How Many Of You Are there?

I was all set to share a very dark and broody post about lost loves and love found from this stormy February day at my home on the coast, but that thought trajectory just went out the window with my introduction to this fantastic website:

I have just discovered that my husband and I are the only ones in the United States of America to legally have the combination of our first and last names.  Strangely unique?!  Yep, that would be us.  🙂

This site is a delightful find to play around with.  It was unearthed from one of the magic minds that I get to check in on from time to time.  The way my friend Rusty sees the world makes me laugh and makes me think…the perfect combination.

His latest brilliant musings, ruminations and observations can be found here (read at your own risk of laughing while being enlightened):

They say no two snowflakes are alike. Except for snowflake doppelgangers, a very rare strain of snowflake.”
“Declaring what you want out of life suggests an expectation that it cater to you. You don’t have to order it — the buffet is open.”
The pursuit of enlightenment involves no accumulation, but only the ridding of our assumptions.
“Crest says on the label that it fights cavities and tartar. That’s what I need is a toothpaste that gets violent with my mouth.”
Really, no matter what our names, there is a deep uniqueness that we all have that contributes such beauty to the planting of the garden as we share the whole.
(If you so feel like it, report back in the comments how many people of your name it turns out are floating around out there!  –there are 4 with my dad’s name, 9 with the last person I dated before meeting N, 29 for my favorite elementary school teacher, 14 with the name of the boy I first kissed…the fun of checking is endless!)
(And as just another aside, I have always thought it would be fun to track down all the babies that were born within the few hours around the time I was at the same hospital and to see how powerfully birth sign tendencies hold up under the spotlight of detailed examination!)



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11 thoughts on “How Many Of You Are there?

  1. Very cool. My name is all too common. My maiden name is a little more unique.

    I do remember when I was a teen, watching some tv show and one of the guest characters had my dad’s name, Lee Rogers, which is not a very common name. It struck me as so odd that anyone would choose a character name of Lee Rogers!

    • The first time I heard my name used in a movie it upset me a bit for a minute. I did not want it to become popular. Then I thought what is a name? It is not me and I laughed. Still, having a name that is not common has created some fun pronunciation moments for people seeing it spelled out for the first time. I started telling people that I am a really yummy Aaron. Mmmmmm aren. :).


      • Lol!

        I definitely wanted to change my name as a child. I would have loved to be called Maren. It’s very exotic and reminds me of the sea.

      • Maren is a family name that is found a chunk of generations back (about 8 in late 1600’s) in Denmark. Even though people rarely pronounce it right, I have always loved it, too. I often wonder if some wandering Spaniard came to the Danish land where it is impossible to live far from the sea and the name Maren was born (in sea in Spanish 🙂 ). In Denmark, traditionally it is known as a variation for Mary Madeline.

        One of my beloved Aunts is named Debrah….Aunt Debbie. She watched me when I was a small child and my mother was still teaching special education. I use to sit on the couch with her eating lemons and watching afternoon soap operas. I love your name. All Debs I have know have been stellar. -x.M

      • PS The way my family pronounces it like the horse mare and then add the n. 🙂

  2. “The best strategy for how to get married is to send out wedding invitations. Someone is bound to show up.”
    -thank you for the sharing from your treasures of interactions this one-of a kind fellow traveler…he has me chuckling out loud to no one – being creepy again, I am! xo! today known as jolisa,stacy,hell, jane, her 🙂

  3. There are 247 people in the US with the same first and last name as I have. Probably unlikely there is a second with the same middle name. But who knows. I am reminded of the factoid I once read that the two most geneticallly distinct humans are more genetically similar than two chimpanzees of the same parents. We’re so young as a species… We’re just learning how to name ourselves properly…! Ha!

    Rusty’s page was awesome.


  4. I spent a moment really looking at my hands as I was thinking about typing this response. Hands with thumbs that are pretty special…typing symbols that we agree mean something…and those agreements describe and inform my experience of reality.

    Inhabiting these rental cars is such an interesting experience. What happened that set us on a different track from our tree dwelling more diverse cousins? Divine / galactic intervention? Did love and selflessness in a few crack behavior away onto a different evolutionary branch because a group got tired of being contained or bullied in the trees? Does God need an experiment to look over with a bowl of popcorn on a Saturday night? It this just a big simulation?

    Interesting ideas to contemplate. -x.M

  5. i got ‘1 or fewer’ – hehe! happy to have discovered your blog! : ) aleya

    • Mahalo! I am always happy to discover those who are finding their way to each others front doors! Happy to celebrate the unique of unique, but at the end of the day, it is not just the name, but what is done with it that counts. Happy doings alohaleya! -x.M

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