UP From The Depths


I have a feeling that my boat
has struck, down there in the depths,
against a great thing.
And nothing
happens! Nothing…Silence…Waves…–Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,
and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?

-Juan Ramón Jiménez


I am the storm and I AM the wonder


header photo is the view from my new secret west coast bimble bench location at my home on the pacific ocean, snapped as a winter storm rolls in

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9 thoughts on “UP From The Depths

  1. So beautiful M. You are the storm, you are the wonder, you are giving me the shivers. In a good way. Thank you for sharing a peek into your magical life.

    • If magical is what is seen on the look in that is only possible because the very same thing is afoot in the looking of your own life as well. The details are configured differently to assist us each with specific focus, however the outcome is the same. Wonderment at the whole big beautiful crazy ball of wax we experience as living is always a thought away! -x.M

  2. Breathtaking vista, glad u’r settling in so nicely. Love the shift in our every present “momentness” that the poem reveals. And as always, enjoying cool musical selections from the inimitable Ms M! ♥Much Love♥ & Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays sent right back! Sometimes the biggest shifts happen in the quietest of momentnesses (love that new to me word!) and nothing is ever the same again. Music with the focus of the moving of inner house is much fun to find floating in the archives of days gone by and glad you enjoyed it, too.-x.M

  3. WOW. Great view M! It’s a happy place…Pina

  4. Drowning and floating and nothing – how wonderful! In answer to JRJ, yes, it seems so. So grateful for the gift you have for finding the very things I do not know are out there that expand my keyhole view 🙂 XO!

    • This find is linked right back to the expansive view from your wide open door. It was a sync shared from knowing of one Mr. J. O’Donohue and it was at your feet that I found him!!! So welcome around about back home to you. -x.M

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