Finding Jesus

An unexpected outcome of my recent move was finding Jesus.  No really, I found Jesus in my new dreamed into reality laundry room (pictured above).  He was just waiting patiently for me to discover Him there, sitting on the utility shelf, mixed in with a whole stack of all the appliance information and owners manuals for the house I get the privilege of turning into home.


just as he was found, bit rough around the edges, but perfect!

I love the subtly of this approach.  🙂

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him,
and he with me.”
-Revelations 3:20

On this night of high holy holiday for so many in the world, it is my humble prayer that we all have the courage to open the door of our hearts to the hearing of the voice(s) speaking especially to us.  These voices have messages that share something very uniquely ours and also universally for everyone.   The names of the knocker will be different and can change for each of us depending on what is in best alignment for us to allow the knowing from (Buddha, Mohammad, Abraham, SM*, etc) .

For me, the voice of the tradition that I was born into was the one called Jesus.  Today, His voice continues to speak to me, but I am also delighted to report that His Truth has also expanded and been found to take the form of many other names as well…many names found reading and commenting here on seeingM, too!

But, the big JC Himself, still shows up from time to time in my life, usually with great humor and fun.  It is just like Him to be stuck to the back of the specs for the water heater.  He always arrives with the perfect reminders of what is important in the living of this life called M.


He now permanently lives blessing every load of laundry I have the privilege of doing in my new home…together, in this sacred space, we hear the knocking, and opening the door, wash our sins away.  🙂  (Or wait, was that the sound of a shoe banging in the dryer?? !!  lol )


Wishing a very Merry Christ-mas and a happy 2014 full of cleaning house back to home and lovely smelling linens for everyone!  -x.M


(yes, and I did date the organist’s son when I was in high school, but shhhhh, we won’t tell N  🙂 )


*SM  -my very favorite newly recognized deity:holy spaghetti monster

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10 thoughts on “Finding Jesus

  1. Wonderful discovery… Merry Christmas to you and your family.. and a magical 2014… Barbara

    I was wondering if you have had a chance to read my january challenge and wondered if you would like to join and write a short piece about your awakening…

    • Lovely, I did see your challenge and was hesitant to respond because I leave today for 3 1/2 weeks of solid work and was worried about carving the time to write something worthy of sharing on your sacred space. It is a load of egoic chatter that becomes bogged down in wanting an offering that somehow time prevents 🙂 ! I finish work around the 20th and then immediately pick up my baby brother and we fly together for him to meet his birth mother for the first time!!! So, much a foot, BUT are there any post spots left toward the end of the month? Let me know the latest one you still have available and I will make the time to write a little something. Your generosity of offering your blog space for our sharing is wonderful.


  2. How much fun can one Lord have? I appreciate the real time sharing of the reason for the season – from the house of M and N! What great links that go knock knock do go around here. (SM makes me hungry:)

  3. May you be touched by his noodly appendage this holiday season. 🙂

    This is similar to my picture of Zoidberg from Futurama as Jesus. I mean, why not Zoidberg?

    • And beautiful zen laundry room. I like the archways and the repetition on the mirror across the hall. Has sort of an Asian, well zen feel.

      AND… great visualization of what you want coming into fruition. Laws of attraction at work. Positive and grateful thought patterns materializing what we want with patience and work.

    • So pleased that the humor and depth is touched in your home, too. I have said it before, but worth saying again, if I can’t find at least a little chuckle at all times, this is when I know the matrix has me 🙂 . Love me a nice medium-rare stake, but slow cooked on the divine BBQ rather than done by replicator in a synthetic facade. -x.M

  4. Jesus can be handy sometimes! :)…your house looks very Irish, by the way… Love the pictures, pina

    • A house looking very Irish is a true compliment indeed. Enjoy sharing a few more tangible peeks as for some I think it helps give a feeling of connection to something past the abstract words. When we are comfortable, we let our guard down and this gives Jesus more ways to appear in the wash rooms of our lives :). -x.M

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