A Thinning of Patience

I am finding in my life more and more a thinning of my patience for anything that asks to waste my time…anything/anyone that is REGULARLY taking more light-love-energy than it/they are giving back into the world.

Currently I am in a place of really looking at the importance of practicing what I have always referred to as love from a distance.  This is loving people and wishing them well, but not engaging with them in our ignorance.

I have always done this before by intuition.  I have always known that in true love and compassion for self and others, one does not allow themselves to become a doormat or an enabler.  I have practiced enough tough love and distanced myself from the drama created in the world and in lives by repeatedly making unbalanced choices to know the importance of doing this. But recently this knowingness has hit a hard wall.  Recently my desire to not budge on entangling my time, talents and energy with those situations and people who are not actively seeking to grow has become unmovable.

It is ok to not want to use ones time talents and energy to focus on growth.  It is ok to focus on who is winning what celebrity dance off or who is ahead on a singing popularity contest, or who is playing who at what ranking with endless hours focused on TV with a beer on a Saturday night.  These are not “bad” things.  However, on Sunday morning where does having these things as a focus leave one within their own energy configuration…with their own bandwidth available to focus on a greater wholeness on this planet?  That is my focus and those who are not choosing the same are NOT less, but they can move along.  I will not be joining you to watch TV anytime soon.  Our time is so precious and we should not waste a moment of it with each other out of the illusion of some polite, mandated social construct.

I think that recently I have hit this wall because for the first time in my life in a real, palpable way, I have rreeaallyy felt the ticking of the clock related to the finite time I have available in my mortality living a life designated as M.  I have started to feel my age and how quickly the past 40+ years have gone.

The first time I noticed a real deep shift in my awareness was when I was sick this past summer and watched the BBC series on the historic gardens of Italy with Monty Don.  These gardens were planned and designed and enjoyed for only a few years by their creators and here it is hundreds of years later and the garden is still there, but the original gardeners???

Then just last month I stumbled upon this video about a woman they are calling the “Diva Mummy”.  It is a woman in China who is the most perfectly preserved human body ever found.  2000 year old melon seeds found undigested in the stomach that remain plant-able! We know of a meal almost 2000 years ago for a woman who was living her life just like I am now.  But, in the intervening centuries what has changed upon this planet?

Already there have been so many people that have fallen away from the flow of my life.  I have realized that my standard for engaging is set at a place so radically different than the mainstream that to be my friend now takes work!  This is not work related to interacting with me (hopefully my friends would say this is the case and that they enjoy engaging with me! lol), but the work I refer to is with the dedication of huge chunks of their time focused with a desire and willingness to be working on themselves.

If you are not in motion in your life,
growing and working to share what you find,
move along.

I do still love you loads, but our priorities are different for the living of our lives and I will no longer waste** any of OUR precious time pretending to care about pursuits that are keeping our planet and the people on it trapped.

Anyone else out there having a similar experience or do you have any additional thoughts about this?  A bit radical to say, but I am over it today.  (Might also be that I am just finally coming this week to the end of a big chunk of work and I am tired.  Patience and tired are still a challenging cocktail for me to mix!)


**Ultimately I know nothing is ever a “waste” of time and if someone or something is found upon our life flow path (and our focus and intention set for life is growth), it will be there for our good.  However, if there is a choice involved for engaging or not, more and more I am choosing not.  If there is a lesson to learn, it will not be missed because something or someone similar will find my life flow again.  A pattern will show up.  When it does, then I know it is for me.  Until then, I am feeling the tests of distraction and I am less and less interested in turning my head for people and things that are dying on the vine.

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28 thoughts on “A Thinning of Patience

  1. M there must definitely be an increase in this energy frequency strengthening ones ability to love from a distance, available to humans choosing to tune into it. I just have done this, broken some old childhood toxic behavior patterns, and suddenly have the strength to make much better choices for my own sovereignty and have expelled certain parental voices from my head that have belittled and manipulated me my entire lifetime. The insides of my head are so incredibly free. Immediately following this expulsion of darkness, some really difficult and intense events have followed with my little N. I sent your N a FBI message asking you two for some healing and strengthening energy from your powerhouses of awesomeness. I love this post and am so comforted and intrigued that you are experiencing the same thing as me at the same time. A step toward the forthright and a bit away from the yielding for me, to better establish a strong center.

    • Our Precious A,
      I was not aware of the little N challenges, but big N and I have had very spotty communication the past few days. I have been solidly at work since Dec 26 with many of these past days spent on layovers in international destinations with no easy cell access…

      Oh lovely, my heart is there with you and your little one whose form is being so challenged. Big N and I are on the calendar together to talk later this afternoon (a long distance phone date) and we will make sure to hold a space during the conversation for sending a massive burst of love and comfort and clarity and calm directly down the psychic pipeline to you. In the meantime, LARGE electronic hug is left for you both right here:


      KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS to you for coming out the other end of the holidays in (pardon my French) no bull shit mode. I have felt the same. I can no longer listen to the laundry list of self inflicted craziness of some peoples lives with a straight face. More and more people circling in my world are coming to know that you do not ask Maren what she thinks unless you are prepared to get her CURRENT truth (she reserves the right to grow and change her understanding!) at full force with both barrels loaded. I am done doing the tip-toe dance around sensitivities just to avoid conflict. I speak from and with the intent of love when I say TO MYSELF AS WELL AS OTHERS: PISS OR GET OFF THE POT!

      …it is a one bathroom life and time spent in there doing our business is precious :).

      You sweet lady are one of the powerhouses of awesomeness which is why we have found each other here. We are all helping each other set ourselves free and what a wonderful place that is to be!!!

      So sorry that you are getting me writing from such a feisty head space. -x.M

  2. M, you speak truth on many levels. Time is currency, and we are purchasing with it in every decision for what will fill our time. (not only that, but for those who embrace the monetary, time has real economic implications, ergo our time is worth something of value that can be put into dollars, though that still does sell it way short) Ultimately, time is much more valuable than money. Money merely tries to by us more time, but the more we go through life the greater it fails.

    People understand and respect when you want to make tough decisions with your money, yet they often assume time on this planet is a completely renewable resource. This is another reason those in their 70s, 80s and 90s are so much wiser in their perspectives. They’re not under the illusion of time.

    One thing television does is make us spectators in life instead of participants. Sure, a show here or there is harmless (the same could be said of most anything which later becomes addictive), but the habit of being connected to its input system for sustainability a la 50-75% of our leisure time is anything but harmless. Life itself is not a spectator sport.

    Patience, yes, in itself is a virtue, though we are not told to be patient in our vices.

    And so, here’s joyfully wondering if 2000 years later we have a re-creation of what is now the Diva M…

    • Joy of joys to have a quick note from one RR…

      My grandpa once said that he had never seen a hearse with a luggage rack on it. Money comes money goes. Things come things go. But time? Well from my currently ability to access it, it only goes. Most precious resource going. It is why I became a flight attendant because it is an employment that once you have senority with your company, you have immense freedom over just how and when you trade your time for $$$.

      Gracious a Diva M! I LOVE IT! If I were to be found in 2000 years??? …and in her stomach I hope is found the remnants of garlic mash potatoes, a freshly picked ripe tomato and London broil, medium rare. Great last meal.

      Wishing health and happiness to you and yours, -x.M

  3. Anonymous on said:


  4. more and more, there is less and less ~ the depth found in the simplicity makes the alternative untenable, so often. Soothing silence, rest, refreshment, and a check mark in the box for the freedom of choice for engagement sent from me to you ~ I love how I know I do not need any return to, on or from the people who have come into my life in the past few years – there is no obligation, and distance or engagement are sought not but welcomed both as the flow indicates ~ xo! to you in your beautiful expression of clarity for your now. No need to respond (haha!:)

    • Sigh. (a heart happy one)

      Oh, the beauty of landing in the lap of luxury that a true growing friendship is. I love and adore you so much Marga that I know I do not have to talk to you ever again :).


  5. Dear M,
    I very much can relate to a desire to be attentive to the input as well as the output of our energies and the value of their dissipation in our short span of time here.

    For myself, I try to remember that there seems always to be a certain amount of tension between self and other that involves a give and take, especially in marriage, family, work and commitments.

    What a luxury we moderns have in one sense that we have a fair amount of freedom to structure our lives in ways of our own choosing. The downside might be that technology brings us in reach of so much more than we have time for, so choices will and have to be made, yes?

    I have a televsion now, but have lived without one for very long spans of time. It does not get turned on very often, and with the blueray player attached, I frequently use the entire system to play music through pandora or music videos. My husband and I do enjoy watching a movie now and then, but we are both big readers and prefer to spend quiet time with our books over a contant stream of what strikes me as repetitive garbage both in the form of movies and tv shows.

    There are a few tv series that I have enjoyed, but if you can’t engage me in the first two or three shows, I’m done.

    Much of how we spend our time seems to me to be contextualized by the people in your life. I have friends that I play music with and other than that, we do not engage in anything of substance in conversation or other forms of sharing.

    I do have a keen nose for sniffing out those who want you around so they can “talk at you.” It’s sad to me, and for me there’s a limit as to how much time I am willing to spend with them.

    Not sure if this helps or not, but I do feel that what we say yes or no to remains an ongoing struggle. When I know someone is hurting, yes I want to be available to them, but like you say, if people are not willing to put themselves on a path that opens themselves to being healed, I am tempted to conclude that there is something in their woundedness that they very much need and are unwilling at this time to let go of.

    So much of choosing how to spend one’s time comes down to what we do with this time. I try to meet people where they’re at, but if there’s no reciprocation, then it may be that our time spent together is much less than it could be otherwise.

    Thanks for bringing up a very great topic!

    • What a beautiful and thought provoking reply. Yes I too do find that there are many people that fill many different roles in my life and that each one is valuable and precious to me in their own unique way. There are also others who I never get a thing back from when I share with them and this is ok too, because I can also see them giving to others in other areas of their sphere of life influence, and I know what I give is always given on in their own way… thus balancing the equation of energetic exchange.

      Still there are others who I dearly love and who I would love to help, but I have found that there is a minimum amount of work that must already be done by those people providing them with a framework for being ready to receive any help that, well, will actually help! These are the folks that, for me, I bless and love from a distance because to attempt to give and do anything until they are ready is a waste of time…my time AND theirs. We end up doing more damage than good. Not that I pretend to play God knowing to perfection when someone else is ready, but there are usually reliable markers of their working towards their own growing that indicate anything given will be found to hit fertile ground. We plant the seeds and see if anyone takes up the task of watering and weeding and tilling their own soil ready for germination and the growing. I would never write anyone permanently off, but until there is a bit of dirt under the nails, I focus on other areas of our shared gardens :).

      It is such a joy to be met where we are at, but any exchange worth it’s salt always inches where that is on…me for others and others for me. If where we are at never moves, it is ground that has been covered and need not be visited over and over and over. Trampling of the same ground can only be done for so long before it kills the ability for anything to grow there. At that point usually the universe will send in some kick ass challenge of a rototiller hardship that forces movement or death. I myself have not signed up to be the bearer of that needed level of such intense drama very often for anyone other than myself. 🙂


  6. i hear you. I’ve been feeling something similar for many years. And my NO is not taken lightly. With my children this is easy. They have heard the NO all their lives, and they know they have to find out things themselves and become independent. The eldest, sixteen in 10 days, has reached that level, and only asks for help with maths and physics. The smallest is now nearing 7, and making long term decisions for herself. But still in need of a lot of help and in need to be played with, often, although these days she’s playing alone a lot too.
    From my partner I feel the cold when I say NO. I don’t know anything about car radios, when hers fails. And taking the time to transfer to a new mobile phone that she got as a gift from me, … ‘when there is time I can help, but right now I have a class to prepare’ has not been appreciated to say the least.
    I have started to oppose every dark unilateral move, and other things below the belt, and I hope she sees it. And I recognize that ‘watching TV’ thing. She would have liked me to sit next to her watching her programs, something I have opposed for as long as I am alive, and doesn’t ask for it anymore — but I sometimes still feel her resentment about that. I should better stop. My complaining also takes my time 🙂 and it is good for nothing.
    I have no idea what kind of preconceived ideas are implanted into people’s heads about relationships. But to me it should be an alliance between two independent people, creating a synergy so both feel a positive impact …

    • What a great share Burt. It is a challenge to live life without a focus on a tit-for-tat score keeping of giving and receiving. What I try to focus on is the implications of the intent and energy behind what actually is happening. That is the level that has lasting consequences from my experience. We do not want to cripple those we love in dependence or alienate others by not being available when they are truly in need, so it falls to us to fine tune our discernment and to understand where the balance point is found to give the most empowerment to all concerned.

      I use fluffy TV watching as my touch stone example for “normal” acceptable human time usage. Although I will acknowledge that I do watch some pretty large and loud fluff from time to time on the computer as well. A guilty pleasure example is the TV show Grimm. It is terrible, but I love seeing that they use the gas station around the corner from where I use to live in Portland. I also am currently experiencing a huge girl crush on the lead for a show called Blacklist. She is beautiful and I love the warped morality of the bad guy in the show.

      What I am really on about with the TV example is hooking priorities for what is important in this life to something that is to be spoon fed to us from the outside. Looking outside tends to suck our actual humanity dry. So few things in the media and popular culture actually mirror the integrity and any healthy way of being a human being acting and reacting with each other on this planet. The way the Kardashians live is so full of poverty on so many levels and yet this is what we share and pump out to the world as worth engaging with. It may seem innocuous and just some voyeuristic fun, but I am telling you, there are deep wounding consequences for any focus put on such lo-fidelity output. We can never walk away without some psychic ickiness clinging to our consciousness. -That may sound a bit melodramatic, but it is something that I have personal experience with knowing is an actual occurrence.

      As for relationship and your sweet/challenging lady, you have called to yourself your perfectly designed mirror to show you your strengths and areas of weakness. Perfectly matched imperfections and we only hope that enough personal work has been done that the growth can be done together from pretty consistent access to a state of emotional balance -neutral to unconditional love. Personal work growing can be done without any drama and is always just a different choice away for engaging with it when not in the throws of no patience (yes M with your post today :)!!) and emotional turmoil.


      • Thank you for your long reply. Calm and patience have returned in my brain, and in the family. 🙂

      • Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. I too find myself in a calmer and more collected spot this morning. I appreciate your willingness to engage from just where you are at when you are there rather than carefully crafting the fantasy of perfection to engage from. Being real is a treasure and sharing that realness one of the greatest gifts we can give those we engage around us. Honored to have the words of your heart in the moment be so joyously offered here.

        AND I am glad the brain is “better” 🙂 (not really ever not ok, but I know what you mean!)


  7. I can truly relate to your beingness M… I too only want to focus on my life, my pleasures, the joy of the life’s beauty… I have no more time for people who indulge in ‘the small and limited life’… although I respect their choice, but beg to differ… It may seem selfish, but in this way, I do meet/attract the kind of people that heart’s are open and our topic of conversation enjoyable… take care, Barbara x

    • Thanks so much for the note. Have enjoyed catching up today on peeks in on those who have joined your writing challenge. I have not forgotten mine for the 24th and will have something ready to go.

      I think this post arose today out of the past weeks spent meeting and interacting with hundreds and hundereds of people and seeing who had their faces glued to the little electronic baby sitters in the sky (otherwise know as 36 channels of free live TV available with XM radio on the airline I fly for). We loose the TV signal when we go out over the ocean and as I have been doing many trips to the Caribbean, Central and South America it has been interesting to watch what happens to the FEELING of being on the plane when the TVs go off. People actually start talking to each other. There is a strange relaxing of tension as they enter into their own thoughts. Interesting thing to observe.

      I do agree that we attract into our lives just what we need when we need it. I do however think that at times it is all about our ability to grow using our discernment to engage or not engage. When we ask for a place to interact with high quality it appears to the level that we ourselves can attract it. How deep do the people around us go? Usually as deep as we can with them.

      The kindest and most gracious thing we can do for the planet and those we share it with is to empower and enlighten ourselves. I do see coming to a point that no matter who or what is standing in front of me I am not moved from a still point of presence at the center of our beingness, but some days in some moments I am still so not there. 🙂


      • I must of been off my own radar yesterday for a while as I attracted a real scum bag of a russian trying to get me to rent his small and tatty apartment… although I was very aware that he could easily kill or rob me… I got out as quick as I could but I am left with a guilty feeling… So today IAM feeling into it… and ask myself can I truly allow myself to trust that I will go to the right place to find a nice luxury apartment for Tom and I to live in next…

      • What is it we see when we look into the mirror of the face of the scum bag of a Russian and see our own eyes reflected back? Ms B, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE OK and that the universe was only asking you to consider some possibilities in your life without having to have a physical experience to go along with them.

        Part of me knows that there is no Russian outside myself (energetically), but that still does not stop the stomach from churning a bit when the feeling of seperation is standing in front of me in a tatty creational form.

        It has been my experience that when I have the freedom of many choices, when one does not smoothly fall into place easily, it is usually because I have attached my idea of how I want my future to flow to something that is not actually for my highest good. When it has been “right” for me, things have always fallen into place without me really even having to try hard.

        Maybe the perfect place for you and Tom is still needing a bit of germination because the stars need a bit more time to align for it to be available, so in the meantime you are shown things that will not tempt you to “make do”. Also (although it pains me a bit on one level to say it) maybe the next step in your evolution is not the renting of a luxary apartment and your higher selves are trying very hard to prevent a sidetrack down a road that will take you longer to get where you are going. Has there been a sneaky pull to do or be somewhere else? Have there been repeatedly poping up quiet little thoughts that one desires to quickly swat away because following them would take you in a different direction than to the swish apartment that your current thinking desires? I only ask this because I have done this before. My deeper heart tried to get me to pass on going for the answer I was stuck on, but I wouldn’t. This only lead me having to move twice (with all associated costs doubled thank you very much 😦 lol 🙂 ! ) instead of once if I had just listened to quiet promptings that I did not want to hear.

        With this past move I went through something similar. THE HOUSE FOUND ME! We had seen the ad for this house, but had not bothered to look at it because it was rather south of the location that we actually wanted to be in. However, one afternoon we were randomly out for a drive NOT EVEN HEADED TO THE COAST and ended up on a very small little road through the coastal mountains that dropped us very close to the location of the house. I remembered this house and we drove by and did a window peek. All fell into place to see it very quickly and then we hit a wall. The houseing sitution in the US is a mess and all of a sudden due to nontraditional employment (meaning our monthly incomes are not on a set rate and can vary radically) it looked like we would loose the house… the house my heart is now set on. ATTACHMENT M?!?! Once I released the attachment to this house, to any specific way forward other than one for growth and expansion of sharing true love with my precious hubby Neil wherever that was going to be, THEN all quickly fell into place. I started to live in a space in my heart that was already enjoying the feeling of home with him WITHOUT attaching to the details of what that would look like actually outside in the world that a car could drive up to a front door on. I am sure you do this too, but thought I would write this out for anyone else who finds themselves reading here, too. Words as reminders for us all. I felt home first, then an actual home aligned.

        Just some thoughts to contemplate. I send out to the universe the excitement and happiness that you and your sweetheart are going to get exactly the next best thing to support your growth and evolution and that you can see and feel it clearly. You are so loved and at the end of the day, when love is present, all is well.

        I have a sneaky feeling that you and Tom could make a tent lovely and feeling home due to what it is that would be shared there. Trappings of nice are fun, but they are not needed when heart shared and lived as home is the focus.


  8. Really interesting topic, M. As I sat down at the keyboard to write tonight, feeling a sort of spaciousness having left work early today and finding an hour or two caught in the indeterminate state of a wave equation that has yet to collapse, I thought to myself… I feel like there’s enough time for everything that matters… It was weird, in a good way. I just thought of how there was nothing I thought I wanted to accomplish that I really need to… So many desires lead to stress… Not that I intend to be a bump on a log, but if there’s enough time for everything that matters… Felt like a good experience.

    And I don’t say this to detract in any way from what you’re writing about, because while it may sound like I’m saying time is a precious commodity and you should watch TV, I’m not. I’m just not sure it’s a time issue, as much as it is an issue of passion, and choosing to surround yourself with those in alignment with the values you desire to express and be immersed within. That is such a powerful approach I think: a choice for…

    Although I confess: I am growing a little concerned about how long it is taking me to get back to Mr. Herbert’s world… 🙂


    • I do believe there is a state of balance that if I was in at all times, a post like this could have never been written 🙂 . This post was love that can (when it dances with ego) attempt to still experience separation and other as different from self. I find I still fall in those holes when I am tired or edging toward sad at observing the state of the world or have just spent 3 1/2 weeks out flying almost everyday with vast chunks of humanity that seem pretty sound asleep and with whom I have been observing to be a bit tetchy to actually rude with each other when traveling. These are not experiences that I draw often (people who work the 18 hour days that happen due to winter storms LOVE to do them with me because they know that it is rare for M’s flights to ever have drama 🙂 ) However…

      It is also me just calling uncle and admitting to the fact that from time to time I have caved into the seeming shortcut of just playing along with social expectations and listening endlessly at the level about the latest outfit that Angelina Jolie was spotted in just to meet the person who is engaging me at the place they are comfortable and are offering. However, as I would rather go to the dentist than to a mall most days, this can be felt as Maren in herself being unauthentic in her interactions. 🙂 I am mastering the art of communicating while not wanting to pretend to care about a focus of surface interests while still caring about the person.

      More and more I am politely declining attempts to engage that would take one on a trip deep into the territory of normal American popular culture where most people live and engage the meaning of their life from. I find my ability to be genuine and present is stretched when one wants to dish about the latest scandals happening with the anchors of the national morning news programs (a topic of conversation I was exposed to with a big discussion going on around me yesterday at the airport…names and people that I do not know because I do not watch TV and when I admit this, it is fun to see who looks at me like I have a deformity for not being aware of what is happening in the world –although as a fun aside, I did recognize Joan Lundon the other day as she was in my service section on a flight I worked from NY to LA and I am happy to report what a real, gracious and lovely woman she was!).

      I do agree with your assessment and observation that this can be seen as a passion and focus of growth issue, but I am finding that when it touches up against how I am asked to spend my time, I am not willing to bend into accommodating as readily. Most months almost all days I am in a position of the one that was provided by your beautiful early end of work yesterday with the indeterminate state of wave equation (MM you brilliant and fun connector you). It is the way I get to spend most of my days. I realize I am spoiled in that (although it took past hard work and challenging choices moving away from mainstream culture and it’s expectations for living to earn this current life/time configuration!). When I am asked to go back out into the world, I do usually enjoy my fellow human siblings, but I am finding I have a limit to the exposure of the surface level of living that I want to engage. Not my job to wake anyone else up, but my patience of a saint gets less saintly 🙂 with too many days on the run dealing in and with fluff. I can stand in the middle of Times Square for weeks and weeks and love and love and not be moved off my center, but I am still working on stretching that to months and months :).

      Thanks M for such a thoughtful response. I am happy to be able to expose my foibles and receive such support and wisdom in return.


      Getting back to the illusion of time as well… such an interest

      • You know, Maren, I’m not sure I quite pulled off that note yesterday. I think you should interpret it as me trying to share this discovery of feeling like there’s plenty of time- not an everyday experience for me. To give that to you in case it might help. A gift to cushion and support.

        I totally get it with respect to crying Uncle. Last time I flew was a three and a half hour flight and flight is just not the most humane of processes. I thought of you as the flight attendants were faced with, once again, the deep inability of humanity to grasp the notion that you may not be able to jam your three-ton suitcase into the overhead bin if your more than halfway down the boarding schedule. Then they start trying to come back to the front, bitter with the way the world has contrived against them, moving against the bag-carrying tide. You have to be a saint to work in this field. You are a saint. Taking time and setting boundaries… I hope it didn’t seem like I was suggesting anything otherwise…

        Your note reminds me of when I first began working in a professional firm. Around the same time I was going through a particularly intense personal time, and committing to doing some inner-ceremonial work, and really trying to get right down to it, I guess, and all the perceived inability of people to deal on the level of real depth was so difficult. When people were most comfortable having conversations that sounded like a witty sparring contest, or a reduction of spirit to bodily features and intelligence quotients, I wanted to run out of the room. Turns out I wasn’t really seeing too clearly at the time, either… Those mirrors really work! 🙂 Now I have a completely different sense of the same situations and people.

        Here’s to depth, and engaging with all that matters and that we desire.


      • Intent of your original message received with love and appreciation for the follow-up as well. Your flight observations bring a smile. I wrote a bit about how I view my job here:

        It is a great place to observe humanity in motion…in our brilliance and in our ineptitude.

        So grateful for finding here a place to engage with others who are engaging with all that matters to them as well. -x.M

      • Lovely post, M… I had a flight once where I was, through some sort of divine lottery, bumped to first class. Not exactly sure how or why. Certainly not due to points accumulated. Had more to do with traveling alone and balancing the weight of the front and back of the airplane or something. It was incredible, because outside the window I could see the northern lights. The only time I’ve ever seen them. So beautiful…


      • I am not sure how I missed your bump up story until now, but how wonderful! I have found that true love rewards the true lovers of this world 🙂 .

        I too have only ever seen the lights from a plane window, but with a show at what seems like eye level, I don’t feel too deprived. -x.M

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