The Extra-ordinariness of Ordinary Love

One of my most precious experiences with the utter and complete shared power of ordinary love happened one day on a bus while commuting home along South Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.  All of a sudden the traffic stopped flowing heading north in the opposite lanes.  For a few moments there were no more cars. Then out of nowhere, there was a large motorcade of police and big black shiny SUV’s cutting off all traffic flow.  My fellow travelers and I wondered aloud about who it could be that could be worth all that fuss.

Then I remembered.

Nelson Mandela had been speaking in our neighborhood at the University of Chicago that day.  I said out loud it must be him heading home.

After that revelation, all frustration about being stuck and the changes in traffic were out the window and you could have heard a pin drop on that bus filled with a rainbow nation of colors and creeds and cultures all heading home.

Tears welled up and there was not a dry eye as we all shared a moment of silent gratitude together for a man who was helping us remember that we can peacefully move mountains using love.

Just ordinary love.

Recently here at my new home on the coast there have been storms and gale force winds and this morning I awoke to the beach covered in what one of my precious teachers once lovingly referred to as “the great white silence”… it is that peaceful state of being on our home planet when water transforms and returns from the sky to earth as snow. What a wonderful day to remember this extra-ordinariness of ordinary love and share another quiet moment to celebrate a potential of how we can be here together as our brother Nelson finally made it home.


The sea throws rocks together
But time leaves us polished stones


header picture for this post is of a polished smooth rock I found on the beach which I then placed back into a crevice on the rough sea cliff that it originally came from 🙂

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9 thoughts on “The Extra-ordinariness of Ordinary Love

  1. Hey M! Glad that you’re settled in your new home. 🙂
    We have a dusting of snow here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon too. Enjoy!

    • Hey D!

      We got just a dusting and when I drove around the bay, the other side got none! None the less, it was a beautiful soft and quiet blanket to awaken to. Happy to be home. We shall dream up a visit complete with cups of tea in the new year. I can feel it in my bones :). -x.M

  2. Oh miss M, I am leaking around the eyes, feeling like I time jumped to that very same bus commute. The beauty of the rock’s return, the silence of so many in reverence for this man, the song and video I’ve never heard looping back to our syncing Lifts – one could drown in a sea of tears of joy from such ordinary love – not a bad way to go 🙂

    • I am voting for going on my way out swimming in our own salty seas with you. I know Mandela was FAR from perfect, but his life was a really good stab at the truth of changing potentials. Heart happy to have my life flow found with you enjoying the elevator music along side as we shift floors. -x.M

  3. Moist eyes on this end, too. We cannot help but be humbled by the raw and unfiltered expressions of Love we find in our midst.

    Great picture, too!


    • Much contemplation afoot in my home related to your words left at your home on embracingforever. Looking forward to joining you there again in the days to come. Putting the kettle on for a cuppa of Steven Smith no.45 and will be diving into your words again soon. Thanks for the read here. -x.M

  4. Fabulous post again! Thanks M…welcome back! May you and your hubby be very happy in your new abode, love Pina

    • Thanks Pina! There is the story and then there is the meaning behind the story. It is never about the furniture, but rather what the window dressing symbolizes in our deeper dives together. So happy to have your inspiration and support as we read and write together here :). -x.M

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