then re-felt devoid of depth to such a deeper level than I could have imagined possible! My beloved life to that point felt so hollow and empty. I think I cried myself awake for months and months curled up at the roots in the dark bottom of the sea inside myself within the sudden awareness of the utter poverty of experience and meaning that had been in the landscape of my life to that point.

    I think for me, the after effects of the futile ruse crumbling left me a bit shell shocked and with PTSD for a few YEARS. (During that period of time I made a few life raft tying together choices with similarly wounded awakening others just to help keep us from drowning. I have such profound gratitude to those beings and experiences during that time of my life which helped support the making of the choice to still stick around for the earth-ride back then.)

    Looking back at all the choices I had made in my life from that sleeping state to that point in my life nearly did me in. Finding the courage to feel my way through the illusion of pain in allowing mourning of the illusion of time lost in that superficial past, without any finger pointing and blame generated by and in my ignorance, eventually helped me make friends with it and to see that past unseeing M was (and still is with what I have yet to see today!) always positioning me to have opportunities for remembering what we have forgotten!

    This is the deep sh*t of living the life of M.

    It has deep and wide reverberating consequences.

    Seeing Truth for the first time leaves us with a choice… to keep living what we now know are lies or to make course corrections and changes in our life flow. This is the chance to become the wild honeypot 🙂 workers in our lives OR our own undertakers. I actually physically stood in the shower many times back in those days watching my hair gather in clumps circling around the drain in the stress felt from not yet understanding the importance of my deconstructing life. I was metamorphosing and my hair had not yet gotten the memo that it could stay on my head as all it was that needed to fall out and away was the thoughts of meaning I was assigning to what was happening. Stress or excitement about feeling the painbody come home making room for new feelings in Truth to take place… the choice is ours.

    Truth, once seen, brings with it that fact that the dodo we have created in our past ignorance comes home to roost. We see clearly for the first time our own personally created dung heaps (in the form of unaligned relationships, fields of education/study, locations of living, affiliations with religions/ organizations, employment, monetary and emotional debts) which we then can choose to compost by doing the work of digging and worming and turning over and over our lives in observation and adding new experience thereby creating fertilizer supporting growth -OR- if our past is not dealt with in honesty using these new eyes that can see Truth, this will then become a permanent layer of festering pain that snuffs the light and life out of whatever is attempting to grow from the inside out.

    We cannot unknow what we know once we know it. Ever.

    When we see Truth we are given the opportunity to recreate our foundation layer of living to be a place of such incredible and powerful growth and blossoming to be built upon -OR- it becomes barrier and taint on living that always trails a foul odor of continuing to create in unTruth (which paradoxically still is a form of Truth -lol) that touches everything we do AND do not do.

    sniff… sniff… sniff…

    M does a smell test with M on Embracing Eternity….

    Ahhhhh, the sweet smell of a earthy potager garden found in the falls in Fall!

    I clip a little bit of rosemary and leave my reading and writing here making the most incredible lightly herbal infused pudding with the dry and stale bread found in the cupboard of my living… baked golden and then deliciously smothered in a wild honey scented, warm white sauce (a dish I actually once physically ate, cooked for me on a chilly Fall day back in the day using day-old rosemary bread by one of those precious life raft tided together teachers. That desert remains in my memory to this day as one of the best tastes ever to enter my mouth 🙂 ).

    These words in your post elucidate such a profound corner of the importance of love wounding Truth, with such clarity, that I know they will remain with me for the rest of my life.

  2. RECIPE:

    (scented with wild honey) 🙂


    How to make it

    courage to see
    allow feeling and deconstruct
    let the Truth reconstruct you


    (with honey scented whiskey white sauce)


    3 cups milk
    4 cups coarse, rosemary bread
    1/4 cup melted butter
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 eggs, slightly beaten
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup raisins
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    8 tablespoons margarine
    1 cup sugar
    1/4 cup honey
    1 egg
    1/8 cup whiskey

    How to make it

    In a large bowl, tear bread into small chunks. For best results use stale bread.
    In a saucepan, scald milk and pour over bread.
    Cool and add remaining ingredients, mixing well.
    Pour into a 11/2 quart casserole coated with cooking spray.
    Place dish in a pan of hot water (1 inch deep) and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour, or until a table knife inserted into pudding comes out clean.

    Cook margarine and sugar together in a double boiler until mixture is hot and thick and sugar/ honey is dissolved.
    Remove from heat. Add egg and beat.
    Cool slightly and add whiskey.
    Serve over pudding.

  3. Holy smokes M. It is quite clear we are riding the same frequency. I have just written the same post with different words. Digging and worming is so much fun with you, I’m so glad to get our hands dirty together.

    • I am typing through tears of joy and utter overwhelming happiness at tasting those bitter pills gifted by turning into the important corners of Truth. Truth which eradicates our utter state of ignorance in one grace filled moment of completely shattering the very foundations of the illusion.

      Only the power houses (ie: YOU A!) coming into this world to seed growth in Truth on this planet are gifted such a master teacher as your son. He is a bridge keeper, closer to still touching home… to touching all our perfection in the state of what “beingness” itself is. He was not needing to be embodied on this planet in the same “normal” -(please read there my definition of that word as it really is: lost and broken) physical way for the tests that we “abled body, but disabled of heart” 🙂 have called forth to grow from.

      I deeply feel that human beings with Downs have already passed with flying colors the very same tests in living life on earth that we are currently taking (my opinion alone based on having spent the bulk of my childhood before the age of 5 going in and out of the classroom with a mother who taught special education). People like your precious son are very holy to me. In their presence, I feel a sacredness and can always access a level of joy untainted. It is my feeling that they choose to come back in just to share and gift these reminding mirrors of home with those of us who (after helping ourselves) are here to help others this time by BEING WHO WE ARE.

      Much love and honor sent in the courage you have demonstrated in looking at what you have found on your plate and turning it daily into a feast fit for a queen.

      I am bringing the rosemary pudding to the party next time we meet by the river :).

      Love love loves -x.M

    • BTW… was fun to note that I used the very same picture when I wrote about one of my awakening drownings:

      Excellent (and yet humble -lol) taste keeps good company. 🙂 -x.M

  4. The honey bees of A and M and M and M crossed paths in the night – special hybrid bees who are lit from within. From the edge of the glen, their pathways of flight and truth made a visual show of connecting loops, enough so to make one dizzy. I just wrote part of this on Embracing Forever’s comments, but the ideas looped back to here.
    “Having the courage to be ourselves and respond to what moves us from the deep place of really seeing, and loving, not shutting down but really looking at even what appears to be missteps made from lack of knowing or forgetting. I love my precious windbag self who may have gone off about something she thought she knew! – The life that is played on the strings requires being open to the joy but also the pain that flows from really seeing and choosing to be the honey bee worker Maren so beautifully captured and composed in resonance with you.” Off for the morning run of pollen, sending joyful buzzing tidings upon your first west coast light. Send a tedious task or two my way – I know I had such help in June! XO!

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