Nesting In -Transformations In Paradise

In the past month it has felt like the flow of my life has been constantly going from the expected to the extraordinary in the blink of an eye.

Just how do the things we surround ourselves with come to be there and is this actually linked in evolution to why we become how/who we are? -(got to love that dancing and shifting  w  !)

Another interesting side effect of my recent move is the fact that the physical space that I call home more than tripled in size.  No, this was not some into an American McMansion move, but rather the leaving of the postage stamp size of a tiny urban apartment for the modest 2 bedroom with den (which now feels incredibly spacious)!

I am a HUGE proponent of leaving space in ones living space so there were not tons of new acquisitions to fill up the new home, but I did enjoy a few trips onto the roulette wheel to acquire a few “new to me” things.  Yes, I girded up the loins and took a few spins out there on that unpredictable dance floor of human interaction otherwise known as

I sold my first item… bye bye kitchen island:



And I manifested/purchased a few new (to me) things in return as well…hello (and welcome to your new home!) vintage china hutch:

newly-nested-hutch-at-home(sound my heart made on sight:  X –applicable to the hutch AND cat 🙂 )

I had never been one to take the idea of tuplas all that seriously, but after this recent foray on craigslist, I am beginning to wonder if there is some deeper truth with this potential dynamic afoot within humanity -lol.  If one has listed something for sale in a public marketplace, I would think one is actually wanting to sell it.  Not an unreasonable expectation, yes?!  However, many times I responded immediately to new ads just placed on craigslist for items I had my eye out for and received this in return:



(complete silence)… hmmm?!




However, with some other items that were found to be real, it has been a wonderful process of nesting in and transforming diamonds in the rough into my own unique vision of paradise at home.  My motto and guide for acquisition has been if it is funky and fun, I am having it.  Not playful?  Not fun?  No craftsmanship? No history? No home found here and the objects can move along.  Move along boring and ordinary, move on down the road!  (a bit more about how I think about and acquire “things” can be found here: X)

I will share one such transformation with you.

It is a purchase plucked from a marvelous real man named Mike on craigslist.  He turned out to be a lovely non-tulpa with a real antique bench actually for sale from out of storage in his family’s barn on a farm in Newberg, Oregon.  VERY rough around the edges purchase, but a little bit of magic and this treasure was romanced back into a thing of great beauty.

Can a bench swagger?  You bet it can!  Especially when it is secretly blessed by and gifted the fun and funky plumage provided by birds of paradise:

beginning-transformation mid-transformation-in-paradise placement-of-bench-in-paradise finished-transformation-in-paradise

I adore living in world where beauty and behavior and meaning filled objects are intertwined.  And just how is that world created and accessed?  It is always only ever a thought and dance nesting in transformation in our own personal paradise away (…oh yes, all while finding the support of our non-tulpa family selling their fun and funky objects on craigslist 🙂 ).

So, just how and who am I with my things?  We are birds in flight transforming in our own uniquely funky aviary at home and having fun living and nesting in in paradise along the way.

I am loving every bizarre, evolutionary minute of BEING and creating here on earth.  😉   I am nesting in and transforming.  Are you?



This post was inspired by and is dedicated to my extraordinary husband N.

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8 thoughts on “Nesting In -Transformations In Paradise

  1. .
    N my sweet,

    We are so privileged to see the dance of creation together up close and personal and then getting to walk away using what we learn and remember to feather such a beautiful nest.

    Your love and support is palpable and helps create each incredible and unique piece of light and love and meaning transformed into form that enters through our front door. I adore the mirror of utter clarity you bring to our shared dance of living and creation more than any words can say.

    Sie den ort, wo mein herz ist zu hause zu schaffen.

    YOur M

  2. .
    39 ways to woo your lover? lol

    The full talk about their work and documentary can be enjoyed here:

  3. M, I am loving the words and pictures! All of your recent posts have been delightful! Just for the record, this is my third time attempting to comment, my crazy life has interrupted me every time! 🙂 I see YOU manifested in your funky, cozy, warm and energizing abode. I am so happy for you and N. We also move around a lot, 8 homes in 4 states in 10 years. Whew. I always notice that moving house is a gentle reminder to be present in life. I have left every home, teary eyed walking room to room, no longer thinking of the rooms that need cleaning or walls that need painting, but instead of the memories built within those rooms, those walls. Life is full of to do’s, but in the end, looking back, the beautiful rises to the surface. Stay present A, and don’t lose yourself to the to do’s! Thank you for the wonderful updates and insights lovely lady! Xoxo A

    • The dangerous and delicious dance of the “to do list” which when really looked at, has actually very little of ever HAS TO be done 🙂 on it. Oh the power of freer living into freedom once we see the choices we actually have! -x.M

  4. I just was able to sneak the time in to watch this bit of wonder fullness. I still don’t understand the how of it – I know the words – but wow – how did these adaptations occur – how magical is our world’s variety and playfulness? What inspiration awaits in every micro corner that we give our attention to? The dance seen from above of the ballerina dancer seemed a black-clad dervish, dancing to a trance toward divinity, flashing his yellow spark up not only to the female but to the sun as well! Thank you inspired pointer that is M! I wonder if the birds dance about on your bench when your backs are turned 😉

    • Yes I think they dance when they are ALLOWED to 🙂 . I also think that in our transformations we are the human equivalents. We turn “normal” upside down and in the process we are dancing our way closer to actually allowing the being of at home. Your plumage is divine Ms M. Simply divine. -x.Ms M

  5. Those birds in that video… They really get you thinking… someone is UP to something around here… And they’re good… Oh… they’re VERY good…


  6. We get left these little clues about a different potential in understanding what is going on here on this planet and what our role is with and within it all…these little silent reminders seemingly unrelated that are screaming with layers of meaning!

    It is NEVER about the window dressing itself (or furniture in the space), but rather the meaning that it is allowed to be created and designed from and in. When we begin to allow our own creation of authentic beingness, we can then begin to feel the potential for the extraordinary just sitting there awaiting our awareness under the ordinariness of everything in everyday living.


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