Memories Made Real

I started out intending to write a post about the power of pomegranates and the meaning and memories they hold in my life, particularly during the holidays.  However, somehow I have ended up on a detour heading back downstairs with apples and pears.

When this happens, some days I find it is best to stand still on the landing.  Just pause in the middle of the dream as it is about to turn the corner and just see where IT wants to take us.


By Edna St. Vincent Millay

We were very tired, we were very merry—
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.
It was bare and bright, and smelled like a stable—
But we looked into a fire, we leaned across a table,
We lay on a hill-top underneath the moon;
And the whistles kept blowing, and the dawn came soon.

We were very tired, we were very merry—
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry;
And you ate an apple, and I ate a pear,
From a dozen of each we had bought somewhere;
And the sky went wan, and the wind came cold,
And the sun rose dripping, a bucketful of gold.

We were very tired, we were very merry,
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.
We hailed, “Good morrow, mother!” to a shawl-covered head,
And bought a morning paper, which neither of us read;
And she wept, “God bless you!” for the apples and pears,
And we gave her all our money but our subway fares.


N and I spent our first Christmas together gifting ourselves a week of magic staying in Manhattan.  It was absolutely freezing cold and snowy that year, but we bundled ourselves up and set about having many adventures in that fine city.

During that time we also set in motion some specific dreams for the living of life together and many of those dreams in their details are only now unfolding into the flow of a living reality FIVE YEARS later.  And the conversations that week in New York City about those dreams that continue coming true?  Several occurred right in that same magic spot Edna was inspired to write about, too.


Cost to ride the ferry in 1960: $.05.  Cost today:  FREE  🙂


What are you dreaming into your reality this holiday season? And what in your reality are you letting dream you?

If anyone out there is reading with a heart pinging with the longing for something to happen that is not yet, I hear you.  I can feel you.  It takes the time it needs to take for the dreamed memory of what will happen to catch up to the place of crossing over into a memory of it actually having happening.  How long?  WE determine this.

Ferry crossings always take the time they need to get from where they are, to where they are going.  We navigate the waters of our daily living the same way and as we do, we await for what is coming up from our dreamed depths to arrive.  The dream being made real was always there at every point of the crossing, but it breaks to the surface (into the felt living of it) when we are READY for it to. When are we ready?

There is a special state of patience required for these crossings and surfacings…for the dreamed of unknown to catch up fully into the done and known.   YOU ARE READY NOW (and the details just catch up!)

Live life today knowing it already was and so it shall be.  Doing so will bring into your life every preparatory experience and connection and clearing and growing you need for your dream to become real.  Because it already is.

This post is a direct echoing back to whomever is pinging.  Don’t give up.  If you really want it, it will absolutely be yours to remember as made real as well.  From my home on seeingM to yours, the very merriest of wishes for the happiest of those memories of dreams of yours happening absolutely being true, too.

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5 thoughts on “Memories Made Real

  1. Wonderful inspiring post M… Thank you… living the dream IAM that IAM… and a very merry christmas time and new year to you and your family too… take care, Barbara

  2. My heart is amplified like the ping machine 🙂 You hear it! Oh, how wonderfully timely is this? I am traversing the waters of loving of myself and deeply imagining. Knowing the trajectory of it already was makes the bracing winds coming off the water a thrill of the moment’s contrasting appearances. How romantically wonderful to hear of the “nobrain storming” sessions of yesterday and see the outlying of the “of course-ness” of your now! This seagull flies over, takes in the breadcrumb trail and leaves enough for the “others” xo!! to you in yOUR field. – I catch a bit of your Rumi- ness when I talk to you, which I love love love!

    • The perfection of this reply takes the breath away and leaves a sound echoing in the ears of my heart. Shhhhh! Did you hear that?

      Ping…ping…ping :).

      Massive squeezes sent your way. -x.M

  3. Your post here, M, got me thinking… about dreams that can hardly be put into words, that seem to evolve day over day like as the Trainer whispers into my ear each morning about the task at hand, that give rise to encounters with beauty, wind-blown particles of snow being blown in sparkling translucent clouds through shafts of sunlight poured through the limbs of trees, and moments of overwhelm that catch hold of us in the mundane, brushes with littleness that I drag around with me also, all of which leads me to say, I can’t remember what I dreamt exactly that got me here, but one thing I can say is this: it ain’t done with me yet!


    • One particularly brutal winter some years ago an aircraft parking break froze in the on position while I was in Burlington, Vermont in December. Rather than wait days for another flight, I took Amtrak back to NYC. I had eight hours of watching the scenery move by the window as seen through a constant kick up of “sparkling translucent clouds through shafts of sunlight”. Hours and hours of looking through a sparkly filter gave the whole view a deeper remembrance of connection to the dream that we spring from and I arrived at Penn station a changed woman. I think it was during that window of time that I permanently lost the capacity to see things ever quite as dull again.

      Thank you for sharing from what isn’t done yet! -x.M

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