Light In The World

“Light never shows the same ocean* twice.
Only the blindness of habit convinces that
we continue to live in the same place,
that we see the same landscape.
In truth, no place ever remains the same
because light has no mind for repetition;
it adores difference.
Through its illuminations, it strives to suggest
the silent depths that hide in the dark.”

-John O’Donohue

The ocean I see and visit, each day is a different place.  The light and who I am in the now of that moment when I am seeing it, makes this so.  And who am I?

Ye are the light of the world.

Bushels be gone…and they are going, shared to the current level I can here on seeingM.  Dearest reader, blessings on your head for showing up and helping with this.


* original quote said mountain 🙂 .

I do not think John would mind one bit about this slight change, though.  I have fallen in love with this man as he posts on my heart.  Oh, the beauty brought to my door through his eyes…beauty that is changing my life, one sight in that light at a time.


A little sampling of many different views:

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9 thoughts on “Light In The World

  1. Hi M, I know it’s getting boring hearing it, but I love every post you’ve written( and your video and music choices) this year! SO happy Rumi himself brought us in touch! Have a great X- MAS celebration together with N. You’re definitely a light spark in our world! Namaste Pina

    • Ms Pina, a happy holiday Namaste right back at you. It has been a wonderful year full of finding fabulous family and friends here. Yes, to be introduced by Rumi is a thing of great gratitude and sacredness in my book. He and Shams are smiling right now. -xx.M

  2. Forgot to say, and photos!

  3. That is a beautiful image- full of both stillness and “breaking through”. There is the weathered rock, the evidence of countless years of standing witness, and the transient burst of light through clouds. The gentle waves of water. The dried grass of a season past. There are so many scales of time in the one image, it digresses into timelessness. And the way it is framed, there is almost no “subject”. All the “pieces” speak as one, point to something beyond. It’s not a picture of a rock, or of sunlight, or of clouds, or of grass, or of a tree.

    Lovely… For just that instant… And then the cycles progress, the scene dissolves, and a new one emerges…


    • The conversation between the light and the sea and the rock and the grass on the land and the human eye taking it all in is a delightful one to participate in and eavesdrop on. It is our story of living life changing moment to moment. Blessed be the light that you are, and the eyes that you are sharing what you see with. -x.M

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  5. This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine. I am staring at the saafi brothers album cover trying to figure out the reflection in the eye. It looks like the person is looking at the beach, but the reflection in the top part of the iris confuses me. It doesn’t seem to match the beach scene. Some of it is reflection of the eyelashes, but something looks different in that part. It is a bright sunrise based on the pupil.

    I digress. Thanks for the shares.

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