Signals In Radio Silence

Over the past weeks I have been experiencing a perfect communication storm in my world.  I have been sick and at the same time electronically cut off from the world.  It has been a very interesting place to sit a bit and view my corner of the adventure from.

I put out my last post as part of the January awakening challenge submitted quickly from being sick in bed at a hotel in LA (without time or energy available to respond to so many supportive and insightful comments that came in that day!).  Then the very next morning, I flew home only to spend these past few weeks mostly flat in bed doing the dance of keeping the formal diagnosis of pneumonia just at bay.

There have been days and days of not feeling well enough to do anything but sleep away the aches all while coughing, clearing the lungs just enough to allow breathing, but not enough hopefully to do permanent damage to the aching muscles around the ribs.

Oh, and for that incessant blowing of the nose??? –I have found the crown jewel of cool comfort when one finds the schnoz rubbed raw which I am pleased to recommend on to anyone else who may be finding themselves so challenged anytime soon as well:

kleenx cool touchI am not kidding, these tissues are the bomb and complete balm worth recommending on with five massive  * * * * *s  to any nose in need.  I am not sure how they get the cool little arctic hugs into them (probably some chemical reaction that it is best to remain ignorant about details on), however the raw, hot and bothered skin around any sore nose will thank you immensely for hoofing out to get some of these.  I digress though…

Then last week when the fever finally broke long enough to focus the eyes, I turned on my computer to check in here on this little electronic sanctuary and I got in return a big fat nothing.  This not meaning nothing here on the blog, but rather I found my little work horse of a MacBook had finally gone off to the silica chip happy hunting grounds in the ethers taking with it all my stored access log ins. Plugging the computer in allowed power to be pulled into the internal juju working bits creating some movement and sounds, but there was no translation from those gyrations with anything coming onto the screen.

There is a moment of pause left in the deep silence of appreciation for my old  Pro left right here:


This is done in honor of the little work horse of electronic love of a device that logged more travel miles making the journey of life with me much longer than should have been mechanically possible for a computer with as much travel and stuff in motion abuse as my lifestyle brings.  It is complete gratitude for 5 1/2 years of adventures moving around the planet together with me all while being such an important touch point of creation and contact with the people that I love.  My little Pro will be greatly missed.

So, finally at the end of last week when I was feeling well enough to sit up for 4 consecutive hours in a row, it was off to the fruit market to choose a new little malcus domestica I went.  However after purchasing a new machine, I discovered the innards of my last computer were so old that special efforts had to be made to allow them to talk to the new hot rod innards of today’s computers.  This meant that the new purchase of a slick little whisp of a nothing Air required that it be left at the store with my old hard drive for an additional 72 hrs so the folks at the Genus Bar could chaperone the proper introductions needing to be made.  In the meantime, I headed home to the coast to complete my physical recovery while data recovery was underway.

Now FINALLY almost a full week after this, that is after being snowed in at the Oregon Coast and watching epic weather chaos in Portland, I am finally able to rejoin the blogging world after picking up a new computer that has access to all my old settings and codes that unlock the doors letting me into my electronic home.  I did have all my pass codes saved off line and they were stored so well somewhere at home that they did not give up their hiding places for use on any borrowed computers.  🙂

The main reason for this quick post though is that now with access again granted, I find I have much to catch up on.  So many wonderful souls have left comments and little loves notes for me here.  Thank you for this.  You are read, savored and much appreciated.  I am happy to report that all is on the mend and my new little whispy diva of a computer is happily along for the ride.

It has been an interesting few weeks to be forced off line and into the stillness that illness at times requests.   Shortly we will be rejoining the regularly scheduled world which it turns out has marched on, still in progress.  I am currently working on letting go of any frenetic impulses to explode with hurried words all over everyone here and instead I am posting to you all in mass.  Thanks for reading and writing and giving me something to look forward to using my new computer to enjoy.


– – – –

Including this as just a bit of fun to show what it takes these days to get a radio signal at our home over on the coast as well:

getting a signal musa acuminata to the rescue in so many ways

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8 thoughts on “Signals In Radio Silence

  1. never know what to say on comments. .. i know you feel better from reading the above. hope you get back to 100% pretty soon!

  2. Dearest M… thank you for this genius mass communication… a great idea… So it was time for a big spring clean of your body, mind and spirit… me time… enjoy… (your computer giving a double message of chill out or else…) I always make a point after my body/life gives me some quiet time to continue not being so busy..busy… It is the time to enjoy life and observe…. take care Barbara x

  3. Oh dear. I am so sorry you were sick. Pneumonia seems to be in the energy waves right now. I hope we didn’t toss them to you. 😦 I do wonder if you may have taken some of little N’s troubles into your own energy field, to give him a much needed break and quicker recovery, and I thank you for that cosmic act of kindness, and so does he. 🙂 Besides your illness, this post gave me several very appreciated chuckles. I very much enjoyed my mental images of a junior high school dance of iPads decked out in their newest fashions and thinner to boot, being chaperoned by some version of the Geek Squad. I also love (what looks like) a bird of paradise hanging out with an ancient pine. Seems the giddy shiny little plant is perhaps also being chaperoned by her sturdy friend. Lots of love and healing and clearing of the airways lovely M!

  4. So glad you’re back M! I missed you…glad you’re on the mend.

    • Looking forward to catching up on class with you. Hope all weathered well for you and yours recently. We lost a few plants and the trip to pick up the new computer was delayed, but other than that it was snow angels on the beach! -x.M

      • I can only imagine how beautiful the snowfall was at the beach. Although the transition back to rain was ugly, all is well here. I enjoyed my time not being able to use the car. We live close in to town and so enjoyed walking to get some groceries and a visit to our favorite brew pub.

  5. Hi dear M! I hope you’re feeling tip top again soon. Enjoy your new computer! Love Pina

  6. rockomnibus on said:

    This is Major Tom to ground control… I’m stepping through the door and I’m floating in a most peculiar way… And the stars look very different today……….. From my electronic sanctuary to yours…

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